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The total value of  "YogaSaaram First lessons"  

which includes 1 Hour of training, 13 Minute practice video, corresponding MP3s, Private forum, FREE Version 2, training guide and the user manual is


But your investment will be  just   : $97 

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30 Day Risk Free DOUBLE Guarantee

Turn on any video, move to any point in the video and watch it just for 2 minutes; Turn on any audio and listen to it for 2 minutes; open any workbook to any page and if in 2 minutes you are not already convinced that, you have gotten your money’s worth in what you have seen, then go ahead and return it right away.

Otherwise put the material to test for 30 days and see for yourself if you can begin to notice the difference in yourself.

If you are not happy for any reason or No reason at all, we’ll refund your money back. No questions asked. So you risk nothing at all.


The Home Study Course includes:

  • Invocation Aum Chanting Video

  • 16 posture related videos (For deeper understanding of the 4 postures)

  • 4 Posture Practice videos

  • Meditation-Relaxation video

  • 4 “Understanding Yoga”  videos

  • Final 13 minute Video combining the individual practice videos 

  • 6 Corresponding Practice Audios for an independent practice

  • General User Manual

  • Training Guide 

The Posture Related Videos include:

  • Word Meaning of Samskritam posture name 

  • Silent Demonstration

  • Verbal Demonstration

  • Benefits

  • Subtle points

  • Practice

The Final combined course has:

  • Videos and Audios that combine the individual practice audio and video of each posture. The complete practice starts with Invocation of Aum sound, followed by the 4 postures and ends with a relaxation-meditation.


    It lasts 13 minutes.


The Home Study course includes the following:


YogaSaaram DVD Box

YogaSaaram First lessons 26 Video Disc

26 Videos Total:

  • 5 Yoga Intro Videos
  • 16 Posture related Videos
  • 4 Individual Practice Videos
  • 1 Mini 13 Minute Practice Video


YogaSaaram First lessons 6 Audio Disc

  • 4 Individual Practice Audios
  • 1 Mini 13 Minute Practice Audio
  • Relaxation-Meditation Audio

2 Guide Books




Shanthi's teaching style is like you are having a private class

Joan picThis program is just excellent. Shanthi explains the poses so clearly and precisely, that it is like you are having a private class. She shows the correct pose along with the common corrections, that students new to the work may need. The camera work on the videos is well done. Lots of love and care went into making this program ~ a delight to study,learn and grow. Shanthi, I am so grateful for you sharing this authentic program with us !  I love this YogaLaasyam  (yoga/dance/story) program!

Joan Novack, RN and Ayurvedic Practitioner (student), Massachusetts, USA


Yes, Shanthi ! I am ready to invest in myself!

I am ready to:

  • Improve my confidence in practicing poses on my own
  • Save hours of class time out of my life which could be used for my family or other pursuits.
  • Jump start my Yoga-practice & save hundreds by practicing in my own time
  • Incorporate Yogah (Yoga) in my daily life
  • Use even 2 minutes in a day towards enhancing myself

My Wellness is TOTALLY WORTH IT. I know that I will be getting  all of these below as part of this training.

Though the total course value is  $1544, 

My investment for this training Today is only $97

(Valid for the first 25 orders only, after which your investment may increase)

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