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 Yoga-Poses Held as Dance Poses with a Story Connecting Them ALL

Julia Fryer

I chose the YogaLaasyam program as my personal introduction to Yoga and I have found it meaningful, giving me a sense of direction. The program feels good and gives me opportunities to learn Yoga with a sense of understanding. My favorite surprise is how much of fun it is. It is good for my growth and has become a part of my day.

 I chose this dance style of Yoga because I was intrigued by the Mudras (hand gestures), as I had a bad break in my left wrist area last year. I was very interested in dance as well as symbology. Shanthi’s program starts in a way I can follow without hurting myself because she emphasizes on respecting your body. The program never makes me feel rushed to push myself through something I’m not ready for, but has a nice, smooth progression that matches the relaxing and meditational tone of the teachings. I can feel each Mudra stretch some muscles of my hand while working others. The shikara mudra feels especially good on my thumbs, which have some arthritis from my job.

I wanted to learn Yoga ONLY from someone who had the whole story (not just the poses, but the wisdom and science). Shanthi was my natural choice as she is dedicated to sharing the ancient wisdom of Yoga in its authentic form. Shanthi’s teaching style is so natural that I feel like a child who is learning through play. Thank you, Shanthi!

Julia Fryer

I liked your presentation of Yoga & Dance and how it culminates in Advaita (non-duality).

Shanthi, I liked your presentation about Yoga and Dance and how it Culminates into the Realization of Advaita, the Ultimate State of Vedantic Experience. Dance…gets one to LIVE right in the PRESENT MOMENT, forgetting the past and the future…the feeling of unification of all parts of our personality, at the individual and the universal level. That was AMAZING!

Swami Yogatmananda, Vedanta Center, Providence, RI, USA

Shanthi's teaching style is like you are having a private class

Joan picThis program is just excellent. Shanthi explains the poses so clearly and precisely, that it is like you are having a private class. She shows the correct pose along with the common corrections, that students new to the work may need. The camera work on the videos is well done. Lots of love and care went into making this program ~ a delight to study,learn and grow. Shanthi, I am so grateful for you sharing this authentic program with us !  I love this YogaLaasyam  (yoga/dance/story) program!

Joan Novack, RN and Ayurvedic Practitioner (student), Massachusetts, USA


I saw her making a COMPLEX thing so very SIMPLE

I’m NOT a person who is practicing Yoga, but it fascinated me. I saw her (Shanthi) making a COMPLEX thing so very SIMPLE. I see it being of use to people who want to improve their flexibility, who have other medical problems…develop better range of motion and strengthen themselves. I can see a tremendous Body-Mind-Spirit connection.

Dr. Yajnaraman (Cardiologist), NJ, USA

I like her connection with nature and the universe 

Shanthi’s presentation of YogaLaasyam (HappyMoves) is very APPEALING to me. I like her connection with nature and the universe. Her explanation for every posture and Mudra (Hand Gesture) is VERY DIFFERENT from what I have heard. I RECOMMEND everyone to have a look at this.

 Vijayalakshmi, New Jersey, USA 

Shanthi’s Notion of Dance as Yoga Helps Victims of Child Abuse

For many years, I was wondering what could be…the REMEDY FOR CHILDREN who have been VICTIMS OF CHILD ABUSE…traumatized in their childhood, who SUFFER FROM COGNITIVE DEFICIENCIES: like low learning, low self-esteem, lack of attention, lack of concentration, and arrested learning process. I FOUND SHANTHI’S NOTION OF DANCE AS YOGA BENEFICIAL. These children experience a disintegration of their Mind, Body, and Soul. It requires a connective source, connective dynamism, and a connective device that somehow connects…their body, mind, and soul. The dance Shanthi talks about is very useful because it engages the scattered body movements…gives it an orientation with the mind.

Dilip (Research scholar from University of Delhi), India

What Appeals to Me is The Touch of Art

Shanthi’s demo of Brahma Gayatri Asanam (YogaLaasyam)  is a UNIQUE METHOD, where she has COMBINED ART WITH YOGA and explaining…in the FORM OF A STORY. You can get a lot out of it physically, mentally, and also spiritually. What APPEALS to me is the touch of ART, the way she presents it.

Shamantha, New Jersey, USA

Her Teaching Style is UNIQUE…

I’ve been doing Yoga for the last 10 years. Her teaching style is UNIQUE… The background introduction…and the substance Shanthi has given to each posture, conveyed to me the simplicity, and ease of doing it and why we have to do it. Her message gives…PHYSICAL THERAPY, and MENTAL PEACE, AND HELPS ALL SPHERES OF LIFE. Shanthi’s method appeals to the heart!

Suresh, NJ, USA

One can tell that you truly care about those you touch

“I just purchased your video training.  I like your presence and you make people feel inclusive no matter where they are starting from. I find the yoga communities are trendy and clickish. So I look for teachings on the web. I am very happy to have found yours. You make good points and one can tell that you truly care about those you touch. Thank you!”

BA, Business owner, Dallas, Texas, USA

Everyone had an illuminating experience with Shanthi

Everyone who participated in the Yoga Dance workshop with Shanthi had an ILLUMINATING EXPERIENCE where it took them to experience Yoga in a new and different way.  What Shanthi is onto, in bringing Yoga and the beautiful Indian dance together, is something VERY, VERY SPECIAL. I encourage you to learn about it and experience it for yourself.  

 Bobby, Proprietor, Heart Spot Yoga Studio, RI, USA 

I learned why we hold the posture, something not taught in other classes

Deb, Yoga Student, Rhode Island, USA


The total value of the YogaLaasyam Home Study course  

which includes ALL the 4 Courses: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and the Combined  is


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Turn on any video, move to any point in the video and watch it just for 3 minutes; put in any Cd and listen to it for 3 minutes; open any workbook to any page and if in 3 minutes you are not already convinced that, you have gotten your money’s worth in what you have seen, then go ahead and return it right away.

Otherwise put the material to test for 30 days and see for yourself if you can begin to notice the difference in yourself.

If you are not happy for any reason or No reason at all, we’ll refund your money back. No questions asked. So you risk nothing at all.



Most Typical Fitness Programs


  • Not require you to be present in a class at a specific time and place
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Provide comprehensive understanding of Yoga though Poses
  • Have videos of poses and techniques for repeated practice
  • An experience of practicing outdoors no matter where you are doing it
  • Have wide range of individual practices from 2 minutes to 1 hour
  • Like-minded group support 24×7 through private forum
  • Opportunity to have accountability partners from a private forum
  • Coaching and mentoring through a private forum
  • Coaching and mentoring through a group call
  • Complete exercise to all the finger joints due to use of Mudras
  • Publicly committing to do something for your body & Self
  • MP3 to practice anywhere
  • Blend Dance, Story and Nature with Yoga
  • Guide books with benefits, subtle points and limitations of practices
  • Money back guarantee
  • Improve your confidence in practicing poses on your own
  • Save hours of class time from your life (Use it for family & hobbies)
  • Study in private & save thousands by learning in your own time
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Yes, Shanthi ! I am ready to invest in myself!

I am ready to:

  • Improve my confidence in practicing poses on my own
  • Save hours of class time out of my life which could be used for my family or other pursuits.
  • Study in private & save thousands by learning in my own time
  • I want to download the MP3 tracks to take with me on my iPhone / iPAD or other MP3 device
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  • Find out how easy it is to learn from this home-study course

My happiness is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I know that I will be getting  all of these below as part of this training.


Though the total course value is  $2097

My investment for this training Today is only $297 


I know that I have the option to either invest in just the Beginner Course or in YogaLaasyam PLUS which includes 1 hour of private training also.

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YogaLaasyam (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Combined)

YogaLaasyam PLUS (YogaLaasyam with Private Training)

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  • Course materials common to all the courses
  • Private Forum
  • Group Coaching Call
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  • Course materials for the Intermediate course
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