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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

Dear Blessed and Divine Self,

Namaste! Thank you for stopping by! Even though we have put a LOT of information about the Authentic Yoga-Training and Teacher Training, we understand that you may still have questions.

If you don't find the answer to your questions here, you may email to us at We'll answer you and add that question to this page. Thus by asking questions, you are helping others too.

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I am interested in ONLY Yoga-poses. Is your Yoga-Training or Teacher Training program a good fit for me?

NO! You should find a different Yoga-Training or Teacher Training program for you.

Though we cover a lot of physical movement that is not the only aspect we cover. We train our teacher trainees so that they can become authentic Yoga-Teachers with a solid understanding of Yoga-Shaastram (Yoga-Science).

I live far away from you. Can I still do your Yoga-Training or Teacher Training program?

YES! It is mostly a digital and online program. It is only after you complete all the modules that you have to attend the in-person training for 8 days. You can choose when you want to do the training. Your meals and stay are covered. You have to just reach the training center wherever it is, which we don’t know now. If you are just looking to deepen your Yoga-practice and grow spiritually through the digital-only training, then there is no requirement to sign up for the in-person retreat unless you want to.

I work full time. How much time do I have to dedicate for the Yoga-Teacher Training program?.

You will need around 30 minutes to watch the weekly video lessons once;  Since there are many lessons with 5 to 10 minutes of videos in a week, you switch between many sub-topics under a main topic. You may need additional 30 minutes to an hour if you need to pause the videos at places for note-taking; A maximum of 1 hour to do Transformation Tracker assignments.

Additionally, once a month there is a Question-Answer call. You may choose to attend this or listen to the recording later.

Remember that there is NO rush whatsoever for you to finish watching the videos within a time frame. They are available to you for life. You can always work around your schedule. You can dedicate as much time as you are able to.

I want to do the entire training with Shanthi, but only in person. What should I do?

Thanks for your interest in training with Shanthi !

We have done completely in-person training in the past and we WILL do in the future. You are still getting 8 full days of in-person training with Shanthi, living with her during the retreat. Most in-person Yoga-Teacher certification programs only offer 16 days of training and they are not full days. You may be meeting from 9 am to 5 pm.

We have found that you can get the best training by learning many topics digitally and then discussing them through private forum, monthly Q&A session and then in-person. So you are getting more NOT less than other programs out there in terms of time.

I have no Yoga-experience at all. Can I still become a Yoga-teacher?

Absolutely! You learn everything from the basics in this program. So no need to worry! All you need is tremendous commitment to learn and pass on authentic Yoga-Science. In fact, if you have no prior experience, it is better, because you have less things to unlearn and re-learn.

I don’t feel comfortable learning Yoga-Shaastram from Shanthi since I am culturally very different. Also, I believe that I can learn YogaH which is universal without connecting it to Bhaaratam (India). Will I fit into your training?

NO! You can’t if that is how you are thinking about Yoga-Shaastram.

Yoga-Shaastram is a science of how to live. There is NO way to understand Yogic lifestyle WITHOUT understanding the lifestyle of Bhaaratam-India. The best way to understand the connection between the two is to learn from someone who has been raised in Bhaaratam and who has mastered Yoga-Science. So, Shanthi is the best person to learn from though you are culturally different from her.

We hope you will reconsider your decision.

I don’t believe in digitally getting trained to be a Yoga-Teacher. Is it not necessary to learn everything in person?

NOT NECESSARY! Getting TRAINED DIGITALLY is not a problem. It is a good thing for several reasons.

Why is your course so expensive? I have seen people offer teacher training courses for $2800, $ 3200 etc.

(1) When it comes to Yoga-Science, cost should not be such a big consideration. The real consideration should be, whether you are getting the correct knowledge of Yoga-Science presented in a simple and practical way without using complicated theory from Yoga-texts and using jargon that goes over the head.

It is too common in the modern days to find Yoga-training offered by those who have half knowledge or quarter knowledge on Yoga-Shaastram.

For example, they may teach you as if Yoga-Science means Yoga-poses. Even if they mention that there are many aspects, they don’t teach you in a way that you REALLY understand that ALL aspects are important in Yoga-Science.

The reason is clear. They DON’T practice all aspects of Yoga-Shaastram, and hence they don’t have much knowledge to teach those.

Another example is, some trainers may teach you that Yoga-Science has nothing to do with Bhaaratam (India). That is incorrect. If you cut off Bhaaratam from Yoga-Shaastram, then all that remains is mere fitness which is what they practice and teach.

Rather than teach Yoga-Science the way it is, as a science, they are bringing in their personal likes and dislikes and interpreting Yoga-Science as they feel like. They use phrases like "I don't believe", "I don't think", "I feel" etc. This is their belief system. This is NOT science.

So learning from such programs may work out cheaper financially, but may cost you heavily in terms of knowledge, credibility, purity, authenticity, your inner flowering, your openness, and your ability to grasp this ancient science and teach it properly.

To understand Yoga-Shaastram in any other way than its original is negative Karma (negative action).

Most of the teacher-trainers ARE NOT from Bhaaratam. You may wonder if that REALLY MATTERS. If you want to teach Yoga-Science as fitness it does not matter. But if you want to teach Yoga-Science as a way of life of which poses form only a part, then it makes ALL the difference.

There are other reasons too:

(2) Other training programs may be purely in-person, purely digital, or purely online NOT including stay or meals. This training program is a combination of digital, online, and in-person, with meals and stay covered.

(3) We have a strict assignment policy. We take the time to go over your assignments and give feedback and corrections as required. They are basically your transformation trackers.

(4) We invest a LOT of time in ensuring that you understand, practice, and teach Yoga-Shaastram correctly.

(5) We take time to watch your practice-teach videos, pause for notetaking and give you feedback to improve your teaching.

(6) We support you way after the teacher training is over.

(7) We have 3 membership levels before the teacher training program. You get lifetime access to them. Our Silver membership is on healing and being balanced. This helps in your transformation. The diamond level includes weekly audits amidst many things which help you in tackling life situations using Yogic lifestyle.


If quality matters to you, then join us and learn Yoga-Science in its authentic, pristine and purest form. It is good Karma (good action) to preserve and pass on Yoga-Shaastram correctly.

If frugality matters to you, then there are many other Yoga-Teacher training programs out there.

We hope you would give serious thought to this and join us. By being part of our program, you strengthen our stand which is two-fold:  

1. To Stop Misappropriation of Ancient Yoga-Science Diluted as Mere Physical Practice & Inauthentic Yoga-Branding. 

2. To Reclaim its Authenticity as a Science of How to Live through Revolutionary Modern Movement namely “2-Yoga-Minutes to Happiness” 

Think of the good you will do to Yoga-Shaastram, you, and to the future generations.

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