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About Shanthi Yogini

Shanthi Yogini is an engineer-turned Yoga-Science Master, "2 Yoga-Minutes to Happiness" Expert, and a #1 international best-selling author. Dressed traditionally, she is authentic to her roots in more ways than physical appearance. 

Shanthi's mission is to help 100,000 Yoga-instructors to heal themselves and transform the world by harnessing the power of authentic Yoga-science. How? They make a SHIFT from fitness-based instructing to lifestyle-based authentic teaching through S.H.I.F.T. Yoga-Model. They fulfil our vision of empowerment, healing, and happiness for global communities.

Shanthi comes from a lineage of Yoga-Masters. She was born and raised in the country which is the source of Yoga-science. She teaches Eastern wisdom suitable to Western lifestyle through simple 2-minute tools

As a Yoga-Activist, she opposes commercialization and dilution of Yoga-Science, and founded Healed & Happy Yoga-Leadership Family.

Shanthi is an eye-opening Speaker,  Art & Culture Educator, Healer, Dancer, Storyteller, and a highly sought-after TV, Podcast and Radio Show guest.

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