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Finally, Syllabus-Based "Authentic Yoga-Science"  You are Meant To Practice , NOT What Most of  the Yoga-World is Misappropriating in the Name of "Yoga". A Confident and Independent 2-Minute Home Practice in a Matter of Hours!

Ancient Yoga-Shaastram in its Authentic, Pristine and Purest Form

Dear Blessed and Magnificent Self,

Here is the story of Jessica and Janet.....

Jessica and Janet are friends.

Jessica had been going to regular Yoga-studios for 2 years. She tried a variety of classes all across the city. She traveled a lot to experience them all and in the process spent a LOT of money. She practiced many different poses, yet did not know any of them in depth.

So it was hard for her to develop a home practice. Even when she practiced at home, she was never confident about doing it right.

On the other hand, Janet attended a 8-Hour Yoga-training with Shanthi Yogini. She learned the fundamentals of the Ancient Yoga-Science and its goal as given by the enlightened Masters. Her practices went beyond Yoga-poses. She learned powerful techniques to practice at home, even if she had only a few minutes. With this preparation, her meditation practice improved. She transformed into a new being...

When Jessica found out about this, she also signed up for the program.

Do you also want to experience the transformation of Janet? Then read on…

The secret to a healthy body and an active mind.

The secret is, that the time you allocate to work on yourself should be used to simultaneously work on the body as well as the mind.

While every new technique out in the market makes tall promises, and it’s hard to know who or what is really the best for you, the power here is, this is not new. It may be new to you, but it has been TIME-TESTED for thousands of years using ancient wisdom adapted to modern times. That is why “Yoga-Science Crash-Course” is going to be the last training program you need for a sustained home Yoga-practice for the rest of your life. With the thorough guidance you’ll receive in the training, and the training guide that you’ll receive as bonus, you can easily integrate the practices learned, in your daily life. 

What This Is NOT... (This Is NOT Your Typical,

One-size-fits-all, Unsafe "Yoga-Class”)

It is NOT a Yoga-class filled with posture after posture with NO time for detailed explanation.
It is NOT the typical “Copy the Instructor” kind of Yoga-class.
It is NOT the typical class where you never understand why you are doing what you are doing.
It is NOT a Yoga-class that focuses on the quantity of movements rather than the quality.
It is NOT a Yoga-class that DOES NOT take into consideration your medical condition or physical limitations.
It is NOT a Yoga-class that DOES NOT care to mention safety precautions, and completely ignores mentioning the potential dangers involved in the incorrect use of something as powerful as Yoga-Science.
It is NOT just a fitness program in the name of "Yoga".

Here is What This is Really About...

It is a mind-body training.
It is a training wherein every possible mistake you might make while doing the poses, and how it should be correctly done are learned  so that you have confidence to practice on your own.
It is a training wherein subtle points and tips that help you do postures easily and go deeply into them are learned.
It is a syllabus-based training, where the lesson progresses hour by hour, minute by minute.
It is a training that goes beyond Yoga-poses and covers Yoga-foundations, meditation, life-force mastery techniques, deep relaxation, life style, chant and other aspects of the ancient Yoga-Science.
It is a training in which you not only gain the confidence to do the practices independently, but also safely, without being dependent on a teacher or a class, which you may NOT receive even after going many times to a typical class.
It is a training wherein you learn practices with benefits and application in daily life.

It is a training wherein you have opportunity to ask questions for deeper understanding and clarity.

It is a training wherein you learn the complete blueprint for lasting happiness.
It is a training wherein you learn how to attain the real goal of Yoga-Science, namely union within you and with the rest of the universe.

Outcome from practicing Yoga-Science...

While the main goal of practicing Yoga is union within and with the existence, below are some side benefits...

Regulates Thyroid Glands  

The entire body begins to work well. It helps with menstrual problems. It shapes the body, adds glow to the skin, and helps stay youthful. 

Improves Patience and Reduces Anger

Slowing down breath in every movement develops patience. It stops you from reacting to situations, allows you to pause, and think how to respond

Reduces Depression & Increases Happiness

You appreciate nature. You realize your role in the world.  The more you connect to your inner being,the more you experience the joy within

Improves Attention  

Focusing on the incoming and outgoing breath as you move  improves attention. It benefits those with A.D.D.

Brain Function

Balances the right brain and the left brain while moving the body. It is a blessing if you sit and work most of the day.

Creativity & Expression 

You learn to connect to your inner being and to be in the moment. This allows your creative juices to flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the "+" sign on the right of each question to read the answer.

How does Yoga-Science Crash-Course work?

Make an investment for 4 hours.

Choose a day suitable for you and Shanthi. Be prepared to learn in person or via zoom.

Since the training is designed in a way for you to develop skills for an independent practice of Yoga-Science in a matter of few hours, it is called Yoga-Science Crash-Course

If I learn just for 4 hours in a single day, how will I remember everything after the training?

1. You will receive the training manual for all the exercises, poses and life-force mastery techniques learned. This will have pictures, procedure to do the practices, affirmations, benefits, and limitations. With this, an independent and confident practice is possible.

 2.  You will receive the user manual with DOs and DON'Ts for safety and for maximum benefits.

 3.  You have the option to invest and get videos and audios of everything learned for practicing along. This is totally optional and you can practice even with just the training guide you receive as part of the training.

Won't it be too much to do the training for 4 hours?

No! It will not be too much, because, we are NOT doing a workout session here. We are going to learn the practices thoroughly which involves, demonstration, explanation, discussion and Q&A for each practice. Additionally, Yoga-practices are done slowly without exertion.

Why should I spend 4 hours in one day with Shanthi when I can attend many Yoga classes in a studio for less price?

You will want to do it, because, we do a syllabus-based training in those 4 hours. We train you for a confident, independent and real-world-ready Yoga-practice at home without relying on anyone else. We also give you detailed handouts to help in your home practice.

That is why, our training costs more.

Contrary to this, if you attend many Yoga-classes in a studio, you may get many copy-the-instructor classes which do not give you confidence for an independent practice. You become dependent on the person instructing you in such sessions.

Those classes may be inexpensive. What you save in each hour of class, you will make up by going to several classes, yet not understanding the fundamentals of the Yoga-Science. Even if you attend 40 such classes, you may not become confident and independent in your practice.

What do you really want? To have the satisfaction of going to many classes and doing workout OR learning from the fundamentals and gaining confidence for application in daily life?

What is the investment for Yoga-Crash-Course?

4 Hours of Training = $895
(You can bring 3 friends along and make it a group training)


Bonus 1: Yoga-for-Happiness Training Guide ($197 value)

This bonus helps you remember everything learned in the training.

It motivates you to incorporate the practices in your life.

It stops you from giving excuses for not practicing.

It helps you to feel confident in your practices.

It ensures that you are doing the practices correctly.

Bonus 2: USER MANUAL - DOs & DON'Ts For Yoga-Practice ($97 value)

This bonus addresses your safety. This is something rarely addressed in typical Posture classes.

You learn the best time and place to do your practice.

You learn the best food to eat before practice.

You learn the best way to do a Yoga-practice

In all, you learn the precautions before and during practice

This course is unique, authentic, easy and practical…

Uniqueness: It is not your typical kind.

You practice affirmations with every pose for maximum benefits.

You do the posture as Yogic exercise first before holding it.

Every practice is taught mentioning physical, mental, intellectual, social, as well as spiritual benefits.

There is a variety with: warm-up exercises, breathing exercises, Yoga postures, meditation, lifestyle and proper breathing techniques.

Your understanding and experience progresses in every hour of the training.

Authenticity: No compromise is made on retaining the essence of Yoga-Science.

Every movement is done synchronizing it with the in-breath or out-breath. It is completely authentic.

The practice is NOT just exercises. The session begins with guided meditation, and ends with guided deep relaxation. You also relax between postures.

For every practice, you learn the name in the Yogic language of Samskrtam, the word meaning, and why it is named so.

Since YogaH means “Union” with everything and everyone around, an authentic practice must provide the condition for realizing this. This training emphasizes this universal connection.

You are made to observe and share the effect in your body while learning the practices.

You get the basic understanding of Yoga-Science.

To encourage reverence for all things around which will ultimately lead to oneness, thoughts on what nature teaches us is shared as relevant to the context, making it totally educational.

Ease: It is not just “Copy the Instructor” kind of training.

You learn variations of a practice so that you can do to the extent you can.

Every practice is taught as an individual unit of 1 or 2 minutes, and repeated at least 2 times over the training so that you can remember it.

 You are taught the fundamentals in every practice so that you never get confused.

Practicality: Integration into daily life

Learning how to do an hour long Yoga-practice does not make it practical, because, in the busy life these days, it may be hard to get an hour at a stretch to invest in yourself.

So this training teaches you how to snatch 1 or 2 minutes to invest in yourself.

You learn how to integrate every practice into your busy life

In case your body does not allow you to do physical movements on a certain day, or you have less time, you can still do some practice depending on how much time you have.

Since every posture is an independent unit, you can choose any posture and do it on your own any time.

You can appreciate and practice on your own only if your understanding is thorough. The training is structured to make it possible. Just by looking at the several bullet points above, you can understand the thoroughness of the training.

You learn the general Do’s and Don’ts before and during practice for your own safety.

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