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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for stopping by! Even though we have put a LOT of information about the Authentic Yoga Training and Yoga-Teacher Training, we understand that you will still have questions.


If you don't find the answer to your questions here, you may email to us at We'll answer you and add that question to this page. Thus by asking questions, you are helping others too.


Where the answers are short, we have given them directly below the question. Where the answers are long, we have shown the question and have given provision for you to click the "+" sign to read the answer. 

  • q-iconI am interested in ONLY Yoga poses. Is your training a good fit for me?

    NO! You should find a different program.
    Though we cover a lot of physical movement that is not the only aspect we cover.
  • q-iconI live far away from you. Can I still do your training?

    YES! It is mostly a digital and online program. If you want to do only some modules, then you never ever have to come in person.  Only if you are registering for Yoga-teacher training, meeting in person is required. But it is ONLY in 2019 just once, for 8 days.
  • q-iconI don’t feel comfortable learning Yoga from Shanthi since I am culturally very different. Also I believe that I can learn Yoga without connecting it to India, as Yoga is universal. Will I fit into your training?

    NO! You should find a different program.

    Yoga is a science of how to live. There is NO way to understand Yogic lifestyle WITHOUT understanding Indian lifestyle. The best way to understand the connection between Yogic lifestyle and Indian lifestyle is to learn from someone who has been raised in India and who has mastered Yoga.
    Sorry! This is not the right place for you.
  • q-iconI work full time. How much time do I have to dedicate for this training?

    Plan to spend 1 hour a week to watch the videos; 1 hour if you need to pause the videos at places for note-taking; 1 hour to do assignments.

    In total, please plan to dedicate at least 3 hours a week.
    Additionally, once a month there will be a Question-Answer call. You may choose to attend this or listen to the recording later.
  • q-iconI want to do the entire training with Shanthi, but only in person. What should I do?

    Thanks for your interest in training with Shanthi !

    We have done completely in-person training in the past and we WILL do in future in an year. Just NOT this time!
  • q-iconHow do I register for your program?

    Click on the “Apply” tab and follow the steps outlined there.

NOT NECESSARY! Getting TRAINED DIGITALLY is not a problem. It is a good thing for several reasons.
 It is taking advantage of modern technology for efficiency.
 It is having the convenience of watching a video multiple times to grasp better
 You can pause the video multiple times to take down notes.
 All the idle time during the in-person training has been cut off so that you get the best ROI (return on the time you invest in watching a video).
 By offering the program digitally, we are able to offer more content to you, as we can cut down on the days of in-person training.
 This means you can take less time off your work or be away from your home for less number of days.
 When we do meet in person, we can utilize the time for activities that cannot be done digitally.

So Getting TRAINED DIGITALLY is a BIG YES! But Getting CERTIFIED DIGITALLY is a BIG NO. Having the personal touch with the Master and understanding the Yogic way of life by physically being with the Master is a MUST in order to understand and to teach Yoga authentically.
That is why we will be meeting in person for 8 days and staying together in this program. This is half of the duration that other training programs that train only in person meet for.


(1) When it comes to Yoga, cost should not be such a big consideration. The real consideration should be, whether you are getting the correct knowledge of Yoga presented in a simple and practical way.

It is too common in the modern days to find Yoga training offered by those who have half knowledge or quarter knowledge on Yoga.

For example, they may teach you as if Yoga means Yoga poses. Even if they mention that there are many aspects, they don’t teach you in a way that you REALLY understand that ALL aspects are important in Yoga.

The reason is clear. They DON’T practice all aspects of Yoga, and they don’t have much knowledge.

Another example is, some trainers may teach you that Yoga has nothing to do with India. That is incorrect. If you cut off India from Yoga, then all that remains is mere fitness.

Rather than teach Yoga the way it is, as a science, they are bringing in their personal likes and dislikes and interpreting Yoga as they feel like.
So learning from such programs may work out cheaper financially, but may cost you heavily in terms of knowledge.

To understand Yoga in any other way than its original is negative Karma (negative action).

Most of the teacher-trainers ARE NOT from India. You may wonder if that REALLY MATTERS. If you are taught Yoga as fitness it does not matter. But if you are taught Yoga as a way of life of which poses form a part only, then it makes ALL the difference.

There are other reasons too:
(2) Other training programs may be purely in-person. This training program is a combination of digital, online and in-person, with meals and stay covered.
(3) We have a strict assignment policy. We take the time to go over your assignments and give feedback and corrections as required.
(4) We invest a LOT of time in ensuring that you understand, practice and teach Yoga correctly.

If quality matters to you, then join us and learn Yoga in its authentic, pristine and purest form. It is good Karma (good action) to preserve and pass on Yoga correctly.

If frugality matters to you, then there are many other Yoga-Teacher training programs out there.