Workshops By Shanthi

Shanthi Yogini is 2-Minute Yoga Master and and Internationally Recognized Authority on Yoga and Ancient Wisdom.  She teaches Yoga, not as fitness exercises, but as an integrated therapy, science and art comprising posture, breath, food, attitude, affirmation, visualization, songs, meditation, dance and many more.


Shanthi is #1 international best-selling author twice and a speaker who offers eye-opening presentation of Yoga not merely as a solution for life problems but as a path to live life to one’s highest potential.


She trains world-class leaders and teachers through Yoga in its authentic, pristine and purest form. She is an Interactive Workshop Presenter, Art & Culture Educator, Trained Classical Dancer, Speaker and Storyteller.


Shanthi was born and raised in India (or rightly called "Bhaaratam", because India was a name coined by others). The lifestyle of the country is indeed Yogic lifestyle that trains people to see unity in diversity. The very word Yoga means union.


Because of the fun activities that form the lifestyle of Bhaaratam (India) she specializes in offering high impact, fun, and educational workshops enjoyable for all ages, which are: entertaining, interactive, multi-cultural, team building, focus-enhancing, confidence-developing, and health- enhancing all at the same time.

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You can reach Shanthi at 401-305-0882 or write to

Shanthi's dance performances and workshops are a great fit for the following:


 Libraries                    Museums                   Schools            Colleges 


Companies                  Corporations           Organizations      Events 


Nursing Homes          Assisted Living       Day Cares      Summer camps


Retreat centers          Health Clubs            Yoga and Dance Studios 


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