Take Your Yoga Practice to an Authentic Level through a day of Authentic Sun Salutation or Meditation or Authentic Yoga for Dancers & Singers, or Yoga Way of Cooking & Eating ...

4 Weekend programs to choose from:

July 16, July 17, July 30, and Aug 13 & Aug 14 

Best for: Authentic Yoga Seekers, Dancers, Singers, Meditators, Weight Management Seekers and Yoga Teachers

If you want to practice Yoga at all, then do it the right way, the authentic way, and there is variety in it...

There are many branches of this tree of Yoga. Practicing a bit of any of them will help you get the best out of your life in terms of improved health, realizing your life purpose and heightened fulfillment.

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We have authentic programs and courses no matter where you are in your Yoga journey, even if you haven't begun the journey still. You can jump start your  Yoga practice from the comfort of your home or in person or even train to become a Yoga teacher here. It is all up to you. Even if you already have a Yoga teacher certification, you can benefit from our services, as many topics would not have been covered in such depths in your earlier study.


In this page you can see 4 upcoming weekend full day Authentic Yoga programs happening in Pawtucket, RI.

Hope you can join us and begin or continue your Yoga journey ...

Paving Way to Freedom


Yoga for Happiness Academy has been volunteering for the past 10 years for the cause of the children. It donates part of all sale proceeds to BBA, a Non-Profit (www.bba.org.in), which works for the freedom and education of enslaved children.


Its founder, Kailash Satyarthi, won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.


So your investment in your "inner freedom" through these programs helps unlock the "outer freedom" of innocent children and leads to good Karma.


Shanthi, along with her daughter, visits these children every year to hand over the collected amount in person and to see for herself the progress made. 
Click here to visit their site

Where? All programs take place in Yoga for Happiness Academy,

                 11 Bristol Avenue, Pawtucket, RI - 02861


When?  July 16, July 17, July 30, and August 13 & 14


Timings? 9 AM - 5:30 PM (9 AM - 6 PM on August 13 & 14)


What is included? Training Guide for independent practice

                                      Lunch on July 16,  17 & 30

                                      Lunch, Dinner and Recipes on August 13 & 14


Program Size? For personal attention, it is limited to 9 people per program


Investment?         Single Day - $220

                               Any 2 Days - $390

                               Any 3 Days - $570

                               Any 4 Days - $740

                               All 5 Days    - $900


Additional Discounts?   Bring a friend                - 10% for both

                                          Bring a family member - 10% for both


ALL 5 SPECIAL: If you register for all of the 5 days of program, you will receive a 2 piece comfortable Indian clothing as our gift to you.


Saturday, July 16

Authentic Yoga for Dancers & Singers

( For Energy, Stamina, Strength, Focus & Flexibility )


Many programs are conducted these days in the name of Yoga-Dance, where the only thing that happens is that one moves the body to some music or one does the Yoga positions in a flow. It makes one wonder why they added the word Yoga to it.

 Come and learn the REAL connection that exists between Yoga and Indian dance.


Learn a few dance steps which test your ability to focus and to coordinate your hands, legs and eyes. Create complex Mudraas with your fingers.


Learn how the goal of Yoga is expressed through Indian Dance & Music. Learn the various elements of Yoga  that will help make you a more sophisticated singer or dancer.  


Learn practices that increase your energy, stamina, strength & focus.


Focus Areas: Guided Meditation & its application to life, Science of Yoga in Indian Dance & Music, Yoga of Dance (Indian Classical dance), Yoga recommended Food, Values and Lifestyle for Dancers & Singers, Yoga practices for Dancers & Singers 
Learn more and register for the program ONLY 7 Spots Available
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Sunday, July 17

Developing an Authentic Meditation Practice 

(For Health, Inner peace, Brain power & Relaxation)


 Many want to incorporate meditation in their life, but find it very challenging. Guided meditation is  a simple way to begin a meditation practice, but even that is difficult for many people. They become restless after 5 minutes, both in body and in mind, even though, a voice is guiding them.


Come and get the ENTIRE scoop on meditation - purpose, role, basics, guidelines, basic postures used for meditations, etc. Learn how to prepare the mind for meditation. Understand how incorporating even a little bit of the eternal values actually makes meditation easier. 


Focus Areas: Purpose & Role of Meditation in Yoga practice, Japa Maalaa (beads) and Chanting, Meditation Basics & Guidelines, Yoga Postures for Meditation, Guided Meditations & their application to life, Role of Yogic eternal values in meditation
Register for the program ONLY 9 Spots Available
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Saturday, July 30

Surya Namaskaarah:

Authentic Sun Salutation 


 This is a powerful practice in Yoga that is taught in-authentically in many places. The main step in the Sun Salutation is completely omitted in most places. Why then call it a Salutation?


So even if you already know to do it, you will have tons to learn in this one day. You will be able to practice it with confidence knowing that you are doing it correctly.  


This is a must-attend program if you want to:

  • TONE & LOOSEN UP the body parts
  • STRENGTHEN the heart and BALANCE the mind
  • Sharpen the intellect through FOCUS, ALERTNESS AND MEMORY
  • Understand Yoga as given in Yoga texts
  • Learn the science of Sun Salutation the AUTHENTIC WAY


Focus Areas: Guided Meditation & its application to life, Significance of Sun, Learning 8 Individual Yoga Postures of Sun Salutation, Yoga Definition as given in Yoga texts,  and Authentic Sun Salutation Sequence
Learn more and Register for the programONLY 7 Spots Available
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August 13 & 14

Cooking & Eating 

The Authentic Yoga Way

– Part 1 & Part 2


Food is rarely associated with Yoga, because it is rarely associated with anything beyond the physical.


Come and understand the role and impact of various food items on your health, thinking and inner peace. Learn to cook simple, nutritious meals, with behind-the-scene tips on tasty Yogic vegan cooking.


Learn Authentic Yoga practices that help in digestion and avoiding constipation. Learn how to detoxify your body. Using 7 steps of conscious eating, create your own conscious eating plan. 


Focus Areas: Part 1 - Role of food in mind-body Wellness, Impact of various food items, Cooking Demo, Digestion and Yoga


Part 2 - Evolving to Conscious Eating, Creating Individual Conscious Eating Plan, Cooking Demo, Detoxification & Yoga
Register for the programONLY 9 Spots Available
To register for more than 1 program and save click here
Tomato-Lentil Soup
Tomato-Lentil Soup
Okra Curry
Okra Curry
Vegetable-Peas Salad
Vegetable-Peas Salad
Moong Daal Soup
Moong Daal Soup
Green Lentils & Tomatoes

Sauteed Vegetables
Sauteed Vegetables


If you are unable to sign up for any of the above programs, but would still like to learn Authentic Yoga from the comfort of your home, click here for our "Home Study Courses"