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Yoga-Teacher Training Testimonials

Watch the experience of these Yoga-Teachers,   teacher trainees  and attendees of open-houses from USA.

They include Yoga-Teacher, supervisor, massage therapist, singer, life coach, and Reiki coach.  

I got SO much out of 2 days than I got out of my previous entire Yoga-Teacher training 

Susan Grant  

Supervisor & Past Trainee, RI, USA

I have previously taken a Yoga teacher training before. I just finished Day 2 of my teacher training with Shanthi. I have now such a greater understanding of Yoga and I got SO much out of these 2 days than I got out of my previous entire Yoga teacher training. 

The grounding in the practice is so much greater in just these 2 days. In addition, the way Shanthi explains the poses, I feel so much confident in my doing of the poses because of the way she explains the various aspects.

How deep she lives her Yoga and how the body mind-spirit is so integrated in all that she does 


Yoga-Teacher, RI, USA

I am a Yoga-Teacher and I would highly recommend any Yoga-Teacher or learning to be a Yoga-Teacher to spend time with Shanthi and learn from her the knowledge that she has to share. She has a deep knowledge of so many aspects of Yoga and my time with her I feel I benefited in many ways and one that really stands out is the spiritual connection. How deep she lives her Yoga and how the body- mind-spirit which is what Yoga means is so integrated in all that she does. 

And I feel like spending time with Shanthi and her teachings really helped to deepen that in my own practice and also helped me to draw more students to me, because, as my vibration becomes more spiritual, I draw people to me who want to learn and to feel that vibration as well. And I feel like any teacher any Yoga-Teacher can benefit from Shanthi’s teachings. She has such a breadth of knowledge of so many things that there is much she can share and that we can learn from her.

Shanthi is dedicated completely in her soul in Yoga 

Vilma Ruiz

Open House Attendee RI, USA

Before, I had a vague idea of Yoga. Now I have a very big understanding of it. Shanthi is dedicated completely in her soul in Yoga. I am not getting a part-time person, I am getting a full-time person which is a BIG difference. 

If you don’t understand, you cannot apply it on yourself on your own, then you are wasting money. If you know something and understand it with such a deep meaning, then you can apply it for life not only for yourself, but also teach your students and THAT is POWER. I am open to learning a new way of life.

Learning the Sun-Salutation, I See Sun in a Different Perspective as being taught to minimize or get rid of ego. 

Bhaaratam(India) though invaded repeatedly never started a fight and was true to her divinity.  So can I - defend; not fight!

Her concept in guided  meditation can be applied to just about everything in life. Small steps lead to BIG goals. 

Jessica Xavier

Reiki Coach & Teacher Trainee, RI, USA

Alysia Ross

Singer & Teacher Trainee, RI, USA

Cindy Anderson  

Massage Therapist & Teacher Trainee, RI, USA

This is Living Yoga, NOT JUST Doing Yoga

Shanthi is offering a beautiful and authentic representation of Yoga in her teacher training. If you want to learn about Yoga from an expert, you need to make this the teacher training you choose.

Shanthi is very knowledgeable and can provide a broader view of what yoga really is, not what the western misrepresentation is. Yoga is more than just the physical. It goes way beyond poses. Shanthi explains that Yoga poses is only a branch of the tree of Yoga. She delves into the whole culture of Yoga. This is Living Yoga, NOT JUST Doing Yoga.

This is also a great class for anyone who would like to learn the fundamentals of Yoga as a way of life.  You can learn about everything from breathing to cooking and why to properly say the Sanskrit terms in Yoga with the correct pronunciation. Anyone who is aware of energy, frequency and vibration will appreciate learning this valuable information.

If you sign on to the Yoga teacher training with Shanthi, I am sure that you will be pleased with the additional knowledge that you will have over other Yoga teachers. You will know the whys and hows behind much of what goes on in your classes and be able to offer more to your students.

Lori Ullrich

Prema Life Coaching,Somerset MA (Attended the Yoga-Teacher Training Open House)

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