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Real Feedback from the Book-Readers

A Worthy Companion for Meditation and Happiness Practice

Shanthi was my yoga teacher for a couple of years, and although I didn’t know it at the time, that experience was the beginning of a spiritual journey that continues today. Shanthi’s method for finding happiness through meditation—a twelve step process that is divided into five stages—reminds me a lot of her yoga classes. 

As a new yoga student, I wanted to learn lots of poses right away, but Shanthi’s approach was to be patient, take it slow, and learn about yoga philosophy along the way. As a reader of this book, you might feel impatient and immediately look for the meditation instructions so you can enjoy the outcome of happiness right away. But just like my yoga class, it doesn’t work that way.

 Shanthi compares learning the science of meditation to exploring the ocean. Like the ocean, meditation is vast and deep and if you want real breakthroughs, you have to be willing to reach the ocean floor. It might take a long time—even a lifetime—to go that deep, but every step you take in the right direction is progress toward happiness. Read, enjoy, and practice this and it will become an important step on your spiritual path, just as it has on mine.

Caroline Brown, 

Technology Writer

So Ready to Embrace the Simplicity

Brand new book by Shanthi Joyful Yogini makes an amazing read for a rainy Saturday afternoon. Happiness is the Key to Success. I just read through the first bit this morning, and was so ready to embrace the simplicity of such wisdom. Bless yourself today and get a copy!

Susan Jenness 

Energy Healer and Yoga Teacher

I Have a Clearer Perspective on the Purpose of Life

Being a Yogic Science student my perspective on the ultimate goal of life is that it is Moksha. But I was unclear what exactly Moksha was. 

Reading BOOK ONE gave me a related but clearer perspective that the ultimate goal or Purpose of Life should be “Inner Happiness” and now I look forward to finding my happiness. I like all the 4 Explanations of life purpose in the book which are all interconnected. 

What I love about the book is that the author explains all the concepts in a very practical and organized manner by focusing on the main topic as well as giving the guidelines for reading this book as well as other books in the series. The explanation is very clear that anyone can understand them very easily whether he/she has any prior knowledge of Yoga-Science or not.

Any time she thinks that a concept presented may be too difficult for some readers to grasp, she asks us to relax, take a deep breath, and then explains it beautifully giving an example. 

It is not just a read through book; it is a non-fiction book that comes to life. Repeating the affirmations and answering the questions in the “Transformation Tracker” before and after reading the book are engaging elements.  They make me feel as if the author is present live, interacting with me. 

Being a Yogic Science student, I have read many books on meditation and Yoga-Science, but this book teaches me the Life Purpose and Yoga-Science in a practical and simpler way. 

Palak Gumber

Bachelors in Yogic Science Graduate

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