Deepening Yoga-Practice Testimonials

Watch the breakthroughs of these Yoga-Practitioners from Bhaaratam (India) and USA.

They deepened their practice after being trained for as little as 2 hours by our Academy.  

Her connection to spirit is what so touched me. This is something she brings to everything she does.

Cathy Hill

Participant (Yoga-Teacher), RI, USA

Shanthi has an amazing depth of knowledge on Yoga. She grew up in the Indian culture and she has lived this her entire life. She is bringing these ancient traditions to her everyday life. She has wonderful stories to share that bring the Yamas and Niyamas to life. I did a workshop with her on these. 

What so impressed me in the day long retreat I did with her was how she lives Yoga. The way she eats, the way she lives, the way she teaches, the way she interacts with people, she has very deep knowledge. Her connection to spirit is what so touched me. This is something she brings to everything she does. It helped me to realize that I want to deepen my spiritual connection and bring it into every aspect of my life. 

I learned why we hold the posture, something not taught in other classes

Deborah Robitaille 

Workshop Attendee, RI, USA

My entire body feels calmer and more grounded than when I walked in. I learned a lot about Mudras. In a regular Yoga class there is focus on just holding the posture. But today I learned why we hold the postures, and the meaning behind it; That was wonderful and it gave me more peace. 

I have done the tree pose for months now, but I really never thought about what a tree is; how it is strengthened at the base and more free-flowing at the top and how we want to create that balance. Whenever I do a tree pose now I’ll make it bigger than just doing the tree pose

I just attended the Mind Mastery W/shop. It is really enlightening. I took Shanthi's online training first. From then to now, I have grown & learned so much. I grasped more and more to find my true happiness.

I feel very happy I took the initiative to attend  6-Hour Yoga-training as it was early in the morning. I have taken yoga classes earlier, some in Germany and some in India, but these classes are different.

Before I was doing yoga poses but I didn't know why. I didn't know the reason or science behind them. These poses I learned before in other yoga sessions, but I didn't know the use or how to do it perfectly. Now I know.

This is a very good way to learn. When you know something, it motivates you to practice, because you know you are doing it correctly.

I've been doing Yoga for the last 10 years and I have 3 Yoga Instructors. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND and commend Shanthi's dedication and passion for Yoga practice. Her teaching style is UNIQUE...it will help Yoga students to practice.

The background introduction...and the substance you (Shanthi) have given to each posture, conveyed to me the simplicity, and ease of doing it and why we have to do it.

Your message gives...PHYSICAL THERAPY, MENTAL PEACE, AND HELPS ALL SPHERES OF LIFE. Shanthi's method appeals to the heart! 

Michelle A. Blanding

Yoga-Student, RI, USA

Phani Krishna

Engineer, Bhaaratam (India)


Yoga-Practitioner, NJ, USA

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