Vitality, Radiance and Youthfulness:  Ancient Practices for Modern Times

With  Shanthi Joyful Yogini

Two options to choose from:

1. Sunday November 17, 2013  11 AM – 1 PM  Johnston, RI   (2 hours)

2. Saturday November 30, 2013  11 AM – 1:45 PM  Pawtucket, RI (2 hours 45 Minutes)


This workshop addresses the innate desire in all humans to stay youthful and radiant no matter what their physical age. This integrated session of Yoga poses and exercises engage important physical strengths and mental qualities needed to create vitality and radiance in the modern, busy and stressful life.

Flexibility, confidence, and joy are hallmarks of Youthfulness.  Outer beauty and radiance depend on having a fit and toned body. Flexibility allows for an erect spine, which supports vitality.

In this workshop we will explore postures designed to slim the waistline, activate the liver for cleansing, and remove extra fat from the stomach, thighs and legs. We will move the spine in several directions.

We will discuss what Nature teaches us about life. This increases your ability to see and affirm beauty in the natural world, which in turn releases your inner beauty.

This workshop presents a unique alchemy of yoga Asana, Dance Mudraa, Story and Higher Wisdom. Learn to explore choreography as an artful way to practice Yoga and connect to Nature and the universe. A touch of Indian dance in the final poses helps express your latent inner grace and joy. No prior yoga experience is required. All are welcome.


BONUS 1: You get Educational credits for the hours you attend. 

BONUS 2: You have the option to get access to the digital training of the practices in this workshop, to support a continuing exploration of this yoga-based practice in the comfort of your own home. It is rare that I can make available such an option to the participants.


To register for the 2 hour workshop in Johnston on Nov 17 click here


To register for the 2.75 hour workshop in Pawtucket on Nov 30 click here