Now You can Copy My Formula for Wellness, Happiness and Success for Your Employees and Your Company... 

Through the Training

 "Happiness Success Circle" 

 Using Ancient Science of Yoga-Meditation in its Authentic, Pristine and Purest Form...

  • Aspire to be the Preferred choice of the customer?
  • Want to increase your productivity and profit?
  • Looking for employee engagement and employee retention?
  • Want every employee to work in their highest potential?
  • Seeking to provide simple ways of wellness for your employees?
  • Want to provide workplace happiness for your employees?

Story of James and Arun ....

From Stress to Serenity... Anger to Amicability ....

Story of James and Arun ....

From Stress to Serenity... Anger to Amicability ....

James and Arun are friends and are executives in two different global companies.

Arun had been struggling with stress in his personal life and work. It disturbed his sleep and he had been having health issues because of that. It frequently showed up in his work. He could not give his best despite being intelligent and talented. He often took time off.

Arun showed his anger and frustration on his coworkers. So he wasn't getting full support from his team and he was NOT operating in his highest potential.

On the other hand, James also had a high pressure job like Arun, but seemed to play it very well. He always had a smile, as he knew how to easily come out of stressful situations.

He had a great relationship with his team. Together they were delivering their best talent. They enjoyed their work and were happy in their personal life too.

Their company also reaped the fruits of this.

2 Days  of 2-Minute Transformation ....

What Made This Possible was that....

What made this possible was that James' company offered a 2 Day "Exponential Success Experience" training to all their employees. In that, they learned simple 2-Minute practices to come to a balanced state of mind even if everything seemed to go wrong.

They learned to master their mind through tiny steps taken throughout the day. This not only made their personal life enjoyable, but also enabled them to carry their happy selves into the workplace. After all, unless they experience personal happiness, wellness and success, they cannot contribute to their company's success and growth. 

When Arun found out about this, he made a proposal to his company to organize "Exponential Success Experience" training. 

Do YOU also want to bring such a transformational experience to YOUR company? Then I have a question for you

Without the time invested in the complete development of individual employees, how can a company hope to be successful in the market in the truest sense?

Most companies offer training for their employees to learn the right skills needed for the job. They may even support an employee doing additional training as part of career growth.

But, how many companies offer training in life skills and self-growth for their employees?

At the end of the day, all the job-related skills are expressed only through an individual. Individuals have their own concerns, challenges and aspirations in their personal life apart from stresses and goals in their work life.

When an employee is not trained in any tools to address the emotional, social and physical concerns in personal life, they have to learn ONLY by trial and error.

Remember, our education system does not train them to navigate their life to the best extent possible and live in their highest potential. It ONLY teaches them skills to make a living.

What about making a life? A life of true health, joy and fulfillment….

A question may arise here…

Is it company’s job to offer training to an employee in aspects related to personal life? Should they be concerned at all about the quality of life their employees are leading?

Yes, they SHOULD, for 2 reasons…

1. As part of Corporate Social Responsibility

           It is their employees after all.

2. For the growth of the company

           A company should truly care for its employees if it wants the best employee engagement in its growth.

It is limited thinking to isolate an employee’s work life from his/her personal life.

The individual is the same no matter which cap is being worn.

That is why, a training such as Exponential Success Experience gains massive importance...

What is Exponential Success Experience?

Exponential Success Experience is where companies and corporations experience exponential success through the exponential success of individual employees.

What Success Really Means...

Hint: Success is NOT about money, name, fame or being in the top among everybody in a competition!

Here, success means “operating in one’s highest potential”. This is in all areas of life – health, emotional state, thinking, relationships and higher aspiration of life which may be called spiritual. This applies to both personal and work life.

How is it Exponential Success for the Employee and the Company?

Let us say it is a team of 4 employees and each is individually successful. This means, all are “operating in their highest potential”.

Now, the net output is not just an addition of 4 people’s potential. It keeps getting multiplied through exchange of ideas and a great team work. Each new idea keeps building upon the others'.

The weakness of any individual employee in an area is compensated by the strengths of others in that area. Thus the employee success and the company success become exponential.

How does the Exponential Success Experience Training Work?

The diagram below explains how the 2-Minute practices of the "Exponential Success Experience" training transform the employees, leading to company’s success and happy customers. 

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How does the Training Benefit the Employees?

The employees are trained to master their mind, be happy in all situations and take charge of their life. In the process, they change their attitude towards people and life.

They interact better with their peers and supervisors. So, they are more productive, and create for themselves, a happy and fulfilling work environment.

They enjoy personal success which boosts their self-confidence and makes them feel good about themselves. 

Outcome from 8 Yoga-Steps to Mind Mastery

Through Mind Mastery, one can achieve Life Mastery and live to one's highest potential. This leads to the ultimate goal of YogaH (Yoga) which is, union with the rest of the universe. In the process success in personal and work life shows up as follows...

If you make a list of true assets that you would want at the physical, mental, intellectual, social and spiritual layers of your being, you will find here most of your "I want to ......".
  • Be Fit

    You stay fit with no extra weight.

  • Be Healthy

    Entire body works well with regulated thyroid glands.

  • Heal from Illness

    Internal organs are activated for self-repair. 

  • Avoid Injuries

    As your flexibility increases, you are less prone to injuries.

  • Be Anger-free

    You don’t react to situations, but pause and think on how to respond.

  • Be Anxiety-free

    Anxiety belongs to the future. Mind is trained to be in the present.  


  • Be Stress-free

    Stress means speed. You are trained to slow down. 

  • Be Depression-free

    Depression belongs to the past. Mind is trained to break the pattern.

  • Be Confident

    Your posture and perspective drive out fear. You feel strong and courageous.

  • Be Creative

    You learn to connect to your inner being that allows your creative juices to flow. 


  • Have Clarity

    As inner noise subsides, clarity dawns.  

  • Get More Done

    As focus improves and distraction reduces, you get more done. (Even those with A.D.D)

  • Be Fulfilled

    You go from “something missing” state to “feeling complete” state.

  • Be Free and Happy

    Connecting to your inner being, you experience the freedom and joy within. 

  • Enjoy Better Relationships

    Ego which causes strain in relationships reduces.

  • Be Spiritual

    Connecting to things and beings around helps you expand any limited identity.

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How does the Training Benefit the Company?

When most employees know how to handle day-to-day challenges, they are personally more happy.

They interact better with their peers and supervisors. This leads to increased employee-ship and employee retention.

Without this, the company has to invest in bringing in new people and training them. Now, they can invest those resources back in their current employees and grow more as a company.

The individual performance of the employees improves and they can come up with innovative ideas. They work better as a team and offer better customer service. 

All these tie back to company success.

How does the Training Benefit the Customers?

When the company is able to offer top-notch services, customers receiving those services are happy. It fulfills their needs and may even be beyond their expectation.

It saves them the time of having to look at other companies and experimenting with them for better service. It saves them from frustration and more of them become repeat customers.

It costs more money to acquire new customers than to keep the current customers happy.

When more customers make the company their preferred choice, they contribute to the success of the company.

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What is the Exponential Success Experience Training Based on?

It is based on 8 Yoga-Steps of Mind Mastery as explained in the diagram below.

What do the 8 Yoga-Steps of Mind Mastery Represent?

What the above 8 Yoga-Steps mean is explained in the infographic below.


"Exponential Success Experience"  is Valuable...

  • Quality

    Quality is NOT decided by how LONG you are asked to practice in a day. It is decided by how deep you learn to go in each practice, and the transformation that the 2-Minute practices of the training produce on various levels.


  • Complete food

    This training program is a complete curriculum by itself as it brings benefits to ALL layers of one’s personality. It addresses ALL activities we do everyday. If ALL one does for the rest of the life is just applying lessons from this training, it is sufficient in order to have great physical and mental health

  • Thorough

    You learn every practice with such thoroughness that you feel you are undertaking a journey on various levels. That is why just 2 minutes of practice can work wonders.

  • Support

    When you attend typical training sessions, you are left to yourself to practice the lessons.  Here, though support is offered through a training guide to help you remember the practices for the rest of your life, you are also inducted into a private community for further support.


How is the Exponential Success Experience Training Delivered?

It is delivered as an on-site training of a minimum of 4 hours going up to a maximum of 16 hours. The 16 hours can be spread over 2 continuous days or two separate days of 8 hours each spread apart.


Why is Exponential Success Experience Better than Other Self-Development Training?

Other self-development training programs may focus on just mind-set, changing habits, or mental exercises.

In this training, we use 8 steps, which, in addition to addressing mind-set, changing habits, and mental exercises, also physically engage one’s breath, movement, stillness and food habits.

Participants learn to integrate these practices in their daily life as each is under 2 minutes. They develop better work-life balance, and feel in charge of their life.

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3 Bonuses to Help You in Life-Long Support

Participants receive 2 manuals and ongoing community support:

  1. User Manual  with safety precautions for  independent practice 
  2. Training Manual for ALL the practices learned, with pictures, benefits, limitation, procedure to practice, subtle points and affirmation 
  3. Continued support and community through a private online forum

There are billions of people in the world.  They need someone like you to learn to be happy and to teach them how to be happy. Are you ready?


Mind Mastery for Empowerment, Healing and Happiness

Well, NO ONE can purchase empowerment, Healing or Happiness from outside, because, these are NOT commodities to be bought. These are things you experience from within when you give yourself opportunities to connect to your inner being. So, the only thing you can purchase is Training that will teach you how to provide yourself opportunities for a deeper connection. (E X P A N D to read more...) +

In this training, you will receive the time-tested ancient wisdom through Shanthi, a rare Yogini, born and raised in Bhaaratam (India), the birthplace of YogaH (Yoga). She has studied Vedanta (The basis for YogaH),  Samskrtam (The language of YogaH), and classical dance (A minor stream of YogaH called “Naatya YogaH”). 

In "Exponential Success Experience", she will take you on a fun, unique and authentic journey of higher vibrations, starting from the physical body, meandering through mental, intellectual and social planes, and finally culminating in spirituality. 

This training is like NO OTHER and opens the door to your inner portals, the abode of TRUE EMPOWERMENT, HEALING and HAPPINESS.

Shanthi's Personal Journey ...

Shanthi & Pavitra Top 2

Since 2004, Shanthi Yogini, having transitioned from her software profession, has been 2-Minute Yoga-Master. She trains aspiring leaders in "Mind Mastery"  through ancient YogaH (Yoga) that is liberated from being chained to mere poses. Through her "Liberate Yoga! Liberate You!" movement, she is training Yoga-teachers who can teach YogaH in a way so as to liberate people from all forms of limitations and unhappiness. She is the founder of “Yoga-for-Happiness Academy” which serves thought leaders and leaders-in-the making, online, in-person and digitally.

The science of YogaH has been passed down through generations to Shanthi. The whole tree of YogaH inclusive of Samskrtam (Sanskrit), meditation, dance, and chanting, has been her way of life since she was 5 years old.

Through the above practices,

  • She experiences inner peace, more awareness and focus
  • She has developed self-confidence and public-speaking skills.
  • She has enhanced her creativity, which has resulted in this unique Yoga-training.
  • As her students quote, she is able to live her entire life in a spiritual way.
  • Shanthi has passion for Samskrtam language and at home she converses purely in Samskrtam with her daughter. Shanthi and her daughter teach conversational Samskrtam to youth and adults.
  • While working in computer software, it was the wisdom presented in this training that gave her the clarity of vision and life purpose. With this new-found clarity and focus, she was inspired to transition from her software profession to sharing this wealth of wisdom with the world, thus moving from a “Something Missing” state to a fulfilled and “Feeling Complete” state.
  • Shanthi was able to come out of a state of negative emotions and stay immersed in joy for 98% of time

Bonus 1: Yoga for Happiness Training Guide

[Valued at $197]

Yoga Training Guide 3D Cover



  • This bonus helps you remember everything learned in the training
  • It motivates you to incorporate the practices in your life
  • It stops you from giving excuses for not practicing
  • It helps you to feel confident in your practices
  • It ensures that you are doing the practices correctly


DOs & DON'Ts For Yoga Practice

[Valued at $50]

User Manual DOs-DONTs 3D Cover

  • This bonus addresses your safety
  • This is something rarely addressed in typical Posture classes
  • You learn the best time and place to do your practice
  • You learn the best food to eat before practice
  • You learn the best way to do a Yoga-practice
  • In all, you learn the precautions before and during Yoga-practice
Contact Us to Discuss Further Let Your Company and Employees Benefit from Exponential Success Experience!
Contact Us to Discuss Further Let Your Company and Employees Benefit from Exponential Success Experience!