My Experience... My Book...

Since I experienced the ancient science of YogaH (Yoga) when I was 5 years old... 

I’ve had a major portion of my life filled with joy - but there was a phase of my life when I had negative emotions preventing me from leading my highest and greatest life. 

This phase took away 2 years of my precious life, but today, I’m the most grateful for that. Honestly, it’s because of that phase that I rediscovered YogaH and since then have integrated it into every moment of my life. 

Even more so, that phase has enabled me to dedicate my life for the ancient science of YogaH and has helped me dissect and firm up exactly what it is to practice and teach authentic YogaH and lead a Yogic lifestyle for true joy in life. 

NOTE: The word Yoga is called YogaH in the original language. “H” is to be pronounced like “hu” in the word “hut”. The word YogaH means union. It means connection or joining.

You see, when I experienced these negative emotions, I didn’t become depressed. 

...I actually bounced back very strong! 

I learned from my mistakes, connected all the dots and discovered how to ensure that there is more joy and inner peace not only in MY life, but in the life of ALL Yoga-for-Happiness Academy students no matter what is happening in their life. 

However, my goal is to make the process easier for YOU. I want to take my own struggles and turn them into SUCCESS for you... 

...and that’s where the GOOD NEWS starts for you :). 

Here’s what I’ve done… 

I’ve taken all those years of failure, success, wisdom, knowledge and insight and forged them into 12 Meditation Steps in a book called – Happiness: The Key to Success.

This new book that took me 3600 hours to write is the result of the lessons that I’ve mastered through my journey… 

...but also by being blessed to have learned from some of the enlightened spiritual Gurus, some in person and some through books… 

I’m talking about Gurus like... 

• Swami Chinmayananda 

• Swami Sivananda

• Swami Vivekananda 

• Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

• Ramana Maharishi 

• Acharya Rajneesh

• Kanchi Shankaracharya

• Sai Baba

and many more including my own father, a Yogi without Yoga-poses…


There are Four Bonuses Offered for Ordering  the Books

The four book bonuses offered are:


  • A self-assessment workbook for introspection

  • Dissection of the Table of Contents with Affirmations List

  • A track from the audio “Healing Treatments for Happiness” Series (Mind-Body Relaxation)

  • Compilation of all non-English terms with their meaning

Bonus 1

Self-assessment workbook for introspection:

This bonus motivates you to take action. You are inspired to reflect, introspect and put down your thoughts. This makes the book a transformation experience rather than just a reading experience.

Bonus 2

Dissection of the Table of Contents with Affirmations List:

The books in the series have plenty of affirmations to help you take action even without Bonus 1. The affirmations are scientifically proved to make the lessons part of your own. When done with hand movements, their power becomes multi-fold.

Having 15 pages with every affirmation of every question outlined, it makes it easy to go to the specific page to seek strength, courage or solution to a specific challenge in your life. This bonus is invaluable.

Bonus 3

A track from the audio “Healing Treatments for Happiness” Series (Mind-Body Relaxation):

The book outlines 3 meditations. But because they are in the text format, it makes it difficult to be guided through them. This bonus fills that gap.

Bonus 4

Compilation of all non-English terms with their meaning:

The book series uses authentic words of Yoga in the Yogic language of Samskritam (Sanskrit). So, this bonus gives them all in one place and is a great reference and education material. 

Here’s what some of the book readers say… 

Susan Jenness

New book by Shanthi Yogini makes an amazing read. Happiness is the Key to Success. I just read through the first bit this morning, and was so ready to embrace the simplicity of such wisdom. Bless yourself today and get a copy!

Susan Jenness, Energy Healer and Yoga-Teacher
Bernadette Dimitrov aka Mrs Claus, Top 1000 Review

Loved Shanthi’s simple, easy to follow yet proud sharings on meditation as the tool to create deep happiness. Love the wisdom she shared from her father to us the readers. The book is set out in three stages which I absolutely loved because of the clarity and understanding it gives. Great easy and enjoyable read straight through. You’ll want to read it a second time to incorporate the learnings. Loved it.

Bernadette Dimitrov aka Mrs Claus, Top 1000 Review
Jackie Van Dusen

I love that it is so cleanly written, where everything is right out front and not hidden by a thousand other meaningless words. It's direct and easy to follow.

Jackie Van Dusen , CCH (certified clinical hypnotist) Acorn Cottage Empowerment
Lynda Dyer, Australia

A brilliant concept written in a practical and down to earth fashion. What a fabulous host of messages from the mind and body working together as one to the importance of being happy to achieve success and not the other way around. Great work and a great read.

Lynda Dyer, Australia

Shanthi was my Yoga teacher for a couple of years, and although I didn’t know it at the time, that experience was the beginning of a spiritual journey that continues today. Shanthi’s method for finding happiness through meditation — a twelve step process that is divided into five stages — reminds me a lot of her yoga classes.


As a new yoga student, I wanted to learn lots of poses right away, but Shanthi’s approach was to be patient, take it slow, and learn about Yoga philosophy along the way. As a reader of this book, you might feel impatient and immediately look for the meditation instructions so you can enjoy the outcome of happiness right away. But just like my Yoga class, it doesn’t work that way.


Shanthi compares learning the science of meditation to exploring the ocean. Like the ocean, meditation is vast and deep and if you want real breakthroughs, you have to be willing to reach the ocean floor. It might take a long time — even a lifetime — to go that deep, but every step you take in the right direction is progress toward happiness. Read, enjoy, and practice this and it will become an important step on your spiritual path, just as it has on mine.


Caroline Brown, Technology Writer

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What are Shanthi's books about?

Below is a reproduction of the "Introduction" from the book.


Dear Blessed and Beloved Self!

I am glad that you have answered my call to you or perhaps have answered your call to yourself and have come here eager to read the books.

Warm welcome!

I wrote this four-book series because I see that people who are constantly seeking happiness think of life to be like this:


Success -> Happiness -> Meditation -> Yoga


They think – “First I’ll do things, achieve, and become successful. Then my life will be filled with happiness. Then I’ll find time to think about spiritual activities. First I’ll start with meditation and then when I become little more flexible in my body, I can think about including Yoga for health, fitness and some relaxation.”

In fact, the opposite of that is true. Only when you are happy can you be successful. Happiness is the key to success. Success is not the key to happiness.

This is how it actually is in life:


Preparatory Stages of Yoga -> Meditation -> Happiness -> Success


What this means is to be successful in anything you do, you need to have happiness in the heart first.

Happiness that comes from within is only possible through meditation.

And meditation is only possible in the best and most effective way – if you have practiced the preparatory stages of the ancient science of Yoga.


I am crystallizing 38 years of practicing and 14 years of teaching Yoga-meditation, happiness and success into these pages, pages that can change lives; pages that will change your life.

The original #1 International Best-Selling book is now split into 4 books for easy reading.


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I look forward to connecting more deeply with you.


With Infinite Love,

Shanthi Yogini (Author)




Though you can read BOOK ONE for FREE on this website, the contents of BOOK ONE have been added here for continuity and hence it is called BOOK ONE & BOOK TWO.


Through this life-changing book, you will:


Unfold the law of success and unlock the secrets of happiness.
• Unlearn the misconceptions on meditation and unearth its definitions.
• Get inspired to take action through affirmations.




This book is continuation of BOOK ONE & BOOK TWO.

Through this life-changing book, you will:

Undertake preparatory steps for meditation through Yoga-Blueprint.
• Undo the knots of your life through guided meditation, and unwind your mind through chanting meditation.
• Get inspired to take action through affirmations.




This book is continuation of BOOK THREE. 


Through this life-changing book, you will:


Unleash the healing power of meditation through stories.
• Uncover your joy and happiness through silent and E.L.E.V.A.T.E meditation.
• Get inspired to take action through affirmations.