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All the bonuses are guaranteed for a limited time ONLY:


30 Day Risk Free Double Guarantee

Turn on any audio, move to any point in the audio and listen to it for 3 minutes; If in 3 minutes you are not already convinced that, you have gotten your money’s worth in what you have experienced, then go ahead and return it right away.

Otherwise practice the meditation for 30 days and see for yourself if you can begin to notice the difference in your body and mind.

If you are not happy for any reason or No reason at all, we’ll refund your money back. No questions asked. So you risk nothing at all.


The total value of "Mananam: Guided Meditations for Body Relaxation"

which includes ALL the 5 Audio meditation tracks,  and bonuses of 3 Audio tracks, 5 Video tracks and 2 manuals  is


But your investment TODAY will be  just 


Yes, Shanthi ! I am ready to invest in myself!

I am ready to:

  • Relax my body and mind completely
  • Save hours of time out of my life which might otherwise get wasted because of tension in my body
  • Download and practice meditation in my own time without having to go to a class and spend money and/or time
  • Download the MP3 tracks to take with me on my iPhone / iPAD or other MP3 device

My Body Relaxation is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I know that I will be getting  all of these below as part of this training.


Though the total course value is  $220

My investment for this training Today is only $29 


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