Can you imagine a dance form that is meditative and spiritual, yet highly fun-filled and entertaining?

Can you think of a dance form that meticulously moves every part, every joint, and every muscle of the face and body in an aesthetic and structured manner?

Can you visualize a dance form through which you not only understand Indian values but also the concept of Math and physics with high focus-building techniques?

All these and much more beyond your imagination is the dance form called Bharata-naatyam practiced for thousands of years in India. A lot of Indian wisdom has gone into the creation of this dance form.


What is Bharata-naatyam?


It is a unique dance form that most have never seen before.

With exotic costumes, jewelry and finger painting, it is a visual treat.

It has a beautiful symmetry, geometry, dynamism and rhythm that uses all parts of the body to express emotions and tell stories, making it a powerful medium of communication.

Both complex and graceful, Bharata-naatyam is one of the classical dance forms of South India.It is to be learned under the guidance of a Guru for some years.

Bharata-naatyam encourages people to see a world of joy, symmetry, rhythm and beauty, as well as a world of peace and harmony.

It enables viewers to look inward, connecting to their own true selves. It is a manifestation of the celebration of the “eternal universe” through the celebration of the beauty of the material body, emotions, mind and spirit.

In many ways, it represents the eternal longing of the individual soul to unite with something higher.

Bharata-naatyam is a complex art form that represents the very dance of the cosmos.

More than just a visual treat, it is educational and holistic, and a fun way to play with music, speed and rhythm.


What are the benefits of Bharata-naatyam?


–> This dance form is elevating and fun, bringing joy and peace
–> It improves physical and mental health
–> It develops focus, coordination, balance and fine motor skills
–> It helps in easily understanding concepts in math, science, music, history and English
–> It makes the culture of India come alive, showcasing her diversity and values


What to Expect when Shanthi performs


–> Shanthi starts with a short presentation on India, describing the diversity and culture using a Map of India.
 –>There is a short introduction to the dance forms of India showing pictures of many dance forms and sometimes passing it around for closer viewing.

–>Then, Shanthi performs some Bharatanatyam items, explaining each song and its meaning. The items give a sampling of the many aspects – Complex foot work, Various emotions, Role play and drama.

–> She gives 1 minute samples of other classical dance forms of India. She also does a 30 second costume change to show a folk dance which is very different from the classical dances.

–> At the end, the audience is invited to participate however they choose either through interactive story-telling through dance or the Yoga-dance fusion or even just trying out some Hasta Mudras (hand gestures) in the seated position.


How long is a typical performance-workshop?

The whole presentation can be anywhere from 25 minutes to 2 hours to best accommodate your needs.