Multi-Cultural Workshops By Shanthi

When you are celebrating multi-cultural events or want to introduce your audience to diverse cultures and stories from other countries, this is your "One-Stop-Resource" where not only the country of India is represented and deeply understood, but the ancient wisdom, colorful culture and the rich lifestyle are presented through fun interactive and educational entertainment and workshops.


These workshops are therapeutic and enhance the physical, mental, intellectual, social, and spiritual well-being of participants. They are suitable for age 2 to seniors or people on wheel chairs.


NOTE 1: For adult programming, Shanthi offers Lifestyle-based Yoga, which is Yoga in its authentic, pristine and purest form. Click here for details.


NOTE 2: Shanthi can perform classical Indian dance and add to it other relevant interactive therapeutic workshops like “MUDRAA THERAPY aka Art of Hand Gestures ” or “STORY THERAPY aka Art of Ultimate Story Experience ”, even if space is a constraint. If you have space, indoor or outdoor, you can go in for "VISUAL ART THERAPY aka Art of Rangavalli Floor Designs".


You can totally customize it as desired. Please CLICK below for more details. You can reach Shanthi at 401-305-0882 or write to

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