Hello and Namaste Valuable One,


Welcome to your FINAL step, Step 7 of the 7 steps in the training

YogaBites: Evolutionary Eating for Body, Mind and Planet – Module 1.

This step is NOT the end of ALL. I have YogaBites Module 2 and Module 3 where you will learn more advanced Yogic eating secrets and laws.  I’ll tell you in a future email about them.

Now that you have already done Step 6 – Accelerate, you may have begun to include some organic vegetables and fruits and whole grains in your eating.

You are now ready for Step 7 – Astonish.

It is in this step that you will making many simple but smart decisions for practical situations.

The exercise sheets are specifically designed to encourage you to take the action.

If you send me the worksheets of Step 1 and Step 7, I’ll be able to assist you further with some feedback and suggestions. Even if you don’t want the feedback, I will be able to see the progress you have made. So please send them by.


Download Step 7– Astonish —> YogaBites Step 7


If you couldn’t go through any part of Step 1 – 6, then click here to access them


Let me know if you have any questions.

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