Congratulations! You have earned 4 bonuses for purchasing the Full book or any of the books in the four-book series as given below.


NOTE: Even if you have purchased only BOOK ONE & BOOK TWO, you still get the bonus contents from other books in the series. I am confident that sooner or later you will purchase the other books in the series and hence the contents in the bonus documents will eventually be beneficial.

The four bonuses with a total value of $497 are:

1. A self-assessment workbook for introspection

2. Compilation of all non-English terms with their meaning

3. Table of contents in detail with stories and affirmations list

4. A track from the audio “Meditation for Happiness” Series (Healing Treatments for Body Relaxation)

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How to download the audio track?


Step 1 - Right click on the MP3 download file below the audio player

Step 2 - Choose "Save as" 

Step 3 - The file gets stored in your device as MP3 



Bonus Reports

A track  from "Meditation for Happiness" : Renewed by Sun (Duration 5:44)

                                                With the background sound of the birds chirping and stream