1. India-Life-Education Alchemy


Why know about India?

(1) Indian culture is growing in its influence. Even the current Miss USA is of Indian origin

(2) Students around the world need to know about India, in order to be sensitive to one of the biggest customer markets in the world

(3) Students anyways study about India, mostly wrongly, as given in their text books, and as explained by people who are NOT from that culture but are trying their best to pass on their understanding

(4)  India is the spiritual leader of the world and great sciences for stress management, inner peace, physical healing, spiritual unfoldment like Yoga and Ayurveda are from India

(5) To understand India rightly, is to understand about one’s own self, the purpose in this world, and the right means for realizing that purpose.

What can you learn?

Based on the scope of study, this activity can range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. It depends on how detailed and deep you want to go.

. Overview of India, Indian values, Life style

. Traditions, culture, customs, religion

. Contribution of India to the world in ALL fields
. Indian symbols – Coloring / Arts & Crafts
. Indian languages – Learning a few words in Sanskrit

Benefits: Enhanced understanding, Expansiveness, Language skills, Thought-provoking.


Below is a sample presentation in a college:



During a presentation in a hospital for the diversity day

India Presentation-Education Alchemy


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