Do you want to cut down the learning curve to lead your best life?


 Do you want to make quick progress towards your wellness goals?


Do you want to eliminate the frustration of having to figure out everything on your own?


Do you want a short-cut to live in your highest potential to better serve the world?


Are you seeking some hand-holding so that you know you can’t fail?


Then Shanthi will offer customized Mind-Body Training, coaching and mentoring so you can move to your next step, the next step and the next step until you feel confident to apply the practices in your life.


Your challenges are unique! Your dreams are unique! Your path has to be unique!


If you are ready to get started, then read further.... 


(Sorry! No group classes are offered in my center, unless you bring your own group or you want to celebrate an India Theme’d Birthday Party).

Some points to know in getting coached and trained with me:


(1) I don't teach fitness oriented Yoga poses

(2) I don't teach just 1 branch of the tree namely Yoga Poses (Yoga-Aasana)

(3) I teach the entire tree of Yoga 

(4) I address your ENTIRE LIFE, not just back ache or leg pain or stress

(5) I teach the Time-Tested Yoga of Ancient India

(6) I teach both in-person and over Skype

(7) I offer many options: half-a-day or full day VIP days, or 60 day and 90 day programs


If you are ready, write to or call 401-305-5265