4 Simple Steps to Regain Energy, Relieve Stress, Release Toxins, Re-Focus, Re-Balance and Be Resilient in Just Minutes

Through "Breathe Right to Live Right" Multi-Media Training 

If you had watched only PART 1 or 2 or NO part of the video "Who Wins - Food, Water or Breath? " then, please watch the full video below.

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⇒ Training & Full System – Tested, Proven, Step-By-Step ($497 Value)

Bonus #1 – Breathe Right Work Book ($97 Value)

Bonus #2 – Audios of the Videos ($47 Value)

Bonus #3 – Implementation Guide ($97 Value)

Bonus #4 – Health through Breath ($97 Value)

Total Value (Training with Bonuses) = $835

You can get started today for just a 1-time investment of only $47 $77

This page was created because the power of breath has more impact than the power of exercising in your life.


My name is Shanthi Yogini, and what you're about to learn will change your life forever (it changed mine).


In fact, I will go a step farther and say that nothing is more important in your life than breathing right. There is direct connection between lung movement that results in breath and the life-force energy that affects your entire being.

As a Yoga-Activist, I guarantee you that you have more to gain by focusing on your breath than on Yoga-poses. 

In Shanthi's Own Words:

After 15+ years of teaching my students how to use the power of breath, the time has come.

I want to finally teach you how to reap all the benefits of breath  even if you can't come to me in person!

A lot of people either don’t know the power of breath, or simply ignore it.

You see, even in the Yoga-world, which is supposed to be about the science of mastering the mind and body…

When they think of YogaH (Yoga as is called in the modern days), they think of a small part of it called Yoga-Aasanam (Yoga-poses).

They ignore the breath part completely.

In the non-Yoga-world, when it comes to health, there is lot of talk about food and water, but rarely any talk about breath.

This training is simple, yet powerful. 

At a time when I was going through negative emotions, the steps in this training came to my rescue bringing peace and joy.

From distraction, I was able to re-focus.

 In fact, most physical and mental illness in humans is due to improper breathing.

Well, it’s up to you.

Do you want to ignore this and continue to miss out on the miracles of breath in your life or do you want to get involved and allow some big things to happen in your life?

What is "Breathe Right to Live Right"?

“Breathe Right to Live Right” is a multi-media training with videos shot outdoors near a lake. The training empowers you to use proper breathing technique for multiple benefits.

It has 4 Steps namely,

  1. Observe
  2. Re-Learn
  3. Understand
  4. Appreciate

What does the multi-media training include?

 The multi-media training includes:

  • Three (3) videos and 1 document as part of the 4 steps to help you understand everything basic about your breath and practice it, PLUS

  • 4 Bonuses  (Work-book, Audios of Videos, Implementation Guide and Health through Breath audio)

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STEP 1 (Video)

 “Observe” Your Current Breathing Pattern

In this video:

1. You learn the best seated Yoga-positions to use for your breathing practice.

2. You understand the names of the Yoga-poses in English and Samskrtam (Sanskrit).

3.You check how you are breathing naturally right now. Perhaps you are breathing correctly. Perhaps you are not. You must always know where you are before you plan to go anywhere.

4. You record your observation and answer the questions in the bonus work-book to simulate a classroom experience. 

STEP 2 (Video)

“Re-Learn” Proper Breathing Technique

In this video:

1. You learn how to breathe correctly. When you were a child your breathing pattern was always correct. Stresses in life alter the normal pattern. Hence it has to be re-learned, if yours has changed.

2. You understand the logic behind why your breathing pattern has to be a certain way.

3. You record your observation in the bonus work-book to simulate a classroom experience. 


“Understand” the Breathing Process

Through this document, you understand:

  1. The exact process taking place in your respiratory system
  2. What causes you to breathe in and out
  3. The connection between your breath and your vital life force energy
  4. You answer the questions in the bonus work-book to simulate a classroom experience. 

STEP 4 (Video)

“Appreciate” Proper Breathing Benefits & Application

In this video:

1. You get to appreciate how breathing the right way benefits your body, mind and intellect. This will be a motivation for you to practice it on a regular basis.

2. You learn how exactly you can practice this anywhere, anytime in just 1 minute or under. This is not usually taught anywhere. Hundreds of our students rave about the tips in this video alone.

3. You answer the questions in the bonus work-book to simulate a classroom experience.

What are the Benefits of the Training?

  • Relieves Stress

    Through Slow Breathing

  • Releases Toxins

    Through Deep Breathing

  • Improves Health

    Through Lung Expansion

  • Increases Life Force Energy

    By Regulating Lung Movement

  • Rejuvenates brain

    Through Oxygenation

  • Promotes Longevity

    Through Long Breathing Intervals

  • Makes You Feel Youthful

    Through Detoxification

  • Leads to Advanced Techniques

    As This is the FIRST Step

  • Ensures Success in Life

    By Developing Positive Qualities

  • Promotes Character Building

    By Connecting to Your Core Within

  • Promotes Resilience

    Through Increased Awareness

  • Ensures Inner Peace

    By Reducing Thoughts

Bonuses Valued at $338

Bonus #1  ($97 Value)

Assignment Workbook - “REAL” Classroom Experience   

If you were learning from Shanthi in a class setting, you would be asked to observe and experiment. Based on your observation, the next step is given.  Since you are learning digitally, you may miss out on this process. This bonus fills the gap.

What is being done is that you are asked to answer some questions or take an action either before implementing a step or after completing a step. These are assignments compiled in a workbook.

Bonus #2  ($47 Value)

Training Audios  - Ease of Portability

The audios are:

1. Observe your stomach often if confusion persists (Step 1)

2. Re-learn the correct breathing technique (Step 2)

3. Appreciate breathing benefits and application (Step 4)

Bonus #3  ($97 Value)

“Implement” Your Practice at Every Opportunity  - Ease of Practice

In this document called "10 Surprising Opportunities for Practice", you are given:

1. 10 opportunities that you may be unaware of, with hidden time duration of a few seconds to a few minutes

2. Indication of how you currently may not be utilizing that time efficiently

3. Tips on how to put that time to the best use instead

Bonus #4  ($97 Value)

Health through Breath  - Ease of Being Healthy

In this audio called "Health through Breath", you focus on just the physical health and understand:

1. What really physical health means

2. How you can become conscious of your breath

3. How to achieve excellent health by simply using your breath

To recap, below is everything included in the program:

⇒ Training & Full System – Tested, Proven, Step-By-Step ($497 Value)

Bonus #1 – Breathe Right Work Book ($97 Value)

Bonus #2 – Audios of the Videos ($47 Value)

Bonus #3 – Implementation Guide ($97 Value)

Bonus #4 – Health through Breath ($97 Value)

Total Value (Training with Bonuses) = $835

You can get started today for just a 1-time investment of only $47 $77



This highly discounted offer is available only for a limited time.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Learn the right breathing method, apply it as outlined, and see the benefit for yourself. If you are NOT 100% happy with the program, just let us know. We will return every penny back. No questions asked. If you are NOT happy, we are NOT happy.

Of course you get to keep the program and the bonus. It is all yours for just trying the program.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About the Program:

  • q-iconI am interested in ONLY Yoga poses. Why should I focus on breath?

    Breath impacts every area of your life. Please watch the 6 minute video at the top of the page to know why you should give importance to your breath.

    Even to do the Yoga poses correctly, it is important to breathe right. Otherwise, Yoga poses become just exercises or gymnastics. 

  • q-iconI am breathing automatically anyways. Why should I focus on breath?

    YES! It is true that breathing takes place without your effort till your last day. If you are not looking for a better quality of life, you can ignore the breath part. It is to live your greatest possible life that you have to focus on your breath and ensure that it is working in your best interest.

  • q-iconI want to do the Breathe Right program with Shanthi, but only in person. What should I do?

    Thanks for your interest in training with Shanthi !

    You can have the best of both worlds. You can have a video chat for 15 mins with Shanthi or can also meet her in person for just an additional $37.  

    We can assure you that even without having personal one-on-one time with Shanthi, our upgrade option with the digital training provides you feedback from Shanthi  and other members of the private forum. The workbook provides you a classroom experience. 

  • q-iconI have no Yoga experience at all. Can I still practice proper breathing?

    Absolutely! You will learn everything from the basics of breath in this program. So no need to worry! This is part of Yoga. So by learning this, you gain Yoga experience.

  • q-iconI don’t understand why there is a separate training program to breathe right. Why can't I be just told in a few sentences that this is the right way to breathe?

    Yes, your question is valid. That is how Yoga poses are taught in most places. You are just told or “instructed” what to do without allowing you to think and figure out through right questions.

    That is why the people who teach Yoga are rightly called “Yoga Instructors” these days as they don’t do anything more than “instructing” their students.

     Yoga is a science. There is NO way to understand Yoga through “instruction”. It should be taught as a science.

    You must be given the opportunity to observe, figure out, question and only then the answers should be thoroughly explained so that it becomes part of your wisdom. That is the ONLY way for you to become independent and confident. 

    In Yoga for Happiness Academy, everything is taught this way – poses, eating, value system, or mind control. Everything is elaborate and thorough to take you through a scientific process. 

    Otherwise, you will be saying for ever “I don’t know, my instructor told me so.”

    When will you become free of your instructor?

    You may now understand why our Yoga-Teacher Training Program is very unique.

    We want to give to the world “teachers” who teach Yoga scientifically to make their students independent, NOT more “instructors” who keep their students dependent on them. 

  • q-iconI work full time. How much time do I have to dedicate for this program and practice?

    The videos are just 2 or 3 minutes long. If you allocate 1.5 hours, you can finish going through the program along with the assignments. If that is a lot, no worries.

    The program is divided into 7 steps. You can do just 1 step at a time. Once you have learned all of them, you can practice proper breathing in under a minute. The 7th step helps you in implementing this. 

    Remember that there is NO rush whatsoever for you to finish watching the videos or doing the steps within a time frame.

    They are available to your for life. You can always work around your schedule. You can dedicate as much time as you are able to.


  • q-iconI already know how to breathe right. Do I still need this program?

    This program is NOT just about teaching you to breathe right. It gives you deeper understanding of why and how to consciously make it a practice.  The meditation part helps you in that.

    The meditation serves another purpose too. It allows positive attitudes to enter you and releases negative attitude as you breathe in and out.

    You learn the Yoga posture for breathing, in a systematic way. It is NOT about the final pose. It is about the process.

    You learn how to practice breath awareness throughout the day through Step 7.

    You understand the connection between success and breath through a bonus.

    So you get many practical benefits apart from learning how to breathe right.

If you have more questions about the program, please write to Namaste@YogaforHappiness.com   or call 401-305-0882.

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