Yoga-Teacher Training   The Yoga-Shaastram Way

Ancient Yoga-Shaastram in its Authentic, Pristine and Purest Form

All You Need is Just 2 Minutes of YogaH to Change Your Life Your Clients' Life Your Students' Life  


NOT Your Typical Teacher Training Program ...

This Yoga-Teacher Training program is authentic. So it does not seek any sort of approval by the self-proclaimed governing body in the US. 
This Yoga-Teacher Training program is science and lifestyle based. It retains the authenticity by not prefixing the word "Yoga" with some other word or phrase, and is completely against branding of this science. Science cannot be branded.  Modern branded versions tend to differentiate themselves SOLELY based on modifying the Yoga-postures
This Yoga-Teacher Training program does not encourage use of Samskrtam (Sanskrit) terms if they can't be pronounced right as it focuses on the science of vibrations which is completely ignored in typical programs.
This Yoga-Teacher Training program enables you to learn “Yoga-Science” as given by enlightened masters thousands of years back. Other branded versions have only come up in the last 100 years.
This Yoga-Teacher Training program is NOT about developing flexibility in doing complicated postures as a proof of advanced Yoga-training.
This Yoga-Teacher Training program does NOT require any prior knowledge or practice of Yoga-Science. It is even better if you have no prior training  as you will have less things to unlearn and relearn.

Some of the Program Delivery Highlights

Multi-Media Training  

You learn through DIGITAL Videos, Transformation Tracker Questions, ONLINE training and Q&A, Community, and IN-PERSON Retreat.

Your Own Space and Pace

Most of the training is in your own space at your own pace with no rush or hurry to finish within a certain period of time. In-person retreat comes only at the last.

Module-Based Training

There are 8 modules focused on all aspects of Yoga-Shaastram to guide you in living your highest life with  happiness, and the 9th module to learn to teach the same to others. 

Some of the Program Syllabus Highlights

The topics on which typical Yoga-Teacher Training Programs talk on a surface level,  are covered in great detail for application in REAL life. Thus you LIVE Yoga-Shasstram in life and NOT just DO "Yoga".

Application to Life  

Every practice is studied with associated Yoga-Philosophy and its practical application in life. You go beyond the minimally taught or often allocated as self-study in other programs 

Well Balanced

Yoga-techniques of: Foundations, Attitudes, Ancient Values, Yoga-poses, PraanaayaamaH, Mind Mastery, Meditation and Samskrtam are studied with equal importance.

Yogic Eating & Cooking

Yogic eating and cooking are scientifically analysed and discussed. You learn to cook simple meals. These are rarely mentioned in typical training programs.

 Other Typical Programs Vs This Program

Below is a sample list of what trainees in most other teacher training programs may learn versus what you learn in our program:

Typical Yoga-Teacher Training Programs

Here's what they may do

Their training may make them a fitness instructor in the name of Yoga.
They may learn to create a sequence with some poses for each class. 
They may offer “copy the instructor” kind of class for drop-in students.
They may keep their students dependent on them for profits.
They rarely are asked to make lifestyle changes of habits, food and thinking. 
Their assignments may test their skills in creating a posture-focused class.
They mostly learn a single branch of Yoga-Shaastram, Yoga-Poses branded and instructed as physical movement.
They mostly learn a branded version of Yoga-Poses in the name of "Yoga" which in many respects is "non-Yoga".
They mostly learn Yoga-Science as an activity done once a day or few times a week. 
They mostly learn only one or two tools of Yoga-Science. 
And the list goes on…

Authentic Yoga-Teacher Training Program

Here's what you do

You get a strong foundation to make you an authentic Yoga-Teacher.
You learn to create a syllabus-based training for your students.
You prepare your committed students for a confident home-practice.
You learn to truly serve by making your students independent.
You make a lifestyle change which is a prerequisite for any Yoga-teacher.
Your assignments test implementation of your learning in personal life.
You learn the entire tree of Yoga-Shaastram as a science for seeking truth and for Self-Realization.
You learn authentic wisdom of the East adapted to the busy lifestyle of the West as simple 2-Minute practices.
Here, you learn Yoga-Science as a way of life to be integrated into your day to address all concerns and goals in life.
Here, you learn Yoga-Science as a tool box with many tools for your life. 
And the list goes on…

Why Receive Training from Shanthi?

Shanthi & Ancestors  

Her ancestors have ALL been teachers of Yoga-Shaastram, living a Yoga-way of life. She lives and breathes Yoga-Science, but offers it as simple 2-Minute practices.

Shanthi & Yoga-Texts

She studies Yoga-texts in the Yogic language of Samskrtam and NOT merely through translations, as she has studied Samskrtam for years and it is her home language.

Shanthi & Simplicity

 Though fundamentals are taught, authenticity is adhered to and thoroughness is emphasized, every practice and concept is practical. Simplicity is the core of her teaching.

Unique Method of Learning Yoga-Postures

Starting position for Sitting Postures

Starting position for Sitting Postures 

2-Minute Yoga-Poses

Every Yoga-pose is learned and practiced as an independent unit with a definite starting and ending position, the way it is meant to be. It is not done as a sequence or a flow. This makes it practical to benefit from a pose in even 1 or 2 minutes of time.

8-Step Method 

Every pose is learned using an "8-Step Method" for thorough understanding and correct teaching, as the goal is to make your students independent and confident when you teach even for a few hours. A pose is a Saadhanaa, not a fitness exercise.

Multi-Plane Benefits

The benefit of every pose is presented at physical, therapeutic, mental, intellectual, social and spiritual planes. This helps to practice a pose for a specific life situation.


Every posture is learned with an affirmation that describes a benefit in order to get the best out of the posture. This brings attitudinal change in a person.

Inviting You to the

Authentic Yoga-Teacher Training Program

Here's What You'll Get:

Weekly Video Training
Monthly Online Training
Transformation Tracker Assignments
Private Community
In-Person Retreat with Food & Stay
Lifetime Access to Silver Membership
Lifetime Access to Gold Membership
Lifetime Access to Diamond Membership
And Much More...

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Be a "Founding Member" and get additional bonuses:

1.  Participation in online Q&A calls for years after you complete the training 

2. Opportunity to join as a lead coach and teaching faculty after completion of the training

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