"You're just one step away from leveraging 3 different wellness strategies in one simple, fast program to have the energy and wellness you had when you were 16, but keeping all your wisdom--Guaranteed"

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 Yoga-Poses Held as Dance Poses with a Story Connecting Them ALL

Let me tell you the story of Ms. Hope, Ms. Harmony and Ms. Autumn…

Ms. Hope had 2 daughters, Ms. Harmony and Ms. Autumn, who always fought with each other. As much as Ms. Hope hoped for them to be friends, it was hard for the two to enjoy any activity together. So, they came to an agreement.

Ms. Hope would give them each $500 and allow them to pursue their own wellness activity for the next 30 days. If she sees more transformation in Ms. Autumn than in Ms. Harmony, then Ms. Harmony would pursue the same path as Ms. Autumn and vice-versa.

After 30 days Ms. Hope summoned the sisters. Ms. Autumn was excited about her trying a variety of classes all across the city. She had to travel a lot to experience them all and in the process had spent ALL the $500. Ms. Autumn wanted more money to try out a few more classes and got angry when her mother refused to give more money.

On the other hand, Ms. Harmony had purchased a digital version of just ONE program called “YogaLaasyam: Indian Yoga-Dance-Story for Mind-Body Happiness”. Laasyam means "Graceful Dance".  She used the program to practice every day at home and she did not find a need for ANY OTHER program. She stood there calm and smiling.

In an instant, Ms. Hope recognized the transformation power of the program and decided to meet the teacher and learn more about the program before enrolling herself and her other daughter.

I saw her making a COMPLEX thing so very SIMPLE

I’m NOT a person who is practicing Yoga, but it fascinated me. I saw her (Shanthi) making a COMPLEX  thing so very SIMPLE.  I see it being of use to people who want to improve their flexibility, who have other medical problems…develop better range of motion and strengthen themselves. I can see a tremendous Body-Mind-Spirit connection.

Dr. Yajnaraman (Cardiologist), NJ, USA


Your physical body is a miraculous machine...

Laid end to end, there are about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body. And the hard-working heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood through those vessels every day…

Your body is constantly working and you owe your life to its miraculous construction.

While you may spend a lot of time focused on the fulfillment of your dreams, think about this for a moment. How would you be able to do anything if your body is not working, or if you are plagued by sickness?

You may only think about your body when it is breaking down or when there is a problem. The good thing is by doing some fun, exciting, short, and not very time-consuming movements you can take care of your body, so that it stays working for you as long as possible.

If you can give your body the priority it deserves, the possibilities are endless for you. You can achieve anything you can set your mind on, and the body will be there to support you, by fully co-operating with you. Your body will provide you abundant energy to achieve your goals.

In fact, with a program like this, you will notice that you are energetic like when you were 16, while keeping your wisdom that you have earned through the years.

It is true, with a simple fun system you can ……

Take your body, mind and your health to its highest level.

For more than 10 years, people just like you have been enjoying personal coaching with Shanthi to live in their best health through mind-body training. For the best physical health, the best mental health is required, as the body and mind are connected. Merely working on the body while ignoring your mind (like most do), will not result in lasting health. It will be like going to the gym every day and working only on your chest and not on your legs.

The secret to a healthy body and an active mind.

The secret is, that the time you allocate to work on yourself, should be used to simultaneously work on the body as well as the mind.

While every new technique out in the market makes tall promises, and it’s hard to know who or what is really the best for you, the power here is, this is not new. It may be new to you, but it has been TIME-TESTED for thousands of years, using ancient wisdom adapted to modern times. That is why “YogaLaasyam” is going to be the last program you need to test, try and enjoy for yourself. The practices adopted here are fun, easy and elevating. It is simple once you learn it and experience it.

What This Isn’t About...
(This Isn’t Your Typical
"Yoga Video”)

  • It is NOT a series of Yoga postures put together as a video

  • It is not just a video, recorded while teaching a class or while the teacher is doing.

  • It is not a video after whose purchase, you are left to yourself, where the presenter does NOT spend any further time with you.


Here is What This
Is Really About...

  • This Home Study course is highly educational, fun, easy and one of a kind. It is a series of Yoga-exercises and Yoga-poses held as dance poses. The hand gestures used in the dance poses lends way to a story connecting them all.

  • Every possible mistake you might make while doing the poses, and how it should be correctly done has been demonstrated.

  • Subtle points that will help you go deeply into the posture have also been shown.

  • Benefits guide, instructions guide, training video(with subtle points), Mudra video (for correct hand gestures) and so on have been made available to make your learning thorough, apart from the practice videos to do along with.

  • If you simply follow all the directions, you will become confident in doing the poses with your eyes closed very soon with minimum chances for making mistakes.

  • Once learned, this program is aimed to make you do the practices independently, without being dependent on a teacher or a class, which you will not get even after going many times to a typical Yoga class.

Julia Fryer

I chose the YogaLaasyam program as my personal introduction to Yoga and I have found it meaningful, giving me a sense of direction. The program feels good and gives me opportunities to learn Yoga with a sense of understanding. My favorite surprise is how much of fun it is. It is good for my growth and has become a part of my day.

 I chose this dance style of Yoga because I was intrigued by the Mudras (hand gestures), as I had a bad break in my left wrist area last year. I was very interested in dance as well as symbology. Shanthi’s program starts in a way I can follow without hurting myself because she emphasizes on respecting your body. The program never makes me feel rushed to push myself through something I’m not ready for, but has a nice, smooth progression that matches the relaxing and meditational tone of the teachings. I can feel each Mudra stretch some muscles of my hand while working others. The shikara mudra feels especially good on my thumbs, which have some arthritis from my job.

I wanted to learn Yoga ONLY from someone who had the whole story (not just the poses, but the wisdom and science). Shanthi was my natural choice as she is dedicated to sharing the ancient wisdom of Yoga in its authentic form. Shanthi’s teaching style is so natural that I feel like a child who is learning through play. Thank you, Shanthi!

Julia Fryer

This training is unique, authentic, easy and practical…

Please click on the + sign to expand the topic and read the details.

Uniqueness: This is a totally new choreography and there is nothing existing like this (E X P A N D to read more) +
  • The whole sequence is conceived from scratch, though it uses existing postures as the base.
  • Beautiful dance poses are used, to enhance the benefits of the Yoga postures aesthetically
  • Many Mudras (hand gestures) are used to depict people, objects, animals and birds, and to narrate the story.
  • The choreography has been blessed by an advanced Yogini Mother ”Pujyasri Mathioli Saraswathy” (of nandalala.org) who provided the criteria for creating the posture and the chant (The Do’s & Don’ts)
  • Since chanting in the Yogic language of Samskritam gives you amazing benefits, a new chant has been created to go with this sequence and included in the beginning. Though English version of the chant is available to ALL, Samskrit version is limited to those who know Samskrit pronunciation correctly.
Authenticity: Though novel and creative, no compromise has been made on retaining the essence of Yoga Asana. (E X P A N D to read more) +
  • Every movement is done synchronizing it with the in-breath or out-breath. It is completely authentic.
  • Dance is a minor stream of Yoga besides the 4 major streams that are explained in the video on top of this page. It is called Naatya-Yoga (Yoga of dance). So by adding elements of dance, authenticity is still maintained.
  • The practice is NOT just exercises. The session begins with the chant, ends with meditation, has relaxation between postures, and has higher wisdom intertwined.
  • So the 20 minute session is a complete day’s meal with a proper breakfast, lunch, dinner, and fun, nourishing snacks in between. In other words, a complete practice by itself. How many 20 minute Yoga practice sessions can claim this?
  • The Mudra names are in the Yogic language of Samskritam. So their pronunciation and meaning are explained in a video.
  • Since Yoga means “Union” with everything and everyone around, an authentic practice must provide the condition for realizing this. This video training spells out those thoughts to emphasize this universal connection.
  • To encourage reverence for all things around, which will ultimately lead to oneness, thoughts on what nature teaches us is shared as relevant to the context, making it totally educational.
  • The attire used is appropriate for the dance style of Yoga.
Ease: It is not just “Copy the Instructor” kind of training. (E X P A N D to read more) +
  • Additional clarity is given regarding the Do’s and Don’ts of right practice through a separate training video for each session, though it is being explained in the practice video.
  •  To enable you to feel the presence of a teacher and to make it easy for you to do the correct hand and leg position, the whole practice is done in the video as a mirror reflection of you, so that you don’t have to figure out which side the teacher does, and which side you have to do.
  • To understand and assert the meaning of the chant, the English version of the chant exists. This is what is provided until you learn to pronounce the Samskrit sounds correctly.
  •  To understand the teaching points easily, visual images accompany every word, so that you use both auditory and visual means to learn.
Practicality (Integration into Daily Life): Since a healthy and happy life is possible through integrating Yoga into your life, the training has been designed to make it happen. (E X P A N D to read more) +
  • Providing simply a 1 hour video does not make it practical, because in the busy life these days, it may be hard to get an hour at a stretch to invest in yourself.
  • So this training includes a 20 minute practice session, which is complete by itself as an authentic practice (Read more under Authenticity).
  • You can notice that every part is custom made to give you the authentic mind-body-spirit experience
  • In case your body does not allow you to do physical movements on a certain day, or you have less time, you can still do some practice whether it is the 2 minute meditation or the chant depending on how much time you have.
  • Since every posture is an independent unit, you can choose any posture and do it on your own or follow that portion of the video.
  • You need not be always in front of a video, as all these are provided as MP3 versions. So, you can do on your own anywhere
  • You can appreciate and practice on your own only if your understanding is thorough. So worksheets are provided to make it possible. Just by looking at the several bullet points above, you can understand my thoroughness.

Everyone had an illuminating experience with Shanthi

Everyone who participated in the Yoga Dance workshop with Shanthi had an ILLUMINATING EXPERIENCE where it took them to experience Yoga in a new and different way.  What Shanthi is onto, in bringing Yoga and the beautiful Indian dance together, is something VERY, VERY SPECIAL. I encourage you to learn about it and experience it for yourself.  

 Bobby, Proprietor, Heart Spot Yoga Studio, RI, USA 

Outcomes from practicing YogaLaasyam...

  • Weight Loss

    You get your exercise and not even realize it’s happening.You lose weight without sweating.

  • Regulates Thyroid Glands

    The entire body begins to work well. It helps with menstrual problems.

  • A New Experience

    It is an artful way to do your Yoga practice. Never before would you have experienced Yoga poses this way.

  • Spiritual Evolution

    Your evolution is not just theoretical, but using audio, visual and kinesthetic media.

  • Boosts Self-image

    It shapes the body, adds glow to the skin, and helps stay youthful. It is a practical way to feel beautiful inside-out

  • Improves Patience

    You step into the shoes of other elements in the universe and learn what they have to teach us


  • Reduces Depression

    You appreciate everything around like mountains and trees. You realize your role in the world.  

  • Improves Attention

    With constant narration of story and change of hand gestures, it is an easy way to improve attention. It benefits those with A.D.D

  • Inner Fulfillment

    Takes one from an unfulfilled and “something missing” state to a fulfilled and “Feeling complete” state.

  • Creativity and Expression

    It opens the throat Chakra, the center of communication.  It is  beneficial if you are an Artist, Dancer, Singer, Speaker, Writer

  • Brain Function

    Balances the right brain and the left brain and allows for movement of the body . It is a blessing if you sit and work most of the day.

  • Connection to Nature

    You become objects and beings in nature like flower, peacock and snake, and feel their pulse through dance movement.

The Home Study Course is Valuable...

  • Quality

    Quality is NOT decided by how long a video is, or how many poses it has. It is decided by the result that the training produces on various levels.


  • Complete food

    This Home Study course is a complete curriculum by itself bringing many benefits. If ALL one does for the rest of the life is just this training, it is sufficient in order to have great physical and mental health

  • Thorough

    It is a new creation and new choreography with a thoroughness that includes audio and workbooks. It is NOT a series of existing Yoga postures put together as a video

  • Support

    When you purchase other videos or training, you are left to yourself. The presenter does NOT spend any further time with you. Here, further support is offered through private members-only forum and a coaching call.

Philosophy behind YogaLaasyam


Lord Shiva, portrayed as the greatest Yogi is always in deep meditation. HE blessed Shanthi Joyful Yogini to be an instrument to shower HIS Divine grace on the thought-leaders and leaders-to-be on this earth through Yoga.

          shiva                              Meditation hands at center (2)


Lord Shiva manifests HIS joyous form through HIS cosmic dance and is then called Nata-raaja (The Lord of Dance). HE whispered to Shanthi the Dancer, to celebrate with the world through her dance.

           Antique-Nataraja                  ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

True to the DIVINE COMMAND, is the creation “YogaLaasyam” where in Shanthi brings both the Yoga and the Dance aspects of Shiva, to you.

YogaLaasyam alternates between movement and stillness just like Lord Shiva who represents both movement and stillness through His two forms.

Rare is the gift of Yoga,

Rarer is the gift of Dance,

Rarer still is the gift of Storytelling,

What can be said of the combination of ALL?

Join the Training, Begin Your Practice,

Experience and Enjoy this Ecstatic Experience….


Snake Raising the Hood

Get Started NowPurchase Now and start your practice TODAY!

The Home-Study Course delivery…

  • When you access YogaLaasyam course, you’ll find it to be a robust multi-media health building experience. Your physical health will be strong and secure like the foundation upon which you will build everything else that is good in your life.
  • As you master your health, your relationships, career, economics and emotional well-being will prosper as a direct result of the wise moves you make.
  • This course is very detailed and thorough. So to ensure that you are doing everything as it is intended to be done, there is drip-delivery of the sessions with an interval of 1 week between them.
  • With this course, you are going to receive only 1 session of the training every week along with videos, MP3s extracted from the videos, and custom workbooks/reference guides. There are totally 3 separate sessions and  the combined session that combines the previous 3 sessions namely beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • You will also receive bonus access to a private forum for continued coaching and support, lifetime access to the updates and a bonus live group coaching call with Shanthi.

30 Day Risk Free Double Guarantee

Turn on any video, move to any point in the video and watch it just for 3 minutes; put in any Cd and listen to it for 3 minutes; open any workbook to any page and if in 3 minutes you are not already convinced that, you have gotten your money’s worth in what you have seen, then go ahead and return it right away.

Otherwise put the material to test for 30 days and see for yourself if you can begin to notice the difference in yourself.

If you are not happy for any reason or No reason at all, we’ll refund your money back. No questions asked. So you risk nothing at all.


YogaLaasyam Home Study System has 3 separate courses (sessions) in it drip-delivered in 3 weeks. Immediately upon signing up, Beginner Course (Session 1) is sent. A week later, Intermediate Course (Session 2) is sent. A week after that, Advanced Course (Session 3) is sent. Finally, a week after that, Combined Course (videos, audios and workbooks from Sessions 1, 2, & 3 combined together) is sent for easy access to all the material.

The practice video of individual courses has a duration of 20 minutes each, while the combined course has a duration of 60 minutes (20 + 20 + 20 combined into one).

NOTE: Combined course is NOT a separate course, but just the individual courses combined.


  • Beginner Course

  • Intermediate Course

  • Advanced Course

  • Combined Course


Each individual Course includes:

  • Training video

  • Mudra video (Explaining Dance gestures)

  • Practice video

  • Meditation-Relaxation video

  • Chant video

  • Corresponding Audios

  • Getting Started Guide

  • Instructions for practice workbook 

  • Benefits and Limitations Guide 

The Final combined course has:

  • Videos, Audios and Workbooks  that combine the contents from the 3 individual courses – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


The Training Structure...

  • Each course, when learned, can be practiced in under 20 minutes.
  • The practice session begins with a chant that tells the benefit of this sequence.
  • Then, you do the modified Yoga postures and hold them in dance style. (Based on the classical dance form of India called Bharata-naatyam)
  • The story runs through the practice, giving meaning and purpose to each posture.
  • While you relax between the postures, you receive pearls of wisdom as to what the elements of nature used in the postures teach you.
  • Also, you are reminded about your connection with the universe.
  • Then, you are guided through a brief 2 minute relaxation-meditation practice.
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YogaLaasyam for Empowerment ...

Please click on the + sign to read more details.

Well, NO ONE can purchase empowerment from outside, because, empowerment is NOT a commodity to be bought. It is something you experience from within when you provide yourself the opportunities to connect to your inner being. So, the only things you can purchase are the 3 ‘T’s, Training, Tricks and Tools that will teach you how to provide yourself those opportunities for a deeper connection. (E X P A N D to read more...) +

In this course, you will receive the 3 ‘T”s based on the time-tested ancient wisdom through Shanthi, a rare Yogini, born and raised in India, the birthplace of Yoga. She has studied Vedanta(The basis for Yoga),  Samskritam(The language of Yoga), and Indian dance (A minor stream of Yoga called “Naatya Yoga”). 

She has beautifully intertwined all of these through Storytelling that gives meaning to every movement in this video training. She takes you on a fun, unique and authentic journey of higher vibrations, starting from the physical body, meandering through mental, intellectual and social planes, and finally culminating in spirituality. 

This training is like NO OTHER and opens the door to your inner portals, the abode of TRUE EMPOWERMENT.


Shanthi's Personal Journey ...

Shanthi & Pavitra Top 2

Shanthi Yogini is 2-Minute Yoga Master who teaches Yoga, not as fitness exercises, but as a tree with several branches like meditation, songs, chants, values, and dance. Her simple 2 minute practices for positive-story-creation instantly change the stories we constantly tell ourselves and others so that we may live our greatest possible dream life. She is #1 international best-selling author of “Happiness: The Key to Success”.

She trains world-class leaders and teachers through Yoga in its authentic, pristine and purest form. She is an Interactive Workshop Presenter, Art & Culture Educator, Trained Classical Dancer, Speaker and Storyteller.
She offers training both online and in person.

The Yoga practice and tradition have been passed down through generations to Shanthi. Yoga, Samskritam, Meditation, Dance, and Chanting have been her way of life since she was 5 years old.

Through the above practices,

  • She experiences improved flexibility and stamina.
  • She has developed self-confidence and public-speaking skills.
  • She has enhanced her creativity, which has resulted in this YogaLaasyam training where she has combined her multiple skills into one.
  • As her students quote, she is able to live her entire life in a spiritual way.
  • Shanthi has passion for Samskritam language and at home she converses purely in Samskritam with her daughter. Shanthi and her daughter teach conversational Samskritam to youth and adults.
  • While working in computer software, it was the wisdom presented in this training that gave her the clarity of vision and life purpose. With this new-found clarity and focus, she was inspired to transition from her software profession to sharing this wealth of wisdom with the world, thus moving from a “something missing” state to a fulfilled and “Feeling complete” state.

Prove it to yourself… risk free...

You deserve to have a vibrant and fulfilling life and it is worth many times what you will be asked to invest. With the amazing offer and the completeness of the package, even though the last portion of the course will be delivered to you on day 28, you will see results in the shortest possible time of just 21 days if you practice the contents diligently. 

So, go ahead and make a positive decision. Go ahead and make a happy move in your life by enrolling here right now. Add it to your cart and complete the transaction. Begin to benefit from the course right today.

Here is the deal… 

When you give just a little bit to the program, you will see results in 21 days. You will be a big winner. However since you have to be the judge here, try the program. Even though you will need only 21 days to see the results, you can get an entire month to practice the course, to put it through the test, to get on the private members-only forum and interact. 

Re-ignite the zest and passion in your life and order YogaLaasyam today. 

Snake into Snake Hole Full Position

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YogaLaasyam Home Study course comprising the Beginner Course, Intermediate Course, Advanced Course and the Combined Course includes the following:


 DVD Full Set PNG new

14 Videos Total:

6 for Beginner Course + 3 for Intermediate Course + 3 for Advanced Course     + 2 for Combined Course

  • Welcome Video
  • Training Video of Beginner Course
  • Training Video of Intermediate Course
  • Training Video of Advanced Course
  • Mudra Video of Beginner Course (Pronunciation & Meaning)
  • Mudra Video of Intermediate Course (Pronunciation & Meaning)
  • Mudra Video of Advanced Course (Pronunciation & Meaning)
  • Practice Video of Beginner Course
  • Practice Video of Intermediate Course
  • Practice Video of Advanced Course
  • Practice Video of Combined Course
  • Chant Video
  • Meditation-Relaxation Video
  • Shavaasana Video

CD Full Set JPEG

8 Audios Total:

4 for Beginner Course + 1 for Intermediate Course + 1 for Advanced Course     + 2 for Combined Course

  • Welcome Audio
  • Practice Audio of Beginner Course
  • Practice Audio of Intermediate Course
  • Practice Audio of Advanced Course
  • Practice Audio of Combined Course
  • Chant Audio
  • Meditation-Relaxation Audio
  • Shavaasana (Deep Relaxation) Audio

     Report Full Set JPEG

 Guide Books Total:

3 for Beginner Course + 1 for Intermediate Course + 1 for Advanced Course     + 1 for Combined Course

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Instructions for Practice
  • Benefits and Limitations in Practice of Beginner Course
  • Benefits and Limitations in Practice of Intermediate Course
  • Benefits and Limitations in Practice of Advanced Course
  • Benefits and Limitations in Practice of Combined Course

Bonus 1: Private Facebook Group

[Value $50 per month. For 1 year it totals to $600. Over Lifetime, it is invaluable]

Private Facebook group

  • This bonus fulfills the principle of the 3Cs - Content, Community, and Coaching.
  • The videos, audios and workbooks give you the transformative content.
  • Facebook is the community building place for you.
  • Here you create Sat-Sangha with good, conscious like-minded company.
  • You post your challenges, concerns and questions, not only about this training, but about your life in general. The community will share their thoughts and ideas.
  • The public cannot see your contents. Only those in this training can see it.
  • You post your successes and the community will celebrate with you.
  • Shanthi will look at the questions and answer them as appropriate.
  • DO NOT underestimate the power of this community, especially when they are in a similar path as yours.

Bonus 2: Group Coaching Call

[Valued at $150]

 Group Coaching Call

  • Of the 3 Cs, this is where the 3rd C happens - Coaching.
  • Even though this training is as detailed as it possibly can, chances are that you still have questions or how to modify something based on your health condition. or perhaps you have questions NOT on this Home-Study Course, but about Yoga or applying Yoga to your life. Shanthi will answer you during the call.
  • Whenever it happens, you will be notified of the call details. You can listen to the call through computer or phone.
  • If you cannot attend the call live, you can send your question ahead of time, and Shanthi will be sure to answer them on the call and send you the recording.
  • Through the 3 Cs, you are supported in every way possible for your healthy, harmonious and happy life. Learning and practicing is all that is left for you.
  • During the coaching call, the salient points of the sequence will be given as a recap. Then the line will be opened for you to ask your questions live. You can also type in your questions during the call. The call will go on until every question is answered.

I learned why we hold the posture, something not taught in other classes

Deb, Yoga Student, Rhode Island, USA


The total value of the YogaLaasyam Home Study course  

which includes ALL the 4 Courses: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and the Combined  is


But your investment TODAY will be  just 


30 Day Risk Free Double Guarantee

Turn on any video, move to any point in the video and watch it just for 3 minutes; put in any Cd and listen to it for 3 minutes; open any workbook to any page and if in 3 minutes you are not already convinced that, you have gotten your money’s worth in what you have seen, then go ahead and return it right away.

Otherwise put the material to test for 30 days and see for yourself if you can begin to notice the difference in yourself.

If you are not happy for any reason or No reason at all, we’ll refund your money back. No questions asked. So you risk nothing at all.

Get Started NowPurchase Now and start your practice TODAY!


Most Typical Fitness Programs


  • Not require you to be present in a class at a specific time and place
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Provide comprehensive understanding of Yoga though Poses
  • Have videos of poses and techniques for repeated practice
  • An experience of practicing outdoors no matter where you are doing it
  • Have wide range of individual practices from 2 minutes to 1 hour
  • Like-minded group support 24×7 through private forum
  • Opportunity to have accountability partners from a private forum
  • Coaching and mentoring through a private forum
  • Coaching and mentoring through a group call
  • Complete exercise to all the finger joints due to use of Mudras
  • Publicly committing to do something for your body & Self
  • MP3 to practice anywhere
  • Blend Dance, Story and Nature with Yoga
  • Guide books with benefits, subtle points and limitations of practices
  • Money back guarantee
  • Improve your confidence in practicing poses on your own
  • Save hours of class time from your life (Use it for family & hobbies)
  • Study in private & save thousands by learning in your own time
  • Download the MP3s to take with you on your iPhone / iPAD
  • Improve relationships (with your partner, friends, customers etc.)
  • Enhance your communication skills (and win more business)

Shanthi's teaching style is like you are having a private class

Joan picThis program is just excellent. Shanthi explains the poses so clearly and precisely, that it is like you are having a private class. She shows the correct pose along with the common corrections, that students new to the work may need. The camera work on the videos is well done. Lots of love and care went into making this program ~ a delight to study,learn and grow. Shanthi, I am so grateful for you sharing this authentic program with us !  I love this YogaLaasyam  (yoga/dance/story) program!

Joan Novack, RN and Ayurvedic Practitioner (student), Massachusetts, USA


Yes, Shanthi ! I am ready to invest in myself!

I am ready to:

  • Improve my confidence in practicing poses on my own
  • Save hours of class time out of my life which could be used for my family or other pursuits.
  • Study in private & save thousands by learning in my own time
  • I want to download the MP3 tracks to take with me on my iPhone / iPAD or other MP3 device
  • Improve my relationships (with my partner , children, boss, friends, customers etc…)
  • Enhance my communicating skills (which will help me win more business, deliver better presentations)
  • Find out how easy it is to learn from this home-study course

My happiness is TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I know that I will be getting  all of these below as part of this training.


Though the total course value is  $2097

My investment for this training Today is only $297 


I know that I have the option to either invest in just the Beginner Course or in YogaLaasyam PLUS which includes 1 hour of private training also.

add to cart

Materials & Features Included

Beginner Course (Session 1 ONLY)

YogaLaasyam (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & Combined)

YogaLaasyam PLUS (YogaLaasyam with Private Training)

  • Course materials for the Beginner course
  • Course materials common to all the courses
  • Private Forum
  • Group Coaching Call
  • TOTAL Number of Videos
  • TOTAL Number of Audios
  • TOTAL Number of Guide Books
  • Course materials for the Intermediate course
  • Course materials for the Advanced course
  • Course materials for the Combined course
  • 1 hour of Private Training
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