Deepen Your Practice through Authentic Yoga-Training

In the modern days, Yoga-practitioners are misled into thinking that deepening their practice means learning complex Yoga-poses that require great flexibility. If any, this is the complete OPPOSITE of deepening your Saadhanaa or personal practice.

Associating your practice to mere physical practice is belittling the ancient Yoga-Science and under-utilizing its power.

Yoga-posture or Yoga-Aasanam is just one small branch of the tree of Yoga-Shaastram (Yoga-Science).

So, deepening your practice involves understanding the ancient science as a science and integrating it into your life. 

It means practicing postures as a means to an end rather than end itself.

You can deepen your practice by supporting our stand on Yoga-Science which is two-fold.

To Stop Ancient-Yoga-Science Being Misappropriated as-Mere-Branded-Physical-DOING and 

To Reclaim its Authenticity as-Science-of-LIVING-in-Union 

We invite you to join our Evolutionary Movement namely "2-Yoga-Minutes to Happiness

Yoga-Science, Oneness and Side Benefits

The goal of Yoga-Shaastram (Yoga-Science) is to unite with one's Aatmaa (Self) and to feel oneness with all of existence. In this divine journey, it provides many side benefits which are very relevant for our life.

---Physically, it builds stamina, strength and boosts our immunity system. So, it prevents us from falling sick easily. In case we do, Yoga-Science enables us to heal back to health.

---Emotionally, it helps quiet the mind filled with any negative thoughts over uncertain future. Mind being full often results in sleepless nights which cause daytime fatigue. It teaches us to be courageous, strong, and smiling despite uncertainty of life.

---It helps us overcome our fear, concerns, anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and depression, and maintain equilibrium in all situations.

---Intellectually, it brings clarity and true knowledge. This helps us understand that feeling anxious only weakens our immune system and leaves us more prone to illness.

---Socially, it shifts our attitude towards people and forges cordial relationships

Let's Talk About Something That Nobody's Talking About...

These days, the word “Yoga” is being linked mostly to fitness technique, flexibility display, or freedom from illness. 

It is because, this is the way Yoga-Science is being promoted in magazines, books, events, Yoga-centers, organizations and businesses.  In some schools, Yoga-Science is added in the curriculum as part of physical education. 

While everyone talks about a misappropriated, distorted, and diluted version of the ancient wisdom, no one talks about the complete Yoga-Shaastram (Yoga-Science). Please watch the video that talks about something that nobody is talking about, through myths and truths about Yoga-Shaastram.

Your Options

There are 4 options to deepen your Yoga-practice by learning the authentic, pristine and purest form of Yoga-Shaastram (Yoga-Science).

Option 1: You can join the authentic Yoga-Teacher training program 

Option 2: You can join the authentic Yoga-training program and learn only 8 modules of the H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. system instead of 9 modules. You have less commitment compared to the Yoga-Teacher training program, but can still access the in-depth knowledge.

Option 3: You can join only the first 1, 2 or 3 modules of the authentic Yoga-training program which are foundational for understanding other modules.

Option 4: You can join the online Samskrtam Learning Project.

Her connection to spirit is what so touched me. This is something she brings to everything she does.

Shanthi has an amazing depth of knowledge on Yoga. She grew up in the Indian culture and she has lived this her entire life. She is bringing these ancient traditions to her everyday life. She has wonderful stories to share that bring the Yamas and Niyamas to life. I did a workshop with her on these. 

What so impressed me in the day long retreat I did with her was how she lives Yoga. The way she eats, the way she lives, the way she teaches, the way she interacts with people, she has very deep knowledge. Her connection to spirit is what so touched me. This is something she brings to everything she does. It helped me to realize that I want to deepen my spiritual connection and bring it into every aspect of my life. .

Cathy Hill

Participant (Yoga-Teacher), RI, USA

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