You can now Copy OUR Formula for Wellness, Happiness and Success
for Your Employees and Your Company...

Using Ancient Yoga-Science in its Authentic, Pristine and Purest Form...


"Happiness Success Circle"

Story of James and Arun ....

From Stress to Serenity... Anger to Amicability ....

James and Arun are friends and are executives in two different global companies.

Arun had been struggling with stress in his personal life and work. It disturbed his sleep and he had been having health issues because of that. It frequently showed up in his work. He could not give his best despite being intelligent and talented. He often took time off.

Arun showed his anger and frustration on his coworkers. So he wasn't getting full support from his team and he was NOT operating in his highest potential.

On the other hand, James also had a high pressure job like Arun, but seemed to play it very well. He always had a smile, as he knew how to easily come out of stressful situations.

He had a great relationship with his team. Together they were delivering their best talent. They enjoyed their work and were happy in their personal life too.

Their company also reaped the fruits of this.

What Made This Possible was that....

James' company offered a 2 Day "Happiness Success Circle" training to all its employees. In that, they learned simple 2-Minute practices to come to a balanced state of mind even if everything seemed to go wrong.

They learned to experience happiness and success through tiny steps taken throughout the day. This not only made their personal life enjoyable, but also enabled them to carry their happy selves into the workplace. After all, unless they experience personal happiness, wellness and success, they cannot contribute to their company's success and growth. 

When Arun found out about this, he made a proposal to his company to organize "Happiness Success Circletraining. 

Do YOU Want to Bring Such a Transformational
 Experience to YOUR company? Then Read on...

We understand that it is difficult for most companies to offer training in life skills and self-growth for their employees

But remember that all the job-related skills are expressed only through an individual. We cannot isolate an employee’s work life from his/her personal life and personal self.

That is where we come to help and our training "Happiness Success Circle" gains massive importance.

We've put our entire Happiness-Success formula into this training 

Happiness Success Circle is where companies and corporations experience success through the happiness and success of individual employees. 

The training is delivered on-site for a minimum of 6 hours going up to a maximum of 16 hours. The 16 hours can be spread over 2 continuous days or two separate days of 8 hours each spread apart.

In the training, we learn tools, techniques and practices to fill our personal and work life with happiness and success through 7 modules as given below.

These 7 modules are 7 out of the 9 steps that form an acronym called "H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S." We omit "I." and "S." out of this. So, it becomes "H.A.P.P.N.E.S." 

NOTE: Actual learning sequence differs from the acronym-based sequence below.

Module 1- H-Hidden Secrets of Yoga-Science

Learning the hidden secrets of Yoga-Science means having a strong foundation. We become masters ONLY by mastering the basics. Then, even simple 2-Minute practices lead to true happiness and success.

Module 2- A-Awareness Mastery

This training makes us aware of the myth and truth behind our thoughts, words and feelings. This enables us to properly address negative emotions like sadness, stress, anxiety or fear, thereby enhancing our happiness and success.

Module 3- P-Practice of Ancient Values

Taking even a single value, but going into its depths refines our emotions and transforms our thinking. This leads to action that brings happiness and success in our personal and work life.

Module 4- P-Physical Movement from Yoga-Science

Mastering just a few simple 2-Minute Yoga-poses helps us master our mind and body, leading to happiness and success.  No need for more poses or complex poses.  In reality, not even a single pose is needed to deepen our Yoga-practice. 

Module 5- I -Increased Praana-ShaktiH through Breath

Praana-Shakti, meaning life-force energy is mastered through our lung movement which results in breath. Breath cures many illnesses. It calms the mind which is a prerequisite for happiness and Success.

Module 6- N- Non-Violent Eating & Cooking

Food impacts not only our physical health, but also our mind and attitude. Food is a means to both happiness and sorrow in life. That is why cooking and eating in a non-violent manner becomes vital.

Module 7- S- Staying Still in the Present (Meditation)

The above steps of Yoga-Shaastram train us to stay relaxed in the present. This is called meditation. The present alone is the source of love, peace, happiness and everything else we constantly seek in life.

Shanthi created this training for you!

Shanthi Yogini, dressed traditionally, is authentic to her roots in more ways than appearance. She founded Yoga-for-Happiness Academy with a vision to “Actualize World Peace and Happiness through Authentic Yoga-Science”. 


1. To Stop Misappropriation of Ancient-Yoga-Science Diluted as Mere-Physical-Practice & Inauthentic-Yoga-Branding;

2. To Reclaim its Authenticity as-a-Science-of-How-to-Live through Revolutionary Modern Movement namely “2-Yoga-Minutes to Happiness”. 

Transformational leaders like coaches, authors, and entrepreneurs, integrate her authentic, pristine, and purest form of Yoga-Science into their busy life. Through 2-Minute practices, they tap into their true potential, and enhance their public-speaking skills. She serves top-level performers who are successful but unfulfilled. 

Shanthi is International Yoga-Master, Yoga-Activist, Coach, Healer, #1 International Best-Selling Author, Eye-Opening Speaker, Multi-Cultural Workshop-Presenter, Dancer, Interactive-Storyteller and a Highly Sought-after TV, Podcast and Radio Show Guest.

They've copied our success formula, now you too can...

Watch the success stories of these individuals from USA and Bhaaratam (India). They range from doctors to software engineers to architects to artists. Every section of people benefit from this ancient science.

Susan Grant, Teacher Trainee, RI USA

KarthiKayan, S/ware Engineer, Bengaluru

Janani, Architect, Bengaluru Bhaaratam

Dr Yajnaraman, Cardiologist, NJ USA 

Alysia, Yoga-Teacher Trainee, RI USA

Sikkil Mala, Flautist, Chennai Bhaaratam

 Happiness Success Circle also Includes

User Manual  with safety precautions for  independent practices

Training Manual for ALL the practices learned, with pictures, benefits, limitation, procedure to practice, subtle points and affirmation

Access to our exclusive private members-only group where people help each other and will help you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION 1 -How many people can be trained at once?
There is no limit. It is only constricted by the space. If you have space for people to sit down or sit on chairs or a combination of both, we can accommodate more people. Whether it is 50, 75, 100 or 150, we offer a unique training method through which every participant gets to learn the training correctly even in a large group setting.
QUESTION 2 - What if they cannot sit on the floor?
No problem! They can sit on the chair and still get benefit. We can choose practices that they can do standing or sitting on the chair.
QUESTION 3 - Do we need Yoga mats for everyone?
No! every participant can bring a small piece of cloth and that will do.
QUESTION 4 - How much space do we need?
Please see QUESTION 1. We can work with whatever space we have. It may restrict the number of chairs you can put which in turn may limit the number of participants. 
QUESTION 5 - Why do we need 6 hours to 16 hours? Can't we do something in 2 or 3 hours to start with?
The time is needed for the following:
a) The participants need to understand the very root cause of their negative emotions that does not allow them to live in their highest potential.
b) The participants need to be trained in simple practices that they can make as part of their life for the rest of their life. 
c) This may be the only time that those participants get to attend a training such as this. That is why it won't be in their best interest if it is squeezed into 2 or 3 hours.
d) Having a question-answer session will result in lot of clarity and confidence for continuing the practice.
QUESTION 6 - Won't it be too much to sit in one place for this long?
No! They won't be sitting in one place. The training will be a mixture of listening, understanding, practicing and group activities.

Now, it is your turn to create a win win win for your employees, company & customers

Get started with anywhere from 6 hours to 2 days of this mind mastery  training!

It is the best gift you can give to your company and is the greatest service to your employees.

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