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Watch how entrepreneurs like architects and writers have gained with just 2 minutes of Yoga-practice.  

It showed me Yoga beyond the poses.


Entrepreneur - Architect, Bhaaratam (India)

It was a very holistic and wonderful experience. It showed me yoga beyond the poses, usually what we associate yoga with. What benefited me the most was the purna-shvasa breathing technique. 

Just doing it for the first time, I felt a difference in my whole body system….Every Asana was associated with an object. It is a whole new level of thinking. It changes the way you do Yoga, the feeling you get afterwards. When I practice by myself, I will remember that. 

Most Impressive 2-Minute Relaxation Technique 

Mikki Del Monico

Writer-Director, USA

Shanthi did the most impressive relaxation technique with me for 2 minutes. It was something I feel I can take into my life outside of this writers summit that I can continue to use this practice to enhance my writing further on.

Shanthi taught us some pretty cool Yoga. 


Entrepreneur, USA

Shanthi taught us some pretty cool Yoga. Not that I am a Yoga-fan. But this one is actually good. It relaxed you as we did some breathing exercise and it slowly calmed you down. Shanthi knows what she is talking about. 

No one explained to me what Yoga is the way she (Shanthi) did today.

Veronica Martinez

Providence, RI, USA

(Attended Teacher Training Open House)

When she told me what Yoga was, I was amazed!

No one explained to me what Yoga is the way she (Shanthi) did today.

I knew Yoga was to do exercise, to lose weight, or relaxation, but I never knew the meaning of Yoga. I learned today that I can use Yoga for everyday life. 

Nowadays we hear that Yoga is like aerobics. I came to know a lot about traditional Yoga today. I came looking for flexibility. 

Half of these poses I knew before, but I didn’t know when to breathe in and when to breathe out. That I learned today.

I enjoyed breathing lessons more and learned how relaxing they can be. I could learn proper way of breathing. It has a soothing and calming effect on the mind and will help because I am always shouting at my children. Usually when I do dish washing I get back pain. She showed me how to do chest part expansion and get relief from the pain.

During the session, I enjoyed most the breathing part, different breathing positions and breathing exercises. It gives a lot of calmness to the mind.

I see that the postures will give benefits to my body and my mind. I have to do them.

When you think of Yoga, mostly difficult postures come to mind. But Shanthi taught in an easy way. So I felt it easy to do all the Aasanaas. She taught to do in a non-self-hurting way and to do to the extent one can. Now I don’t hurt myself. It will help me to become more flexible, loosen my joints and be more healthy. 

She taught step by step in detail. So it is easy to carry forward and remember. While doing the Aasana, I will be aware of its benefits. Breathing practices, I learned thoroughly. Now I am confident to do. If I have to do a certification program, Shanthi is my 1st choice. She is a very great teacher.


Software Engineer, Bhaaratam (India)


Software Engineer, Bhaaratam (India)


Bengaluru, Bhaaratam (India)

This is the first time I am taking a yoga session. I didn’t know what to expect. But it turned out very good. I was looking for relaxation, stretching exercises, and being able to exercise without strain on my body. Even after doing these stretching exercises and breathing techniques for 2-3 hours, I did not feel stressed or thirsty. She taught in such a way that I didn’t feel exhausted; still I felt the stretch happening.

The most enjoyable was the breathing techniques and the breathing exercises that will help me. Her teaching style is very good. It was without the rushing aspect, explaining why we are doing, and how it helps. That is the unique way Shanthi taught us.

We did a 6 hour session with Shanthi. She invoked interest within us to carry on with Yoga. The way she starts the class is professional. We understand why we have to do Yoga, why we do everything and the benefits from each.

She corrects us immediately when needed, so we feel we are on the right track. We wanted help with weight loss and neck pain. She explained clearly what to do. She takes care of even minute things.

She told us to imagine a waterfall at the start and lying down on a beach at the end. Her narration made us feel these places. Thanks for making us learn in a short span of time.

Every session was eye-opening and gave me answers. During every posture we learned how the stretch happens, how it interacts with the internal organs, how the blood flows, and what type of help it’s going to give, which is very important when one does yoga.

Being a total of 12 hours yoga session, we could have done many poses. Instead of doing 12-15 poses in a day, understanding a single pose is actually most important. Every posture felt complete. 


Software Engineer, Bhaaratam (India)


Bhaaratam (India)


Software Engineer, Bhaaratam (India)

You presented yoga as something much more meaningful than an exercise class

Your energy seems to be calling me. I felt a caring and happiness from you as someone who wanted to share the gift of her culture, and help people reach a better self. Also I really liked that you presented yoga as something much more meaningful than an exercise class. I would say you reached me as... HI I REALLY LIKE PEOPLE AND I AM KIND

Cindy Anderson

Rhode Island, USA

A Magic in My Life

I have started learning yoga for several purposes like relaxation, mental strength, flexibility, weight loss etc. etc.  After two sessions with Shanthi ji l have started experiencing a magic  that Yoga brings into my life.

Yes! for me the magic is simply sitting on the floor in an upright position with folded legs. Before this training I was never able to do so (because of my weight & negligence). Even if I tried it hurt and I gave up.

Now I am able to sit and hold the position for at least for 5 min. It has given me confidence that gradually with regular practice I can hold for more time. For me sitting on the floor is a magic & there are lot of goodness involved in it. 

Thanks a lot Shanthi Yogini ji for bringing such a magic in my life.

Lakshmi Neelambaran

Chennai, Bhaaratam (India)

Can Sit with a Straight Spine

I was actually looking forward to learning yoga. I could not get classes and timings that I could join, and finally got this lovely morning batch Shanthi Madam has given for SNN residents. 

In just two days of training the changes I noticed in me are:

 1) I always get back ache when I sit with spine straight and so always I droop. That is really changing a lot. I am able to sit straight without pain. 

2) Able to get up from floor without support

3) Reduced stress

Thank you so much Shanthi Madam for the class. My husband is also equally happy and enthusiastic about the class. We are really blessed to learn Yoga. 

Dhivya Sree N P 

Bengaluru, Bhaaratam (India)

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