YogaSaaram First Lessons

3 Sample Videos from the Course

Learning Yoga in such a way that you never have to  re-learn it ever again, and begin to lead a more Conscious & Empowered Life...


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Sample 1 from "YogaSaaram First Lessons" Home Study Course

This is a 2 minute extract from a 5 minute video titled


"What drives us in life and how does Yoga help in that?"


This video helps you to understand the fundamentals and role of Yoga in life.


Sample 2 from "YogaSaaram First Lessons" Home Study Course

This is a 2 minute extract from a 5 minute video titled


"Bhuu Namaskaara Aasanam - Silent & Verbal Demo"


This video helps you to understand how to do the specific Yoga posture correctly. It is one of the 4 videos associated with the posture.


Sample 3 from "YogaSaaram First Lessons" Home Study Course

This is a 1.5 minute extract from a 2 minute video titled


"Sulabha Vakra Aasanam - Practice"


This video is the last of the 5 videos associated with this posture, and forms part of the 13 minute practice. 


I learned why we hold the posture, something not taught in other classes

Deb, Yoga Student, Rhode Island, USA


Some Questions & Clarifications....

  • q-iconIs it possible to ACTUALLY learn Yoga in just 1 Hour? Don't we need to learn for months and years?

    If you use a syllabus-based curriculum, even 1 Hour is sufficient to begin some independent practice in Yoga. This is edited 1 hour video. So, the actual class time was longer than 1 hour.
    If you watch “Copy-the-Instructor” kind of Yoga DVDs, 1 hour is definitely NOT sufficient to LEARN Yoga. All you can do is COPY the poses / exercises.

  • q-iconWhy is it important to explain so much about every Yoga practice? Can't I learn by just watching the typical DVDs?

    The more powerful a training is, the more guidance it requires to ensure that only benefits come out of the training and NOT danger. Also to get the full essence from every practice, explanation is needed. Then you get to know every pose very intimately and can get benefits at multiple levels.

  • q-iconWill I get any substantial benefit by doing just a 13 minute practice?

    If you attend “Copy-the-Instructor” kind of “Fitness” classes, you’ll not get much even in 1 hour. 

    But here quality is given more importance rather than quality. So even doing a single pose for 2 or 3 minutes following the guidance in the video will benefit you a lot. A 13 minute practice is a great practice and remember, it is authentic practice.

  • q-iconRather than learn Yoga through video from you, won't it be better for me to attend a regular Yoga class near my house?

    Sorry! It will NOT be better attending a regular class if your interest is to learn REAL Yoga and start a REAL practice REAL soon. The typical classes are NOT structured to “Train” you. So even if you attend for a long time,  it is hard to know how to incorporate the various tools and techniques confidently in your life.  You never get to become independent. So you keep going for years without a deep understanding.


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  • Incorporate Yoga in my daily life
  • Use even 2 minutes in a day towards enhancing myself

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