Finally, STOP Seeing a Therapist! Learn 2-Minute Practices that You can Own and Implement! A Personal Mentorship Program from Just 2 Hours to 12 Months to Overcome Your Challenges,  Realize Your Goals and Live Your Dream Life! 

Dear Blessed and Amazing Self,

  • Do you feel that despite outer success in life something is still missing?
  • Do you feel that you are not living life to the fullest?
  • Are you waiting for circumstances to change in order to be happy?
  • Are the pressures of your work eating you up?
  • Do you feel too exhausted to take time for self-care?
  • Do you want to reclaim your time and energy in the face of endless tasks?
  • Do you want true work-life balance?
  • Is it hard to turn your brains off at night?
  • Do you want to feel happy and fulfilled at the end of the day?
  • Do you want to reduce your weight, change your eating habits or find physical and mental healing?
  • Do you want to get closure to a relationship or improve your relationship with a loved one?
  • Do you want to start your Yoga practice or grow more spiritually?
  • Do you want to be free of the frustration of having to figure it all out on your own?
  • Do you want to progress quickly in your goals through some hand-holding?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you are in the RIGHT place. Your FIRST step is making time for the quiz below. It is very crucial to your success.  


Shanthi's Healing Journey to Well-being and Happiness (in her own words)


I have led an incredibly blessed life... and I'm very grateful.


But my life was not so when I came to California to work as a software engineer in 1996.


I came to USA with my 1 year old daughter, and I experienced some negative emotions, because, I faced being a single parent which was (and still is) NOT common amidst Indians ( even in this modern tech age).


According to World Health Organization health is stated as “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease”. So, though I was physically well without any disease, I was not healthy in the actual sense.


  • I was ashamed of my status in the society.

  • I was lying to people when asked about my spouse.

  • I was scared of them finding out the truth.

  • I was feeling victimized and abandoned.

  • I felt lonely

  • suffered guilt about my daughter's father deciding never to see her.

Meanwhile, I wanted to get involved with some community work related to global healing, global freedom and global happiness.


But how can I work for global healing if I myself had not healed from the past?


How can I work for global freedom, if I was not free, carrying the baggage and burdens of the past?


How can I work for global happiness if I myself was not happy within?  


I had a lot of inner work to do. And I was determined to begin my own healing process.


  • I spent months introspecting, contemplating and questioning myself.

  • I restarted my practice of dance and the ancient science of Yoga. (I don’t mean just Yoga-poses here). This is indeed "Yoga from the Source" which includes meditation and which I had completely given up. 

  • I recollected the hours of discussion I used to have with my father about life and happiness.

  • I began to read the ancient texts which show the path to well-being, fulfillment and happiness.

  • In a nut shell, I began to be in Sat-Sangha (meaning good, like-minded company); I was in the company of the Spiritual Masters and Ancient Wisdom

I finally healed…. And the result was thus…


  • I took 100% responsibility for the past condition I was in. I stopped blaming others. I felt empowered.

  • I accepted my state completely. Out of that acceptance, I stopped feeling ashamed and gathered courage to tell the truth to others that I was indeed single.  I was no more afraid of being judged for that truth.

  • I gave up being regretful and guilty, trusting that whatever happened even if it was out of my own fault, had shaped me to be a stronger and wiser woman. I learned to forgive myself.

  • I realized that what I was going through was insignificant compared to the suffering of millions of people in the world. Instead I looked at all the blessings I had in life and felt grateful.

  • I felt complete, peaceful and truly happy, being free of all the restlessness.


Through the ancient science of Yoga, I was able to uncover my happiness that was always there inside but had gotten covered with my negative emotions.


Now my new role for my vision for global healing, global freedom and global happiness was calling out to me. In response to this call I resigned my software job. I took the required training in the United States and in India in order to show up powerfully for my new role of being a leader for sharing 2 Minute Yoga-Meditation practices from the ancient science of Yoga, the Yoga from the Source.


I am making a huge positive impact in the world.  I have been able to serve and help thousands of people in every corner of the world through these simple 2 minute practices.


 But here's the thing: MY PATH CAN BECOME YOUR PATH.


 I'm just some years ahead of you. I got started a little earlier than you did.


I want YOU to have that same thing, experience the inner happiness and fulfillment in you. I want you to have the 2 minute tools and techniques of the ancient science of Yoga, which is a complete blueprint for well-being and happiness.


And I want you to be able to live the way you were meant to live on this earth.

I hope you will begin working with me. I hope you can share my path.


It has been an incredible joy, and an incredible blessing... and I want you to experience it right along with me.


This is a well-traveled, time-tested path... The ancient science of Yoga, which is the "Yoga from the Source" started at least 15000 years back. It is still in practice and bringing fulfillment and happiness to people, even if they can spare only 2 minutes at a time. It is that potent. Please don't confuse this ancient science with just the Yoga poses that are popular in the modern days.


I know that time is very valuable for you. You don't have 30 minutes to add to your schedule. I am confident that you can manage 2 minutes.


Also, when you work with me, you don't have to spend time and energy figuring it all out by yourself. Won't you rather spend that time with your family, pursuing your dreams or on your actual self-care?


To get the results that you want, you just need to follow the path, follow the blueprint...


 And I’ll be there to support and guide you all along the way. I know this path well.

When you receive support, this is how you benefit:


  • No matter the pressure in your work you are always at ease

  • You feel revitalized in 2 minutes anytime of the day

  • You have energy to spend time on yourself or with your family

  • Your brain works smarter to prioritize your to-do list

  • You go to bed in peace at night and have a restful sleep

  • You are able to truly relax throughout the day

  • You become more focused and present, thus saving you time and energy

  • You are able to have a true work-life balance

  • You improve your eating habits and relationships

  • You feel happy and fulfilled despite outer circumstances

  •  You wake up everyday with passion and purpose 

Why work with Shanthi?


(1) By working with Shanthi, you not only get motivated and empowered to focus on your immediate goals, but also get trained in the ancient science of Yoga, the "Yoga from the Source" which is very different from the fitness-oriented modern Yoga. 


(2) You learn techniques of the science of Yoga in which you don't have to even move the body if you don't want to, and yet they will move you forward in your journey to well-being, happiness and fulfillment.


(3) You get trained to practice Yoga in just 2 minutes and reap benefits.

In what ways will working 1-on-1 with Shanthi help?

Working 1-on-1 will help you by providing the keys needed to achieve your goal.

  • Having Absolute Clarity on Your Next Steps
  • Creating the Right Strategy to Accomplish those Next Steps
  • Encouragement to Change your Focus for Success
  • Having a Mentor, Teacher and a Trainer who has what you want, who can point you in the right direction and can keep you on track
  • Implementing your next steps, be it guided meditation, introspection, brainstorming, action plan, or learning life-force mastery techniques, Yoga poses and relaxation

There are billions of people in the world.  They need someone like you to learn to be happy and to teach them how to be happy. Are you ready?


Shanthi, what will I receive in each session? 

You will receive the 9 step H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S method. The word H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S is also an acronym, where each letter stands for 1 step, though the steps are not in the same order of how you will receive them in each session. Also, based on your needs, you may receive some or all of the 9 steps.

You will receive:

H- HAPPINESS Amplifier – This puts your emotional imbalance or unhealthy habits in proper perspective. You can then create new habits and wake up every day with passion and purpose in life. There are totally 9 HAPPINESS Amplifiers. We’ll cover one in each session.

A- Affirmation - To maintain calmness in every situation and to remind you to practice what you have learned

P- Positive Storytelling Treatments – This is an easy way to heal many emotional wounds. The story is customized to your specific need and you are guided through the story as you visualize it happening.

P-Poses and Exercises from Science & Art of Yoga – This is to loosen the tight body, to relax, to make every internal system to function well, and to heal the body back to health from illness. If you Practicing this also increases your focus, energy and relaxation of the mind.

I-Introspection Questions – To figure out the root cause of your problem so that it can be eliminated and to facilitate your action taking

N-New Perspective on Certain Values and Attitudes – These may be values you are already aware of in a certain context. Here you will gain a new understanding of them. Applying these in life to whatever degree possible will help in adopting new habits with ease, reducing restlessness, and increasing happiness.

E- Empathetic Listening – To whatever challenge you are going through in the moment and how it is impacting you.

S- Simple Life Force Mastery Techniques – To increase vitality by having control over the vital force that is making your body work, your mind think and your brain function. We do this by altering the movement of lungs, in order to expand your lung capacity and to receive energy through oxygen intake which is the most essential fuel for the body.

S- Strategy for Relaxation – To relax your body parts and your mind any time of the day


Salient coaching and training points:


1. You don't learn fitness exercises in the name of Yoga

2.  You don't learn just 1 branch of the tree of Yoga namely Yoga Poses (Yoga-Aasanam)

3. You learn the entire tree of Yoga

4. Your ENTIRE LIFE is addressed, not just back ache, leg pain, healthy eating or stress, even though the initial reason to get private coaching and training may be  for that.

5. You learn 2 minute practices in Authentic Yoga in its pristine and purest form

6. You can learn either in-person or over Skype

7. You have many options: Mini VIP day, half VIP day, full VIP day, V.VIP day, or 3, 6 and 12 week programs

What bonuses come as additional support during / after the coaching and training? 

1. A summary of recommendations made after each session

2. User manual with DOs and DON'Ts to follow before implementing any of the Yoga practices for your safety and for getting maximum benefits.

3. A training manual for all the practices you learn during the weekly or VIP session. This will have pictures, procedure to do the practices, affirmations, benefits, and limitations. With this, you can continue your practice independently and confidently without forgetting.

4. A 15 minute follow-up call one week after the VIP session or the last week of coaching. You will also receive 2 follow-up emails, one after 15 days, and one after 30 days.

 5. You will have received copies of the homework, which will serve as your focus areas for more work.

6. If you send the homework to Shanthi, you can receive her feedback.

Additional Bonus for Weekly Sessions:

Mid-week check in emails if you like


Always a wonderful experience with Shanthi! She's truly gifted in the ancient science of Yoga and as a coach. If you are looking for guidance and clarity in your life or to help others achieve the same, Yoga for Happiness Academy is an ideal starting point. Shanthi is truly a teacher of teachers.

Ron Ash
Block Talk Radio Show Host

What are some sample areas I can use this program for?

  • Sample Areas

    Personalized Fitness plan, Meal plan, Shopping plan, Weight-loss plan, Stress, Anger or Anxiety management strategies, Road-map to healing from the past, Self-confidence, Focus Builder, Relationship strengthener and Therapy for ailments

  • Tools

    Your personalized plan may include: Yoga Exercises, Yoga Poses, Life-force-mastery Techniques, Dance Steps, Storytelling, Meditation, Self-introspection, Journaling and much more.


How does this program work?

  • Before you register for this program, ensure that you have filled up “Your Dream Life Quiz”. If you are new to working with Shanthi, also schedule a 20 minute call with Shanthi by signing up for the mini coaching session and set up an appointment to talk to Shanthi.

  • Then you can choose to register for the program anywhere from 2 hours of coaching and training to 12 weeks to a retreat day.  You can choose to meet either in person or through video calls.

  • Based on your needs, you will receive all or some of the 9 steps of the H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S method already given above and whatever else will help you move closer to your goals.

  • In each session, you agree on some homework so that you keep making progress. This may include: some observation, introspection, journal entry, small action steps, practicing what you have learned, developing new happiness habits, and the like.

  • After each call, if you are interested, you can choose to receive an email with your homework and a mid-week email asking about your progress.


    NOTE: If you think you are too busy to read any email and respond, you can directly meet for the next session.

  • This will continue for the number of weeks you are signing up for.


What are the different options to work with Shanthi?

 There are 2 main options to work with Shanthi. You would also receive recommendation regarding the best option for your situation.

 1. VIP Day Option:


Mini VIP Day - You can choose to do 2 hours in a single day. It is ideal if you have something quick to resolve or learn.


Half VIP Day - You can choose to do 3.5 hours in a single day. It is ideal if you want to address unhealthy eating, get to the root cause and eliminate it OR to discuss, get recommendations, and learn 2 minute practices for 1 or 2 areas of concern in your life.


Full VIP Day - You can choose to do 7 hours in a single day. It is ideal if you want to discuss, get recommendations, and learn 2 minute practices for 3 or 4 areas of concern in your life in a focused manner.


V.VIP Day - You can choose to live a Yoga way of life in-person or virtually with Shanthi for 12 hours, cooking and eating the same meals. It is ideal if you want to discuss, get recommendations, and learn 2 minute practices for 3 or more areas of concern in your life in a focused manner.

  2. Weekly Option:


You can work for 3 weeks or 6 weeks for 70 minutes each week. It is ideal if you want to work on yourself a little bit at a time and not have to learn everything in one go as in the VIP day option. You may resort to this option if you cannot focus for more than 70 minutes at a time.


12 weeks (90 Day Program) - This option gives you sufficient time to work on yourself and get massive results.


It also gives you more time to receive support and make sure that you are adopting your new way of living and being, alongside a mentor.


Money Back Guarantee

Here is the guarantee… Attend your first hour of coaching and training. During our time together then, if you don’t think this is exactly what you need to move your life forward, then just let us know and we’ll refund your money minus a small processing fee of $75.

No questions asked. So you risk nothing at all.

What is the investment for the weekly and VIP options of Yoga Coaching and Training?

The investment for the various options are: 

Mini VIP Day (2 Hours of Coaching & Training)
    Sign me up

    2 hours of important and powerful steps to move you forward

    Full VIP Day or 6 Weeks of Coaching & Training
      Sign me up

      6 sessions of 70 minutes each OR 7 hours on a single day

      NOTE: The investment for the V.VIP day and 90 Day program will be discussed during your mini coaching session.


      Huge Bonus to Help in Life-Long Support (for a limited time only)

      For a Limited Time: 


      If you invest in VIP, V.VIP or 90 Day  training, you will receive the audios of ALL the practices (Yoga poses, Breathing techniques & Meditation) learned by you at NO additional cost.


      In addition, you will receive 6 audio practice sessions that you can practice if you have only 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour.


      This is huge, because you don't have to spend time and energy figuring out what to do or how to make it a complete session if you have only 10 or 15 minutes. It is already done for you.

      Risk Free Acceptance Form: Your Order is 100% Safe & Secure

      Yes, I am ready to FINALLY end my struggles and take committed positive action.

      I know I can do this with the support of Shanthi and her expertise in the Ancient Science of Yoga.

      I understand that I have coaching and training with Shanthi either in person or through video calls.

      If I don't like the program after the first hour, I am entitled to a refund minus the processing fee of $75.

      Mini VIP Day (2 Hours of Coaching & Training)
        Sign me up

        2 hours of important and powerful steps to move you forward

        Full VIP Day or 6 Weeks of Coaching & Training
          Sign me up

          6 sessions of 70 minutes each OR 7 hours on a single day

          NOTE: The investment for the V.VIP day and 90 Day program will be discussed during your mini coaching session.


          Bonus 1: Huge Bonus to Help in Life-Long Support

          For a Limited Time: 


          If you invest in VIP, V.VIP or 90 Day  training, you will receive the audios of ALL the practices (Yoga poses, Breathing techniques & Meditation) learned by you at NO additional cost.


          In addition, you will receive 6 audio practice sessions that you can practice if you have only 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour.


          This is huge, because you don't have to spend time and energy figuring out what to do or how to make it a complete session if you have only 10 or 15 minutes. It is already done for you.


          Bonus 2: Yoga for Happiness Training Guide

          [Valued at $100]

          Yoga Training Guide 3D Cover



          • This bonus helps you remember everything learned in the training
          • It motivates you to incorporate the practices in your life
          • It stops you from giving excuses for not practicing
          • It helps you to feel confident in your practices
          • It ensures that you are doing the practices correctly

          Bonus 3: USER MANUAL

          DOs & DON'Ts For Yoga Practice

          [Valued at $50]

          User Manual DOs-DONTs 3D Cover

          • This bonus addresses your safety
          • This is something rarely addressed in typical Posture classes
          • You learn the best time and place to do your practice
          • You learn the best food to eat before practice
          • You learn the best way to do a Yoga practice
          • In all, you learn the precautions before and during Yoga practice