Books, Audios and Courses for Home Study in Your Own Space at Your Own Pace


Our store has tools and courses that you can study at home, and they represent different aspects of Yoga. They are all are aimed at your happiness and ultimate well-being.


"How is that?" you may ask.


There are 2 ways they give you happiness and well-being -


(1) They are designed to work on: your body, mind, intellect and your very core. So you experience happiness and well-being. 


(2) Everything we offer is a preparation for meditation, whether it is chanting, healing treatments, books, Yoga-poses, dance moves or correct breathing. 


All of them calm your mind, increase your focus, and get you to be in the present. They are collectively called Yoga and aid you in the meditation process. We are not talking of Yoga that is mistaken to be fitness exercises.


Meditation is the gateway to happiness. When you are in a meditative state, you connect to the very source of happiness within you. 


Thus each instrument of knowledge here acts as a Yoga-technique to increase your happiness level and well-being. Pick any; you won't be disappointed. If you are, then it is on us.

If you want to practice Yoga at all, then do it the right way, the authentic way...

There are many branches of this tree of Yoga. Practicing a bit of any of them will lead you to the ultimate goal of Yoga, namely, union within you and with the rest of the universe.

In the process, you get the very best out of your life in terms of improved well-being physically, mentally and intellectually.  That is when you get to LIVE life.

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We have #1 international best-selling books, audios, and authentic programs to support you no matter where you are in your Yoga-journey, even if you haven't begun the journey still. You can jump start your  Yoga-practice from the comfort of your home or in person or even train to become a Yoga teacher here. It is all up to you.


Even if you already have a Yoga teacher certification, you can benefit from our services, as many topics would not have been covered in such depths in your earlier study.


We have created  educational tools on various aspects of Yoga like: proper breathing, Yoga poses, chants,  Yoga-dance , and healing treatments. We are adding more to the list. You can check them all out here...


Let us begin our journey together...

Business Cause - 1

Paving Way to Freedom


Yoga for Happiness Academy has been volunteering for the past 10 years for the cause of the children. It donates part of all sale proceeds to BBA, a Non-Profit (, which works for the freedom and education of enslaved children.


Its founder, Kailash Satyarthi, won the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.


So your investment in your "inner freedom" through these programs helps unlock the "outer freedom" of innocent children and leads to good Karma.


Shanthi, along with her daughter, visits these children every year to hand over the collected amount in person and to see for herself the progress made. 
Click here to visit their site

Business Cause - 2

Path to Preservation 


Yoga for Happiness Academy has been supporting the cause of  preserving Veda. What is Veda? Veda is the repository of knowledge and the ancient available text known to mankind.


Why does she support this? It is because Veda is the source of Yoga.


If we do not understand it that way, then all that will be left of Yoga is just poses practiced as fitness exercises.


So your investment in your "inner freedom" through these programs helps preserve Yoga in its authentic, pristine and purest form, and is a good Karma (good action).


Shanthi's late father has written 2 books on Veda, and the proceeds from their sale is donated 100% to the cause of Veda in accordance with his wishes.

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