My Wisdom... My Small Contribution in This Book...

Since I experienced the ancient science of Yoga when I was 5 years old... 

I’ve had a major portion of my life filled with joy - but there was a phase of my life when I had negative emotions preventing me from leading my highest and greatest life. 

This phase took away 2 years of my precious life, but today, I’m the most grateful for that. Honestly, it’s because of that phase that I rediscovered Yoga and since then have integrated it into every moment of my life. 

Even more so, that phase has enabled me to dedicate my life for the ancient science of Yoga and has helped me dissect and firm up exactly what it is to practice and teach authentic Yoga and lead a Yogic lifestyle for true joy in life. 

You see, when I experienced these negative emotions, I didn’t become depressed. 

...I actually bounced back very strong! 

I learned from my mistakes, connected all the dots and discovered how to ensure that there is more joy and inner peace not only in MY life, but in the life of ALL Yoga-for-Happiness Academy students no matter what is happening in life. 

However, my goal is to make the process easier for YOU. I want to take my own struggles and turn them into SUCCESS for you... 

While I took all those years of failure, success, wisdom, knowledge and insight and forged them into 12 Meditation Steps in my first book called "Happiness: The Key to Success", in my second co-authored book "My Journey My Journal" I have contributed along with 214 other authors.

Each author has offered 75 words of wisdom from their own life experiences. Each other's inspirational thought forms 1 day of the journal. You have space to write your own thoughts each day in the journal.

I have given my 75 word inspirational thought on the power of Yoga and it appears on Day 65.

I owe this to my studies with some of the enlightened spiritual Gurus, some in person and some through books… 

I’m talking about Gurus like... 

• Swami Chinmayananda 

• Swami Sivananda

• Swami Vivekananda 

• Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

• Ramana Maharishi 

• Acharya Rajneesh

• Kanchi Shankaracharya

• Sai Baba

and many more including my own father, a Yogi without Yoga-poses. In fact, none of the above Gurus taught me Yoga-poses. 

Here’s what some of the book readers say… 

-Luis Vicente Garcia, USA

A source of inspiration for our own Journey!
"My Journey My Journal" is an excellent and practical book with inspirational insights from people who have learned what it takes to succeed in business and in life. And it allows us to write as well our own thoughts and ideas. Wonderful book for us and to give."

-Luis Vicente Garcia, USA
-Susan, USA

Read the Wisdom, Write Your Own
"This is an exceptional journal about the journey of so many self-motivated people who share with you how they have found their truth and wisdom from life experiences. Then with their insights, you are guided to write your experiences to find your truth. An excellent gift to share!"

-Susan, USA
-Mazie Martin, USA

Your personal journal with inspiring thoughts to get you writing!
"My Journey, My Journal is more than just a book, more than just nuggets of wisdom. It's an opportunity to record your thoughts and experiences as you travel life's journey. The authors provide a launchpad to get your thoughts going. Each and every one of these books will be unique once filled with the owner's words! Highly recommended."

-Mazie Martin, USA

What is "My Journey My Journal" about?

Your journal is your sacred place. Here you can capture and foster your most creative thoughts and inspired ideas. 215 of the finest minds and biggest hearts in the world of empowerment come together in this book to encourage you daily to realize your greatest vision. My Journey My Journal is an incredible wellspring for readers looking for daily support and encouragement to achieve business and personal success in today’s unpredictable world. There is so much power in the written word. Capture yours here for your personal enrichment, and share this journal with others to encourage their greatness.