Samskrtam Learning Project

Dear Blessed and Magnificent Self,

 Namaste! Welcome to Lesson 4!

You are Continuing Your Divine Journey of Mastering the Vibrations of the Ancient Language of Samskrtam While Empowering Your Body, Mind and Aatmaa.

You can access  Lesson 4 from this page along with the lesson-specific bonuses. Common Bonuses for the entire Samskrtam Learning Project  will  be given at the end of Lesson 18. 

For your convenience, link to access Lesson 1 to Lesson 3 have also been given here.

As you go through the lesson, please go through the bonuses too. They are specifically created to make your understanding deeper. 

Do take time to answer the assignment questions of Bonus 4 as an affirmation of your grasp of Lesson 4.

Be sure to join our private community forum if you have not already done so.  

Looking forward to a dynamic interaction with you.

With Infinite Love....

Shanthi Yogini

Founder of Yoga-for-Happiness Academy

Shanthi is so passionate about Samskrtam language that she has made it her home language. Her daughter is the FIRST female in the United States who can claim Samskrtam as her mother tongue. Shanthi and her daughter have been teaching conversational Samskrtam to children, youth and adults.

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