Attention Busy Women, Mothers and Mothers-To-Be!

3 Keys to Unlock and Awaken Your Transforming Power as a Woman, Mom or Mom-To-Be, so that You Can Live Stress-free,  Positively Influence Your Family and Kids, and Make a Difference in the World Even if You are Super-Busy!

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Stress-free Goddess: Awaken Your Feminine and Mother Power

Dear Blessed and Divine Goddess,

  • Feel you are not living your best life?
  • Think you could be a better influence on your family?
  • Want better health for you and your family?
  • Want to live stress-free?
  • Want to awaken your divine power within?
  • Then you are in the right place...

Why did I create this training?

(In Shanthi's own words)

I am a woman and a mother. I understand the challenges of being both. Additionally, I am also a single mother. So I know what one might go through as a single mother too.

I also know what an influential role a woman could have in this world and how important it is for mothers to be a role model for their family. A father is important too. But a mother has a physical bond with a child for 9 months while carrying and right after child birth through feeding. 


So, a mother's role starts even before the child birth. She has the potential to feed the child not just through food, but also through positive emotions and thoughts. So she has greater responsibility and power.


I wanted to offer a training course specifically addressed to women and mothers as a celebration of womanhood and motherhood. I started this, years ago, but did not complete it. Finally, here it is, made available to you from May 2019, the month of Mother’s day.


A woman is naturally capable of exhibiting Godly qualities and I want to support women and mothers in enhancing these qualities. I also want to ensure that they realize the power (Shakti) within them and have a time-tested system to unlock and awaken it by staying stress-free . This program is a humble beginning in that direction.

What does the Goddess on the audio cover represent?

The Goddess reminds you that you have the power to destroy the negativity in you in the form of ill health, stress, anger, sadness etc. No matter what obstacles come in the form of demon, you have the power to emerge victorious. Are you ready to awaken that power?


How will you benefit from this audio program?

In this audio program you learn:

  • To nourish and cherish the tender qualities of a woman

  • The roadblock to expressing your infinite power

  • The real names for India and Sanskrit along with their meaning

  • To recognize the challenges of being a mother

  • Shanthi’s healing and empowerment journey

  • The Impact of a mother in a child’s life, even when the child is not yet born

  • To be free from the shackles of stress unique to a woman and specifically to a mother

  • The true meaning of holistic 

  • The impact of holistic movement (MOVES) on your body and mind

  • What Yoga REALLY means

  • The original name for Yoga and Yoga postures

  • The secret to exercising more in less time for super busy women and moms

  • A leveraged way to work on your relationships with your partner or kids

  • A practical way to calm your mind without meditating

  • To revitalize your body and mind through food

  • The science behind the impact of food on your being 

  • The unique energetic vibrations of the food items

  • The effect of sound on the mind

  • Why a list of super foods is NOT enough to make you a super woman or a super mom

  • The steps to move to an empowered way of eating (BITES) both for you and your kids 

  • How your company can empower or dis-empower you

  • 5 Top benefits of being around the right people (FRIENDS)

  • The Power of sharing and listening

  • And so much more….


Shanthi's Personal Journey ...

Shanthi & Pavitra Top 2

 Shanthi's personal journey has been one of courage, strength, empowerment and joy. In 2003, she resigned from her software profession. Since then, she has been working full time, coaching, guiding and mentoring people through ancient time-tested science and art of Yoga.  This is NOT fitness exercises in the name of "Yoga", but it is integrated Yoga in its authentic, pristine and purest form. As a 2 Minute Yoga Master, she works to liberate Yoga from being chained to mere poses. Through her "Liberate Yoga! Liberate You! Liberate the World" movement, she is training Yoga-teachers who can teach Yoga in a way so as to liberate people from all forms of limitations and unhappiness. She is the founder of “Yoga for Happiness Academy” which serves digitally, online and in person.

The Yoga practice and tradition have been passed down through generations to Shanthi. The whole tree of Yoga inclusive of Samskritam (Sanskrit), meditation, food, affirmations, values, dance, and chanting, has been her way of life since she was 5 years old.

Through the above practices,

  • She experiences inner peace, more awareness and focus
  • She has developed self-confidence and public-speaking skills.
  • She has enhanced her creativity, which has resulted in many unique training programs.
  • As her students quote, she is able to live her entire life in a spiritual way.
  • Shanthi has passion for Samskritam language and at home she converses purely in Samskritam with her daughter. Shanthi and her daughter teach conversational Samskritam to youth and adults.
  • While working in computer software, it was the wisdom presented in this training that gave her the clarity of vision and life purpose. With this new-found clarity and focus, she was inspired to transition from her software profession to sharing this wealth of wisdom with the world, thus moving from a “Something Missing” state to a fulfilled and “Feeling Complete” state.
  • Shanthi came out of a state of negative emotions and stays immersed in joy for 98% of time in a day

This course is unique, authentic, easy and practical…

Uniqueness: This is based on ancient time-tested science (E X P A N D to read more) +

Uniqueness: This is based on ancient time-tested science


  • Rather than deliver a single track of 64 minutes, it is broken down into 9 tracks for easy grasping of the subject matter.

  • You can listen to just 1 or 2 tracks at a time based on your time availability.

  • Each track has a different title, to give you an idea of the content.

  • If a particular concept is unclear to you or you simply want to listen to it again, you can easily go back to it, if you know the track number.

  • You can understand how Shanthi applied these concepts in her life and became empowered.

Authenticity: It connects you to your authentic self. (E X P A N D to read more) +

Authenticity: It connects you to your authentic self.


  • For every word used in the training, you learn the name in the Yogic language of Samskritam, the word meaning, and why it is named so.

  • We are talking of awakening the power within. This is possible only when we connect to our inner-being. The 3 keys mentioned pave way for this. 

Practicality and Ease: It is explained scientifically and in a simple way. (E X P A N D to read more) +

Practicality and Ease: It is explained scientifically and in a simple way.


  • Whatever you are doing already in life, you learn to do them more consciously. So integrating them into your daily life is easy.

  • You are not asked to do something totally new.

  • It is recommended that you take only baby steps.


Watch what Alysia has to say...

How long is the "Empowered Goddess" audio course?

The audio course is 64 minutes long and has 9 tracks.

What are the 9 tracks that form the audio course?

The 9 tracks are:


Track                  Track Name                                                Duration

Track 1 - Transforming Power of Women and Mothers  (6:53)

Track 2 - Shanthi’s Healing and Empowerment Journey (13:11)

Track 3 - How to Unlock and Awaken Your True Power (4:20)

Track 4 - 3 Keys to Unlock and Awaken Your Power (4:03)

Track 5  - Meaning of Holistic (1:38)

Track 6 - Holistic Movement to Awaken Your Power (10:14)

Track 7  - Conscious Food Choices to Awaken Your Power (8:30)

Track 8 - Supportive Company to Awaken Your Power (10:27)

Track 9 - Recap and Moving Forward to Awaken Your Power (5:06)

Total = 64 Minutes

Sample Tracks from "Empowered Goddess" Audio:

1 Minute Sample from Track 1 - Transforming Power of Women and Mothers

1 Minute Sample from Track 6 - Holistic Movement to Awaken Your Power

1 Minute Sample from Track 7 - Conscious Food Choices to Awaken Your Power


What is the investment for "Empowered Goddess" Audio Course?


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Bonus: Empowered Goddess Resource Guide

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  • Here Salient points from each track are presented with images and pictures for easy understanding.
  • The resources and action items you can take are summarized here.
  • This bonus helps you to remember everything learned in the training.
  • It motivates you to incorporate the practices in your life.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that you will be inspired to take positive action for your life after listening to the course. But if for some reason or no reason at all, you are not satisfied, please write to us or call us and let us know. We will refund your full money. No questions asked. If you are not happy, we are not happy. Of course, you can keep the audio course and the bonus, just for giving a try. 

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There are billions of people in the world.  They need someone like you to learn to be happy and to teach them how to be happy. Are you ready?


Always a wonderful experience with Shanthi! She's truly gifted in the ancient science of Yoga and as a coach. If you are looking for guidance and clarity in your life or to help others achieve the same, Yoga for Happiness Academy is an ideal starting point. Shanthi is truly a teacher of teachers.

Ron Ash
Blog Talk Radio Show Host

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