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This is a period of uncertainty, fear, anxiety and many negative emotions that shake us. But it is also the time to look within, change our lifestyle and begin a new life. 

The corona virus outbreak  has provided several opportunities for a total transformation. Let us take 10  such opportunities or 10 blessings from this crisis. Each blessing is a wake-up call to rethink about our life.  

Each blessing starts with a letter from the phrase “W.A.K.E-U.P C.A.L.L.”, which forms an acronym.


The corona crisis has given us an opportunity to welcome the wisdom of the East. Why East?

For long, there has been immense wisdom expressed in the lifestyle of Bhaaratam (India) where this "physical identity" named "Shanthi Yogini" was born. There is science behind everything done there.

Most people even from Bhaaratam are simply not aware of it. So they neither are applying this science in their personal life to benefit from it nor are they in a position to educate others and pass it onto them.

For example, we traditionally say “Namaste” rather than shake hands. We don’t hug anyone to express our affection for them. 

Our social interaction with others has always been non-touch, because touch could have negative effect on a person unless one knows the science of touching. 

Unfortunately, people often think that touching ALWAYS has positive effect on a person just as they think that saying words and Mantras in Samskrtam language always brings good. 

Science does not work that way. Atomic energy does NOT always bring good. It depends on how it is being used. 

Social non-touch interaction may have seemed un-modern until now. But, now the world is realizing for the first time the negative effect of touch because it has become clearly visible to them. Social safe distancing is recommended these days. It is interesting to see top world leaders greeting each other with “Namaste”. 

Thus the Corona crisis has blessed the world by giving an opportunity to realize that the wisdom of the East is beneficial and accessible to everyone.

This is just one example. There is similarly the principle of hygiene and science of vibrations behind every practice in life. Though this had always been known intellectually to many, corona crisis has provided inspiration to implement more of those ancient time-tested practices in personal life,  these days. 

That is why “Samskrtam”, the language encompassing the science of vibrations gains importance. If we understand its science, use of it brings benefits. If not, it amounts to misuse and only brings negative effect. So please be open and welcome the wisdom of the East. It is a blessing that corona crisis has given us all.

Today, you have the opportunity to benefit from an online program for learning Samskrtam called “Samskrtam Learning Project”. It is much more than merely learning Samskrtam pronunciation.

Do share your feedback on “Blessing 1” from corona crisis.

Hearing from you is truly an honor.

Shanthi Yogini
Shanthi Yogini

Shanthi Yogini, 2-Minute Yoga-Activist, leads a movement "Lasting Happiness through Yoga-Science". She, a Yoga-Master, teaches Yoga-Shaastram as a way-of-life in its authentic, pristine and purest form, and ensures that it is not chained to mere physical movement. Shanthi, a former software engineer, trains teachers in-person and online to pass on simple 2-Minute practices for LASTING happiness, NOT fleeting happiness. Shanthi is #1 international best-selling author of “Happiness: The Key to Success - Twelve MEDITATION Steps to Uncover Your Joy, Healing and Success”. She is a “Multi-Cultural Educator, Dancer, Experiential Storyteller, Speaker, and Highly-Sought-after TV, Podcast, and Radio Guest.”

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