India Theme'd Birthday Party

Imagine getting education in a fun way in a Party!


Imagine having group activities that foster team building in a party !


Imagine having movement and exercise that are fun, in a party!


Imagine have a different perspective on life after attending a party !


All these and much more beyond your imagination is the India Theme'd Birthday Party


What is "India Theme'd Birthday Party"?

India Theme'd Birthday Party is having a party with the theme of India. That means, all the fun group activities and games are based on Indian lifestyle.


So the activities are not random coming one after the other, but are all related to each other. This makes the party very unique and different from every other party out there. 


How is India Theme'd Birthday Party different from Traditional Parties?



In traditional parties, the focus is on “fun” only as in Face painting, Magic Show, Juggling, Video Games, Watching a Movie, Chuck-E-cheese etc.


In an India Theme’d Party, the focus is on Education, Inner expansion, Team building, Creativity, Talent Show, Movement, Exercise AND FUN




In most Traditional Parties, there is hardly any interaction amongst children while watching a show or when each is moving around in Chuck-E-cheese playing games, trying to get tickets. In fact, chances of a child getting frustrated or disappointed for not getting enough tickets is possible, because most of the games are tests of luck and NOT that of talent, in places like Chuck-E-cheese.


In an India Theme’d Party, there are group activities that foster team building, leadership and mutual understanding




In Traditional Parties,  if all the children are watching TV or a film, they are indeed having fun, but it is passive fun. 


In an India Theme’d Party, the activities and games improve focus, fine motor skills and creativity adding fun in the process.  This is active fun.




In Traditional Parties, rarely educational activities happen, because, education is not usually associated with fun.


In an India Theme’d Party, adults and kids learn a lot about India and expand their understanding and awareness. For someone raised in the U.S., there is rarely an opportunity to learn about life in the other end of the world.  This in turn helps them to have a different perspective on their own lives. They are now grateful for the things they have in life, realizing that life is very different for many others.




In Traditional Parties, when you invite a storyteller, it is one of her/his own story that will be narrated during  the occasion.  This may or may not have direct relevance to the child or adult or the event, though it may be entertaining.


In an India Theme’d Party, a story relevant to or of special interest to the child, adult or the event can be given ahead of time. A simple dance narrating the story can be choreographed for it. It is a dance form that is rarely seen anywhere.


The best part is that everyone gets to dance out the story along with the dancer.


Doesn’t that add a special touch to the occasion?




In Traditional Parties, there may not be any cultural aspect.


 In an India Theme’d Party, the activities of Rangavalli Yoga-Art, Partner Henna, Clothing Workshop , Stories, Yoga and Dance are all part of Indian culture.


For people of Indian origin, it is a great way to enable kids to appreciate their roots, and take pride in sharing it with their friends.


For the non-Indians it is a fun way to explore India.




In Traditional Parties, there is rarely an opportunity to exercise, because it is considered to be boring for most kids and adults.


In an India Theme’d Party, in the storytelling, we use Yoga postures and dance movements that stretch the body and work the muscles and joints. Thus it incorporates exercise in a fun way, but unnoticeable by the participants themselves.