Investment for Authentic Yoga Training & Yoga Teacher Training 

This Yoga training is very unique and one-of-a-kind. You can search the entire net for  a training that offers a syllabus with Yoga topics as comprehensive as this, along with world-class meal option. We are sure you'll not be able to find one. 


Yet, you will be asked to invest very less compared to the value of the training. The earlier you apply, less will be your investment in this world-class training.


Value of the one-of-a-kind Authentic Yoga Teacher training ,  Teacher Certification and  Yoga Teacher Handbook is $10500


This includes:


Complimentary Meals & Snacks if you are participating in person

Reimbursement of air fare upto $400 for you to come in person ANYTIME after your online course is complete,  if  participating online


Bonus 1: Private Facebook Group

[Value $50 per month. For 1 year it totals to $600. Over Lifetime, it is invaluable]

Private Facebook group

  • This bonus fulfills the principle of the 3Cs - Content, Community, and Coaching.
  • The Yoga Training gives you the transformational content.
  • Facebook is the community building place for you.
  • Here you create Sat-Sangha with other Yoga training participants
  • You post your challenges, concerns and questions, not only about this training, but about your life in general. The community will share their thoughts and ideas.
  • The public cannot see your contents. Only those in this training can see it.
  • You post your successes and the community will celebrate with you.
  • Shanthi will look at the questions and answer them as appropriate.
  • DO NOT underestimate the power of this community, especially when they are in a similar path as yours.

Bonus 2:  3 Group Q&A Calls

[Valued at $450]

 Group Coaching Call

  • Of the 3 Cs, this is where the 3rd C happens - Coaching.
  • Even though this training is as detailed as it possibly can, as you begin teaching, you will have questions based on your experience. Shanthi will answer you during the call.
  • After the training is complete, you will be notified of the call details. You can listen to the call through computer or phone.
  • If you cannot attend the call live, you can send your question ahead of time, and Shanthi will be sure to answer them on the call and send you the recording.
  • Through the 3 Cs, you are supported in every way possible for a successful teaching practice.
  • During the coaching call, the line will be opened for you to ask your questions live. You can also type in your questions during the call. The call will go on until every question is answered.

There are 4 levels of investment based on whether

You want life transformation through ancient wisdom at one of the 3 levels with NO Teacher certification

(1) Level I

(2) Level 2

(3) Level 3



(4) Level 4 which is Yoga  Teacher  Certification


Total Value of the one-of-a-kind Yoga Teacher Training

with 200 hours of life transforming training, Yoga Teacher Certification, Yoga Training Handbook, and the 3 bonuses comprising the 3 Cs of Content, Community and Coaching is

$10500 + $600 + $450 + $900 =  


Investment Breakdown for the one-of-a-kind Yoga Training from Aug 5 - Aug 23

Level 1  - Aug 5 - Aug 9

Level 2 - Aug 10 - Aug 14

Level 3 - Aug 15 - Aug 19

Level 4 - Aug 20 - Aug 23 

Training Levels

Total Value

Your Investment

Early Bird Special
(Until Jul 20)

Application Fee 

Non-refundable Deposit (Within 3 days of Acceptance)
Immediate Full Pay Special

What is included?

Level  1

(50 Hours)







Balance by July 25



5 Days of Training 


5 Lunches

5 Dinners

5 Snacks

Training Guide

Participation Certificate


Level  2

(100 Hours)







Balance by July 25



10 Days of Training 


10 Lunches

10 Dinners

10 Snacks

Training Guide

Participation Certificate


Level  3

(150 Hours)







Balance by July 25



15 Days of Training 


15 Lunches

15 Dinners

15 Snacks

Training Guide

Private Forum

3 Group Q&A calls

Participation Certificate


Level  4

(Teacher Training)







Balance by July 25



19 Days of Training 


19 Lunches

19 Dinners

19 Snacks

Training Guide

Private Forum

3 Group Q&A calls

Yoga Teacher Certification





World-Class Yogic, Saatvic, Vegan Meals

No Yoga teacher training that we know of, offers hot home-made Yogic, Saatvic, Vegan meal as part of non-residential training program.


Even in residential Yoga teacher training programs, either Vegan meal that is not Saatvic may be offered or a partly Saatvic vegetarian meal with dairy may be offered. Only in a world-class training such as ours, can you hope to get the RARE combination of Yogic, Saatvic and Vegan meals and snacks.


We do this, because, WE REALLY CARE. We want you to have the authentic Yoga experience, which is not possible, if you are given the option to eat anything you want during the training.


Also, Shanthi will be personally cooking for you with prayers and spiritual vibrations. So it is any day much superior to other kinds of meals.


The training includes Yogic Saatvic Vegan meals and snacks on all the days you attend.

This is just a facility provided to you for 2 reasons:

  • You don’t have to figure out what to cook and bring that will be Yogic


  • You will feel a sense of community as all the participants will bond over food, eating the common cooked dishes



You will receive some or all of the materials below, as part of your training, depending on which level you register for.


2 books valued at $28

3 CD Set valued at $65

A Japa Maalaa (Rosary Bead) pre-charged with Mantra and dipped in Ganges water Valued at $10

and Indian comfortable clothing valued at $30


For our policy on Registration, Refund, Withdrawal, Re-Enrollment, Incompletion, Cancellation by us, and Student Grievances, please click HERE