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In our last post, we saw Blessing 1, the first out of 10 blessings from corona crisis all of which have provided us a wake-up call. Blessing  1 starts with "W" , the 1st letter of the phrase “W.A.K.E-U.P. C.A.L.L.”, forming an acronym.

Blessing 1 speaks about the opportunity that corona crisis provides to WELCOME THE WISDOM OF THE EAST as there is science and practical benefits behind all those practices.

You may have many questions on Blessing 1.

--What does welcoming really mean? 

--Can it help us face the corona crisis with strength, courage and smile?

--Can it help us overcome our fear, concerns, anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and depression? 

--How can this welcoming help us on the long term, not just during this corona crisis?

And many more...

There is hope in the wisdom of the East. It provides you tools to shield yourself from the corona crisis both physically and mentally. You may find answers to the above questions in Blessing 2.

Blessing 2 begins with letter "A", the 2nd letter of the phrase “W.A.K.E-U.P. C.A.L.L.”, the acronym.


According to World Health Organization (WHO), health is defined as "A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".

Ideally, even spiritual well-being has to be included. It is the recognition of the unchanging eternal SELF (Aatmaa) present in oneself. 

Health is our natural state. Most of us were born healthy - physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. If we have partially or mostly lost it, it is because of our thinking, food habits and lifestyle. Nothing to worry, for, we can always awaken our power to be healthy again by addition and subtraction of a few things in our life. 

What better opportunity than now for focusing on our health! Usually, we would give excuses of having several obligations with no time. Now that we are home most of the time, we can surely make time with no excuses.
Is this crisis not a blessing in disguise?

Let us prepare ourselves not just to fight corona virus, but even for long term so that we are not guilty of ignoring ourselves.

Let us now discuss Blessing 2 which is built on Blessing 1. Blessing 2 can be understood through 4 steps that go by the acronym 
The 4 steps below when applied, shield us all from corona and any future crisis.


Let us understand each step in detail.

STEP 1: E-EDUCATE yourself on the wisdom and reasoning behind ancient practices

To awaken your power to be healthy, you must first educate yourself. This includes researching, asking learned people, joining classes and courses to understand why these ancient practices exist and how exactly they benefit you. It may be Yoga-Shaastram (Yoga-Science), AyurvedaH (The knowledge of long-life), chanting, living in accordance with nature, and many more.

That is why all our digital courses, be it Yoga-Dhvanichanting CDs, Yoga-Laasyam physical movement videos, our #1 International Bestselling book “Happiness: The Key to Success” or Samskrtam Learning Project, all have LOT OF EDUCATION as part of them. 

Of course, they also include STEP 2 as they teach you how to apply them in life.

Learning through these courses from the comfort of your home makes education on the wisdom of the East so much easier. To know more about these courses, click on the link at the bottom. 

Educating also includes becoming aware of many of our mistakes and understanding an effective way to positively impact our health.

Now is the right time to focus on this since we have more time at hand now.

STEP 2: A-APPLY some ancient practices in your life

Once you have educated yourself, apply a few simple practices in your life. Watch how they enhance your physical and mental health. 

They build your immune system to ensure that you are not affected by any disease. If affected, they help you heal faster.

There are many 2-Minute practices that can give you inner strength and positive energy so that you don't become paranoid about the pandemic.

It is not mandatory to go to any group classes for this. Even a simple breathing practice or a simple 2-Minute pose practiced on your own, at home, works wonders.  It provides you courage, inner peace and mental balance.

Remember, if you have a family, your kids and partner are watching you constantly at home. Stay calm and be a role model for them.

Applying also means re-incorporating simple habits that have given you positive results in the past and you might have given them up now. 

We’ll address in detail how to improve your physical and mental health through Yoga-Science in future blessings from corona crisis.  

STEP 3: S-STOP misappropriation of ancient practices

If we have not educated ourselves, then we must resist the temptation for misappropriation of ancient sciences.

It has been a practice in the West to take wisdom from others but misappropriate them to serve selfish interests. We destroy ancient cultures as done to the Native Americans.

In some cases, we take credit for ancient practices that have already been in existence for thousands of years in Bhaaratam (India) and portray them as new discoveries in the West. This is literally stealing. 

Misappropriation has been happening in the case of Yoga-Shaastram (Yoga-Science). 

Even before we educate ourselves (STEP 1), and apply in life thoroughly (STEP 2), we want to teach others; worse still, train others to become teachers. None of us can serve others through Yoga-Shaastram unless we have the patience, sincerity, and conviction to study it thoroughly, and strive to preserve the original. 

Let us not distort it to build our business, increase student numbers, and make profits. That is against the teachings of Yoga-Shaastram.

The big companies have encouraged Yoga-Shaastram to be diluted to mere fitness exercises just to sell their various products and make profits. 

The misappropriation is happening in the chanting world too. We want to create CDs and give concerts using chants in Samskrtam, but don’t want to invest time to learn the correct pronunciation. Worse still, we conduct Mantra teacher training programs as if we are experts in the language and chants, while we can't pronounce even the word "Mantra" correctly. 

THIS HAS TO STOPLet us not mess with the ancient wisdom and practices. Otherwise, the negative vibrations resulting from incorrect pronunciation and ill intentions may turn against us in ways we can neither understand nor recognize.

It is negative action, also called "Negative Karma", for "Karma" means action. Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

That is why STEP 1 - Educating ourselves is both important and urgent. Remember that in life, everything is interconnected, because, everything in universe is just vibrations.

Respecting ancient science and practices and not messing with them is essential for the collective well-being at physical, mental and social well-being.

If we have difficulty digesting this truth, then now is the best time to analyse our resistance.

STEP 4: T-THINK beyond physical body in relationships

We, in the West are much used to touching and hugging our loved ones, friends, and other members of the community. We feel lost to express our friendship and affection through social non-touch interaction unlike the lifestyle of Bhaaratam (India). We also feel that it is unnatural to the Western culture.

That is why, it is important for us to think beyond our physical body during social interaction. 

In our universe of infinite consciousness, we each are divine beings having a physical body. We are capable of expressing our love for others emotionally, energetically, and eloquently, without having to touch others. 

In Bhaaratam, kids beyond a certain age are not hugged by mother, father or siblings. They don't hear the phrase “I love you”. But, do they ever doubt that they are not being loved? Do they need  words and hugs to understand love

The US president mentioned that some of the practices recommended now may have to be followed well into future such as not shaking hands. He suggested a change in American lifestyle.

Who knows? Americans’ social greeting of each other may become “Namaste”; nothing wrong, considering the deep significance and hygiene behind “Namaste”.

As we learn to think beyond the physical body, we learn to express our love, care and concern in much deeper ways. This improves our health on mental and social level.

Corona crises has blessed us by providing a perfect opportunity to practice these skills. 

NOTE 1: Our latest course “Samskrtam Learning Project” may not educate you about social interaction, but its first 13 lessons out of the total 18 lessons have eye-opening education and wisdom.  

NOTE 2: See below for links to all the digital courses.

Do share your feedback on Blessing 2. 

Hearing from you is an honor.

With Infinite Love...

Enjoy Lasting Happiness through Yoga-Science

Shanthi Yogini
Shanthi Yogini

Shanthi Yogini, 2-Minute Yoga-Activist, leads a movement "Lasting Happiness through Yoga-Science". She, a Yoga-Master, teaches Yoga-Shaastram as a way-of-life in its authentic, pristine and purest form, and ensures that it is not chained to mere physical movement. Shanthi, a former software engineer, trains teachers in-person and online to pass on simple 2-Minute practices for LASTING happiness, NOT fleeting happiness. Shanthi is #1 international best-selling author of “Happiness: The Key to Success - Twelve MEDITATION Steps to Uncover Your Joy, Healing and Success”. She is a “Multi-Cultural Educator, Dancer, Experiential Storyteller, Speaker, and Highly-Sought-after TV, Podcast, and Radio Guest.”

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