Authentic Yoga for Dancers & Singers

With Shanthi Yogini

A dancer and native of India where the very lifestyle represents Yoga


Join Ancient Yoga in its Authentic, Pristine & Purest form!

Available both in-person and online...


Where: Yoga for Happiness Academy, 11 Bristol Ave, Pawtucket, RI - 02861


Date: Saturday, July 16, 2016


Time: 9 AM – 5:30 PM


Investment: $220


(You can save by registering for more than 1 program)


  (Includes Training, Yogic Vegan Meals, Snacks, Handouts, and Completion Certificate)

Are you a singer (or a non-singer) who wants to:

  • Heal your back?
  • Improve focus?
  • Become self-confident and stage-confident?
  • Increase your lung capacity?
  • Tone and culture your voice?

Are you a dancer (or a non-dancer) who wants to:

  • Improve your strength & balance?
  • Enhance flexibility, energy and stamina?
  • Heighten symmetry and coordination?
  • Gain Buoyancy & agility?
  • Increase concentration?

Then you are in the right place...


Yoga – A Proven System

With authentic lifestyle based non-western Yoga, humanity has been creating success stories from time immemorial! Authentic Yoga is very different from the modern forms of Yoga which are taught more like fitness exercises. 


This is completely NON-WESTERN Yoga. It connects to Veda and matches the goals of classical dance and music. It is lifestyle based that is time-tested. Additionally, Shanthi Yogini is a native of India, which is the birthplace of Yoga. So even on topics you thought you knew, you get a fresh perspective.


Namaste Mudra Profile


No matter what dance form you learn there are some basic skill sets every dancer should possess in order to excel in the art form.


Similarly no matter what form of music you learn there are some basic skill sets that will set a musician apart.


Can Yoga provide those skill sets to a dancer and singer? If so, how?


 Exploring this question and experiencing the answers is what this program is about.


 Many programs are conducted these days in the name of Yoga-Dance, where the only thing that happens is that one moves the body to some music or one does the Yoga positions in a flow. It makes one wonder why they added the word Yoga to it.


 Indian classical dance is the only dance form where the ultimate goal of Yoga is met in every sense of the word. It is met at the physical, energetic, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels.


Come and learn the REAL connection that exists between Yoga and Indian dance.


 Learn how the science of Yoga is expressed through Indian Dance as well as Indian Music.


Learn a few dance steps which test your ability to focus and to coordinate your hands, legs and eyes. Create hand gestures with your fingers.


You will learn Yoga postures, breathing exercises and breathing practices that will help make you a more sophisticated singer or a dancer.  They will relieve stress and increase relaxation.


Understand the lifestyle and food recommended by Yoga for better practice, stage performance and health in general.

Saturday, July 16th  - 9 AM - 5:30 PM


 Authentic Yoga for Dancers & Singers


Focus Areas: Guided Meditation & its application to life, Science of Yoga in Indian Dance & Music, Yoga of Dance (Indian Classical dance), Yoga recommended Food, Values and Lifestyle for Dancers & Singers, Yoga practices for Dancers & Singers


  • The TOTAL value of the package is:


    Training valued at $600


    Handouts valued at $40


    Spiritually charged Yogic Vegan Meals &Snacks valued at $40


    and Completion Certificate valued at $25


    A TOTAL VALUE OF $705 


     But yours for $220 …


  • NOTE: This 1 day program is part of the Science & Lifestyle based, Non-western  Authentic Yoga Teacher Training Course

To read more about the Science & Lifestyle Based Non-Western Yoga Teacher Training Course click here...

A part of the proceeds goes to rescue child slaves and to educate them ( The founder of BBA Kailash Satyarthi won 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. 


 Payments are FINAL !




However if you write to us prior to the start of the program, you can transfer the credit to another program...



World-Class Yogic, Saatvic, Vegan Meal Plan

No Yoga training that we know of, offers hot home-made Yogic, Saatvic, Vegan meal as part of the training program.


Even in residential Yoga retreats and training programs, either Vegan meal that is not Saatvic may be offered or a partly Saatvic vegetarian meal with dairy may be offered. Only in a world-class training such as ours, can you hope to get the RARE combination of Yogic, Saatvic and Vegan meals and snacks.


We do this, because, WE REALLY CARE. We want you to have the authentic Yoga experience, which is not possible, if you are given the option to eat anything you want during the training.


Also, Shanthi will be personally cooking for you with prayers and spiritual vibrations. So it is any day much superior to other kinds of meals.


The training will include Yogic Saatvic Vegan meals and snacks on the days you attend.


A part of the proceeds goes to rescue child slaves and to educate them ( The founder of BBA Kailash Satyarthi won 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.