Distance Learning Courses in Physical and Digital Format for Home Study in Your Own Space at Your Own Pace for Your Physical and Mental Well-Being


We can call this store a "Crisis Solution Store". Why? Because our store has home study courses aimed at tackling crisis of all sorts - Physical or Mental.

Of course, it goes beyond tackling crisis. It offers tools for mastering your mind and thus experiencing lasting happiness amidst all crisis. 


"How is that?" you may ask.


There are 2 ways they give you happiness -


(1) Each of them work on your body, your nervous system and your internal organs. They increase your immune system to fight against any illness. So you get physical health, healing and happiness in the process of mastering your mind. 


(2) Everything we offer is a preparation for meditation, whether it is chanting, guided meditation, Yoga-poses or correct breathing. 


All of them calm your mind, increase your focus, and get you to be in the present. Thus they aid you in the meditation process.


Meditation is the gateway to happiness. When you are in a meditative state, you connect to the very source of happiness within you. When connected to this source, no physical or mental illness can affect you.


Thus each course in its own way increases your happiness level. Pick any; you won't be disappointed. If you are, then it is on us.

Yoga-Shaastram meaning Yoga-Science is a science of how to live. It is like a tree with many branches. Practicing a bit of any branch helps you experience LASTING happiness; not the happiness that comes and goes.

It happens as your life purpose is revealed to you. In the process, side benefits like improved health, fit body, balanced mind, healing, focus and peace come knocking at your door step.

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We have authentic programs and courses no matter where you are in your life journey and Yoga-journey. It is fine even if you know nothing about Yoga-Shaastram.  In fact it is better, because, you will have less things to un-learn and you will be more open to the education presented here.


The courses benefit anyone who is looking for a purposeful, fulfilled life and spiritual growth. Since these courses all happen to be part of Yoga-Science, they also benefit anyone looking for a deeper understanding of Yoga-Science.


We have created  educational home study courses on various aspects of Yoga-Science like: proper breathing, Yoga-poses, chants,  Yoga-dance , and meditation. We are adding more to the list. You can check them all out here...


Let us begin our journey together...

Paving Way for Restoration


Yoga-for-Happiness Academy is dedicated to restoration in all forms. It started with restoration of Yoga-Science to its authentic and purest form which is currently being diluted by many who say they practice or teach Yoga-Science, but only teach mostly physical movement. This is also being modified from the original in the name of branding. 


The bigger vision is to restore and support Veda, the source of Yoga-Shaastram, which is slowly being abandoned in the name of modernity and Westernization even in the country of its origin.

The vision is about restoring the dignity of abandoned women, children and aged citizens; restoring the dignity of abandoned animals who have nowhere to go; and restoring the dignity of cows that are abandoned when they are no more useful to the selfish owners. It is shocking that it is happening in a country where the cows are considered sacred and worshiped as mother.


The process will be to donate part of all sale proceeds to establish a Non-Profit  for this purpose. In fact, the proceeds from 2 books written by Shanthi's father are being fully used to preserve Veda. Restoration is a long process, but the first step is to set the intention here.



Books are a great way to take in new wisdom in a relaxed manner. They are also cost effective way to transform your life if are self-motivated. There are 3 choices here. 


One is a 4 book series, a #1 international best-seller that speaks elaborately on happiness, success, Yoga and meditation.


  The other is a co-authored inspiration journal which is also a #1 international best-seller.


The third is a 2 book series written by Shanthi's deceased father G.K.Kannan and published by reputed publishers called  "Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan" .

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Breathe Right to Live Right 


Humans need food, water and air to fuel their activities. While food and liquid forms are given much importance, breath through which air is consumed is given the least importance. This program fills the gap by teaching you the right way to breathe.


Were you always breathing this way? No! As a toddler you were breathing right. As you face life with its stresses and challenges, the breathing pattern may have changed. Now is the opportunity to ensure you are breathing right! If you are not, you can learn how to correct it.   


 If you do nothing else in Yoga, but just practice proper breathing for a minute or two every day, you would be doing a great lot to your body, mind, brain and spirit. 
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Joyful Ganesha Mantra


Mantra repetition is the simplest yet most powerful technique to focus the chattering mind and calm it down.


You can simply listen to the tracks while in car or while cooking at home to raise the vibration level. You can also learn to chant so that the same high vibrations can emanate from you. 


The challenge with most chants is in getting the pronunciation of Samskrtam sounds correctly.  In this download, that problem is eliminated as the chant consists of just 3 simple words.
Listen to a sample track here
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Guided Meditation 



Guided meditation is  a simple way to begin your meditation practice. Many want to incorporate meditation in their life, but find it very challenging. 


You can now utilize the working of your brain and the power of your thoughts,  to experience and enjoy the positive effects of meditation on your body, mind, brain and spirit.  


 You can use the digital tracks to understand more about meditation and to relax your body completely or to relieve body pain.
Listen to a sample track hereExtract from Meditation 3 "Renewed by Sun"
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YogaSaaram: First Lessons

 Learn Authentic Yoga-Shaastram from the comfort of your home in such a way that you never have to re-learn it ever again, for, all you will be learning thereafter is more poses.


Saaram in Samskrtam indicates "Essence". YogaSaaram meaning "Essence of Yoga-Science" is an in-depth Yoga training that Shanthi conducts in person. In that she covers all the major branches of Yoga-Shaastram, philosophy, lifestyle, Samskrtam- the Yogic language, meditation, life purpose, mind mastery, Yogic eating, cooking, eternal values, breathing techniques, Yoga texts, chanting with proper Samskrtam pronunciation, and many other aspects that impact life.


"YogaSaaram First Lessons" is the FIRST hour of that course and is the essence of authentic Yoga-Shaastram in its simplest, pristine & purest form rendered in 1 Hour. At the end of 1 hour of learning, it offers a mini 13 minute Yoga-practice encompassing 5 aspects of Yoga-Shaastram namely, chant, poses, awareness, relaxation and meditation.


NOTE: It is NOT a 1 hour "Copy the Instructor" kind  video filled with fitness exercises in the name of Yoga-Science.
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Chants for Meditation 


Have you ever wondered why most chants are in the language of Samskritam? Do you like to know the science behind Indian deities? Have you ever wished you knew the word by word meaning of the chants,  their correct pronunciation and a means to learn them properly? Then you are in the right place.


YogaDhvani is a unique, Educational audio series in English, that takes you on a Divine Journey  by funneling  your energy from racing thoughts, anxiety, and worries to a single point of focus and clarity.


Most typical chant CDs don't educate you about the chants. They don't tell you the importance of your correct pronunciation. They leave you with the false notion that if intentions are right, mistakes don't matter. This educational CD set fills the gap left by other CDs. 


Listen to a sample track hereThis is an extract from CD 1 & CD 3 of Yoga-Dhvani
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Yoga-Dance-Story Alchemy


Indian dance is a minor stream of Yoga and is called "Naatya Yoga" (Yoga of dance). Though the dance form is highly complex and intricate, only some poses and hand gestures (Mudraa) are adopted here while still retaining the authenticity of Yoga. 


The course is fun, creative and one-of-a-kind since hand Mudraas lend way to story narration while doing the poses. It is a journey on multiple levels.  


Most typical videos and DVDs are "Copy the Instructor" kind. This course fills the gap by providing everything you need for an independent practice. The training is completely shot outdoors, and the education is supported by visual slides.  

Watch the sample videos here
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Samskrtam Learning Project 


Did you know that you can Heal Your Body, Mind and Aatmaa through the Powerful Vibrations of the Ancient Language of Samskrtam?

Did you know that the entire universe is nothing but vibrations and that includes your own body and mind?

That is why sound, which is also vibrations can affect your body and mind positively or negatively.

Have you ever wished you knew correct pronunciation of Samskrtam words and a means to learn them properly? Then you are in the right place.

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