Attention Coaches, Aspiring Coaches, Yoga-Students, Yoga-Teachers, Aspiring Yoga-Teachers & Spiritual Aspirants!

Yoga-Teacher Training   The Yoga-Shaastram Way

Ancient Yoga-Shaastram in its Authentic, Pristine and Purest Form

All You Need is Just 2 Minutes of YogaH to Change Your Life Your Clients' Life Your Students' Life  

Finally, Learn Authentic "Yoga-Shaastram" You are Meant To Integrate & Teach as Simple 2-Minute Practices
NOT What Most of the Yoga-World is Misappropriating in the Name of "Yoga"

Why choose this  Yoga-Teacher Training?

Tree Vs a Branch

Here, you learn the entire TREE of Yoga-Shaastram (Science) vs a single branch called Yoga-Poses branded as mere fitness exercises.

Become an authentic Yoga-Teacher vs a mere Yoga-Instructor!

Lifestyle Vs Activity

Here, you learn Yoga-Shaastram as a way of life to be integrated into your day to address all concerns and goals in life and NOT as an activity.

Heal Yourself and guide your students in their healing!

Connect East & West

Here, you learauthentic wisdom of the East adapted to the busy life of the West as simple 2-Minute practices, but without diluting it.

Retain the authenticity while simplifying your teaching!

Want to Heal and Help Heal Others?

Be All in One

Be an Educator, Scientist, Leader, Coach, Life-Teacher and an Authentic Yoga-Teacher!

Live your life as a deep spiritual journey!

Be The Chosen One

Be one of the chosen 1000 truth seekers  who are being trained within the next 5 years!

Become a true leader and guide others!

Be The Powerful One

With just 100 students in your class, 1000 of you can transform 100,000 students in a year.  

Help people enhance their happiness in 2-Yoga-Minutes!

Can there be a greater service than this?

Join us! Let us do it together, leading and teaching people how to live their greatest possible life through Yoga-Shaastram (Authentic Yogic Lifestyle) ...

Who is this Yoga-Teacher Training NOT for?

(This isn’t Your Typical Yoga-Teacher Training )

It is NOT for those looking to learn and teach Yoga-poses ONLY.
It is NOT for those who do not want to learn Yoga-Shaastram as a way of life for true freedom and happiness.
It is NOT for those who disassociate Yoga-Shaastram from Bhaaratam meaning India (There is NO way to understand Yogic wisdom WITHOUT understanding the wisdom of Bhaaratam.
It is NOT for those who are looking to have a 200 or 300 hour Yoga-teacher certification approved by Yoga Alliance. (We do not approve of what Yoga Alliance is doing to the ancient Yoga-Shaastram and particularly to Yoga-Teacher certification process.)

Who is this Yoga-Teacher Training for?

This Yoga-Teacher Training is for:

Service-minded leaders who want to preserve  Yoga-Shaastram in its authentic, pristine and pure form, and share it with the world
Motivational and Conference Speakers who want to  impact their audience in just 2 minutes
Life Coaches and Counselors who want to  teach simple practices to their clients in just 2 minutes
Yoga-students eager to learn Yoga-Shaastram as a science and a way of life for true freedom and happiness
Yoga-students eager to become authentic Yoga-Teachers and NOT mere Yoga-Instructors
Current Yoga-teachers who understand the negative action of not passing on to the future generation authentic Yoga-Shaastram, and are eager now to share it
Holistic practitioners desiring to expand their wisdom and teaching and offer more to their clients
Evolving souls desiring to live on a higher plane of consciousness and prepare for Self-Realization
Seekers of ancient wisdom looking for a Yoga-Master from Bhaaratam (India) to learn from

Inviting You to the

Authentic Yoga-Teacher Training Program

Here's What You'll Get:

Weekly Video Training
Monthly Online Training
Transformation Tracker Assignments
Private Community
In-Person Retreat with Food & Stay
Lifetime Access to Silver Membership
Lifetime Access to Gold Membership
Lifetime Access to Diamond Membership
And Much More...

$75,000 Value, available for...

Just a fraction of the cost Today

Be a Founding Member!

Be a "Founding Member" and get additional bonuses:

1.  Participation in online Q&A calls for years after you complete the training 

2. Opportunity to join as a lead coach and teaching faculty after completion of the training

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