Spirituality through Yoga

Finally, Learn the Yoga You are Meant to Practice,

Not What Everybody Else is Practicing in the Name of Yoga

The Ancient Science of Yoga in its Authentic, Pristine and Purest Form!

Deepen Your Yoga Practice! Uplift to a Higher Level!

Be part of the "Liberate Yoga! Liberate You! Liberate the World!" movement.

Be one of the chosen 10000 people to receive training to deepen their Yoga practice and incorporate 2 minute spirituality through authentic Yoga.

Can you imagine the impact this will have on your life and those around?

How will your life be if in 2 minutes you can increase your awareness?

Join us. Let us do it together, and live our greatest possible life through Yoga...

 This is a DIGITAL program combined with regular ONLINE training.  

Our training module-1 will get delivered to you 1 week after you sign up. The pre-training module will get delivered to you in 3 days after signing up.


The science of Yoga will be taught in its authentic, pristine and purest form. It is the Yoga-from-the-Source which is comprehensive based on lifestyle.


The topics on which typical programs talk on a surface level  are covered in great detail for application in REAL life, and to fully understand the science of Yoga and how it helps in promoting fulfillment, happiness and spirituality in your life.


Even current Yoga teachers have lots to gain from this, since their earlier training would not have covered Yoga in its highest understanding and application.


Some of the highlights of this unique Spirituality through Yoga program are:

  •  The Yoga-training is offered using 2 modes: DIGITAL and ONLINE. 

  • The Yoga-training is being offered by Shanthi Yogini, born and raised in the Yogic culture of India. This is special because, it is rare to find Yoga-masters in USA, originally from India, the flourishing place of Yoga, who offer Yoga-training on a full time basis. 


  • The entire Yoga-training is module-based. It is offered through 7 modules focused on all aspects of  Yoga so that you can live your highest and best life in freedom and Happiness. Module-1 forms the foundation for the entire training.

  • This is NOT “Branded Yoga” which people name as a specific style. Most of the modern branded versions tend to differentiate themselves SOLELY based on how they have modified doing the Yoga-postures. Also, they cannot claim to have stood the test of time as they have only come up in the last 50 – 100 years. This is “Yoga from the Source” as given selflessly by enlightened masters to humanity thousands of years back. It lacks nothing and hence no so-called style can claim to offer something that this cannot.

  • The training can be done in your own space at your own pace with no rush or hurry to finish within a certain time.

Since this Authentic Yoga-training program is very unique, it is NOT FOR EVERYONE interested in Yoga.


Please read and understand who this training is for, who this is NOT for, and the one-of-a-kind features of this training.

Who is this Yoga-Training NOT for?
(This Isn’t Your "Typical" Yoga-

  • It is NOT for those looking to learn more and more Yoga-poses ONLY

  • It is NOT for those who do not want to learn Yoga as a science of how to live in freedom and happiness

  • It is NOT for those looking to learn Yoga-poses as fitness routines

  • It is NOT for those who disassociate Yoga from India (There is NO way to understand Yogic wisdom WITHOUT understanding Indian wisdom)

  • It is NOT for those who do not want to learn from a native of India (Many people may find comfortable only learning from someone of their kind)


Who is this Yoga-Training  for?

This Yoga-Training is for:

  • Responsible Yoga students who want to preserve  the science of Yoga in its authentic, pristine and pure form

  • Yoga-students eager to understand the science of Yoga correctly and  want to be part of the “Liberate Yoga! Liberate You! Liberate the World” movement. Thus they liberate Yoga from being chained to Yoga-poses and in turn liberate themselves of limitations, bondage and unhappiness 

  • Current Yoga-teachers looking to practice and pass on authentic Yoga and thereby to minimize negative Karma in their teaching. (Please scroll down for detailed explanation) 

  • Holistic practitioners desiring to expand their wisdom and teaching

  • Evolving souls looking for thinking, eating and living on a higher plane of consciousness

  • Seekers of ancient wisdom looking for an authentic Indian from India to learn from

Unique Features of the Authentic Yoga-Training as compared to typical Yoga- Training Programs

  • You get a strong foundation of Yoga-basics so that you understand the why and what of everything in Yoga. 

  • You learn how to transform your physical and mental state in just 2 minutes of practice of any aspect of Yoga. 

  • You become independent and confident in your practice. 

  • You learn very simple postures and techniques that you can benefit from, no matter you are tight-bodied, weak or sick. This way, you don’t miss out on the benefits that the science of Yoga provides.  

  • You not only learn how to do physical postures in the training, but also learn to make lifestyle changes with regards to your habits, food and thinking pattern.  

  • The assignments and homework are not just geared towards testing your skills in doing postures or in just your understanding of Yoga, but in how much you are able to implement your learning in your own personal life. It is NOT mandatory for you to submit any of that UNLESS you are training to be a Yoga-teacher.

  • It is one of the few Yoga-training programs in the country where Yoga is taught as a science and you become one of the blessed ones to preserve Yoga in its authentic, pristine and purest form for the future generation to see. 

  • The list can go on and on as to how different your training will be and how you will emerge as a more powerful person when compared to even several Yoga-teachers from many other training programs. 




One-of-a-Kind Features of the Spirituality through Yoga program Syllabus

  • Yoga as a lifestyle

    Learn Yoga as the science of how to live

  • Yoga as a Tree

    Learn Yoga as a tree with many branches


  • Yoga Pose as a Branch

    Learn Yoga-pose, called Yoga-Aasanam, as ONLY a branch of the tree of Yoga 

  • Time-Tested Yoga

    Learn the time-tested way of doing Yoga-poses rather than the modern branded versions 

  • Going Beyond

    Study Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle in great detail. It is only minimally taught or often allocated as self-study in other training programs 

  • Application to Life

    Every practice is studied with associated Yoga Philosophy and its practical application in life

  • Well Balanced

    Yoga-techniques of ancient values, Yoga-poses, Praanaayaama, mind mastery, meditation and Samskritam are studied with equal importance

  • Yogic Eating and Cooking

    Yogic eating and cooking are scientifically analysed. These are rarely mentioned in typical training programs

  • Samskritam-Sanskrit

    Learn the importance of the Yogic language of Samskritam (Sanskrit) from Shanthi for whom it is the home-language 

  • Streams of Yoga

    Learn ALL 4 major streams and other minor streams of Yoga, rather than just one stream like Hatha or Raaja Yoga

  • Karma Yoga

    Practical application of Karma-Yoga (Yoga-of-Action) through service to a children’s non-profit

  • Authentic Yogic Chanting

    When you chant with correct pronunciation, it will sound Authentic and NOT like those who read Sanskritam words as though they are English words. This minimizes negative Karma caused by unintended vibrations.

Uniqueness of doing Yoga-Training with Shanthi

  • Shanthi & Ancestors

    Learn from someone whose ancestors have ALL been teachers of Yoga, living Yoga way of life

  • Shanthi & Yoga

    Learn from someone who is living and breathing Yoga and understands it like the palm of her hand

  • Shanthi & Plant-based eating

    Learn from someone whose ancestors have ALL followed plant-based eating

  • Shanthi & India

    Learn Yoga from a native of India, which is the spiritual leader of the world and the birthplace of Yoga. This enables you to have references for Yogic practices, from Indian life style which is Yogic lifestyle

  • Shanthi & Samskritam

    Learn from someone who has studied the Yogic language of Samskritam from a young age 

  • Shanthi & Yoga Texts

    Learn from someone who has studied the Yoga-texts in its original language of Samskritam, and NOT merely teaching through translations in English

  • Shanthi & East West connection

    Learn from someone who presents the Eastern wisdom and science suited to Western audience

  • Shanthi & Science

    Learn Yoga from someone who gives scientific reason for every concept in Yoga


Unique Method of Learning Yoga Postures

Starting position for Sitting Postures

  • Every Yoga pose is learned and practiced as an independent unit with a definite starting position and a definite ending position, the way it is meant to be. It is not done as a sequence or flow. This makes it practical to benefit from a pose in even 1 or 2 minutes of free time.


  • Every pose is learned using the 8 Step Method for thorough understanding and correct teaching, as the goal is to make you independent and confident in your practice.


  • The benefit of every pose is presented at physical, mental, intellectual, social and spiritual planes. This helps to practice a pose for a specific life situation.


  • Every posture is learned with an affirmation in order to get the best out of the posture.

What is Karma?

The word Karma is derived from the  root “Kr”, meaning ‘to do’ in the language of Samskritam (Sanskrit) . So, Karma simply means action.


In India, we talk of the Law of Karma meaning Law of Action.



What is Good Karma and Negative Karma?

Karma, in Indian philosophy, also indicates the total effect of a person’s actions, both mental and physical, on his or her existence.


 A person’s present state, including health, is determined by actions from previous existence, and the present actions determine one's destiny for future existence.


That is why we talk of Good Karma and Negative Karma.


So your health, wellness and happiness depends on your Karma done up until now. This does not mean that you are helpless about things done in the past.  Acquiring more Good Karma helps you to have mental strength and clarity to face events and situations in life.


All of the Yogic wisdom prepares you for more Good Karma in your life. Also, happiness level increases when you are able to care for something bigger and larger than yourself, and when you are sharing your compassion and altruism.


How does one accumulate Negative Karma with respect to Yoga & Veda?

Yoga and Veda have been in existence for thousands of years. This is time-tested wisdom. Some wise souls are working hard even in this modern materialistic world where no one cares about ancient wisdom, to ensure that they are preserved in their original form, without any modification. 


The goal of these evolved souls is to pass on the Vedic wisdom intact to the future generation. Then it is up to the younger generation to carry it forward and pass it on intact to their children and grandchildren.


While efforts are being made to maintain this tradition, any attempt to modify the original, knowingly or unknowingly, will result in negative Karma, because it results in corrupting the original. Now the corrupted system will end up getting passed on for generations to come. That is a BLUNDER, and WILL result in negative Karma.



Are good intentions in teaching Yoga and Mantra not sufficient in avoiding Negative Karma?

We have heard many chanters, Kirtan singers and Yoga teachers argue that they have good intentions, and therefore theirs is NOT negative Karma (negative action).


Good intentions alone are NOT sufficient in stopping the damage being done in passing on to others an incorrect system. Good intentions must be accompanied with honest efforts in learning things correctly.


A sharp knife in a child's hand with good intentions is NOT sufficient in preventing damage to the child and others.


If the intentions alone matter, one can sing and chant in English. Why resort to chants and songs in the unknown language of Samskritam?


If the intentions alone matter, one can teach any knowledge on self-development. Why teach Yoga of which there is no correct understanding?



How can one minimize this type of Negative Karma?

1. By ensuring that the Vedic wisdom is understood correctly by the Yoga teachers


2. By ensuring that chanters, Kirtan singers and sound healers understand clearly, the difference between ordinary chants in Samskritam (Sanskrit) and Vedic chants (those Mantras taken from Vedas)


This way, they can avoid the Vedic Mantras which are powerful and dangerous, and which if uttered without getting authorized to recite them correctly, is Negative Karma (negative action)


3. Since pronunciation of Samskritam sounds is essential to teach devotional singing in Samskritam, or to teach REAL Yoga, any casual approach without dedicating time and energy to learn the sounds correctly is negative Karma (negative action).


The casual approach clearly shows a lack of respect and reverence to the science of Yoga, Veda and Mantra. It shows a lack of integrity because, teaching is preceding the learning. So anything taught will be inauthentic.


This in-authenticity does not stop with just the teacher, but gets passed on to the students who will later become teachers to pass on the inauthentic system they have learned. So it becomes a vicious circle of negative Karma (negative action).


How does Yoga for Happiness Academy help in minimizing this type of Negative Karma?

Yoga for happiness Academy works in minimizing this Negative Karma in 4 ways.


1. By doing workshops and Yoga teacher training in which Authentic Yoga is passed on to the trainees and Yoga teachers


2. By teaching sounds of Samskritam and pronunciation of commonly used terms in Samskritam (Sanskrit) while teaching Yoga or chanting  


 3. By explaining clearly the source of chants and Vedic Mantras and demonstrating how they are currently being preserved. 


4. By sharing case studies of what has happened to individuals who pronounce Mantras wrongly.

So the vicious circle of negative Karma can be stopped.


If more clarification is needed, rather than feel upset or annoyed, we request you to take the time to contact our team at Namaste@YogaforHappiness.com



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