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"Learn Authentic Yoga from the comfort of your home in such a way that you never have to  re-learn it ever again, for, all you will be learning thereafter is more poses"

Join NOW - YogaSaaram Deeper Look: Essence of Authentic Yoga in its Simplest, Pristine & Purest form rendered in 90 Days!

Let me tell you the story of Jessica and Janet....

Jessica and Janet are friends.

Jessica had been going to  regular Yoga classes for 2 years. She tried a  variety of classes all across the city.

She traveled a lot to experience them all and in the process spent a LOT of money. She practiced many different poses, yet did not know any of them in depth.

So it was hard for her to develop a home practice. Even when she practiced at home, she was never confident about doing it right.

Plus ALL she knew about Yoga was JUST YOGA POSES.

But she knew that THERE WAS MORE TO YOGA than what she was taught...

On the other hand, Janet attended Non-Western Samskritam & Lifestyle Based Yoga Teacher Training with Shanthi Yogini, a native of India. She learned the fundamentals of the Ancient Yoga and its goal as given by the Enlightened Masters.

Her practices went beyond Yoga poses. She learned powerful techniques to practice at home, even if she had only a few minutes.

She transformed into a new being...

When Jessica found out about this, she signed up for the next batch of the Yoga Teacher Training too.

Do you also want to experience without going to a class, what Janet and Jessica learned in an hour?

Then gain access to the Home-Study Course "YogaSaaram First Lessons" , where you can learn the fundamentals and details of a few simple, yet powerful Yoga practices.

Through "YogaSaaram First Lessons", you can have an independent and confident short Yoga-Saadhanaa (practice) from the comfort of your home. You can get a taste of learning Yoga authentically.

You can experience doing even a simple Aasanam (pose) in an authentic way leading you to the TRUE meaning of Yoga...

  • Seeking to understand what Yoga REALLY means?

  • Prepared to unlearn what you've known about Yoga and re-learn?

  • Willing to be a minority amidst the majority that thinks of it as exercises?

  • Daring enough to practice Authentic Yoga versus the so-called Yoga?

  • Believe that quality is more important than quantity?

  • Trust that you can get a LOT out of even simple practices done rightly?

  • Can allocate only a short time for a Yoga practice?

  • Then you are in the right place....


It showed me Yoga BEYOND the poses

The Yoga session with Shanthi was a very holistic and wonderful experience. It showed me Yoga beyond the poses, usually what we associate yoga with. It was explained in great detail not as an instruction. Every Asana was associated with an object. It is a whole new level of thinking. You think you are a different BEING now. It changes the way you do Yoga, the feeling you get afterwards.

The way she has made the syllabus, it is a class that has reached perfection. She has shared some techniques which are gems revealed to us.

In the past I have attended many sessions, but didn’t find anything close to this. Basically the teacher knows the subject in so much detail that when she is sharing it with us, we also feel that there are so many layers beneath this.

Janani, Architect, Bengaluru, India

What is YogaSaaram Deeper Look?

YogaSaaram meaning "Essence of Yoga" is an in-depth Yoga training that Shanthi conducts in person. In that she covers all the major branches of Yoga, philosophy, Indian lifestyle, Samskritam- the language of Yoga, meditation, life purpose, mind mastery, Yogic eating, cooking, eternal values,  breathing techniques, Yoga texts, chanting with proper Samskritam pronunciation,  and many other aspects that impact your life.


"YogaSaaram Deeper Look" is the video recording of 6 hours of this intense training and consists of

1.5 hours of understanding REAL Yoga,

1 Hour of Yogic Loosening Exercises,

1 Hour of  breathing exercises,

45 minutes of Praanaayaama techniques,

1.5 hours of Yoga postures,

a guided meditation and

10 minutes of deep relaxation technique.



"YogaSaaram Deeper Look" is simply a taste of the benefits you can get from this ocean of Yogic wisdom.  Yet its uniqueness is that it can become several mini Yoga practices or a long 1 hour Yoga practice, encompassing 5 aspects of Yoga namely chant, poses, awareness, relaxation and meditation.


Come and get a taste of it TODAY....


CAUTION: This is NOT  6 hour-long video for you to practice along. Your actual practice will be around 1 hour. The rest is content that provides you an understanding of Yoga, foundation for doing the poses correctly and explanation of how you can benefit from them.

This is the way to understand Yoga and authentically learn any practice


I saw her making a COMPLEX thing so very SIMPLE

I’m NOT a person who is practicing Yoga, but it fascinated me. I saw her (Shanthi) making a COMPLEX  thing so very SIMPLE.  I see it being of use to people who want to improve their flexibility, who have other medical problems…develop better range of motion and strengthen themselves. I can see a tremendous Body-Mind-Spirit connection.

Dr. Yajnaraman (Cardiologist), NJ, USA


Impact your mind along with your body ...

The secret is, that the time you allocate to work on yourself, should be used to simultaneously work on the body as well as the mind. This is TRUE efficiency and productivity!

Laid end to end, there are about 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body. And the hard-working heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood through those vessels every day…

Your body is constantly working and you owe your life to its miraculous construction.

While you may spend a lot of time focused on the fulfillment of your dreams, think about this for a moment. How would you be able to do anything if your body is not working, or if you are plagued by sickness?

You may only think about your body when it is breaking down or when there is a problem. How effective it will be to learn some very simple practices that you can do from the comfort of your home, impacting your body and mind at the same time! 

With this multi-media program, you are not only taking care of your body, but also your mind, brain and your ENTIRE Being.

It is true, with a simple 1 hour practice you can ……

Take your body, mind and your health to its highest level.

For more than 13 years, people just like you have been benefiting from Authentic Yoga training with Shanthi to live in their best health through mind-body training. For the best physical health, the best mental health is required, as the body and mind are connected. Merely working on the body while ignoring your mind (like most do), will not result in lasting health. It will be like going to the gym every day and working only on your chest and not on your legs.

While every Yoga session and Yoga DVD out in the market makes tall promises, it’s hard for you to differentiate between the authentic or genuine  and the inauthentic or superficial.  The fact is, the Authentic form of Yoga as given in the Home Study course has been TIME-TESTED for thousands of years,, and is now presented to you in a way suitable for modern times. That is why “YogaSaaram Deeper Look” is the best ENTRY LEVEL training program you need for a sustained short authentic home Yoga practice for the rest of your life. 

With the thorough guidance you’ll receive in the downloadable program through several videos, audios, user manual and the training guide that you’ll receive as bonus, you can easily integrate the practices learned, in your daily life. 

Even after doing for 2 - 3 hours, I didn’t feel exhausted

This is the first time I am taking a Yoga session. I was looking for relaxation, stretching exercises, and being able to exercise without strain on my body. Even after doing these and breathing techniques for 2 - 3 hours, I did not feel stressed or thirsty. I didn’t feel exhausted, yet I felt the stretch happening.

Senthil, Software Engineer, Bengaluru, India


What This Is NOT...

(This Is NOT Your Typical,
One-size-fits-all, Unsafe 
"Yoga Video”)

  • It is NOT a Yoga video filled with a sequence of postures with NO time for detailed explanation 

  • It is NOT the typical “Copy the Instructor” kind of Yoga video

  • It is NOT the typical video where you never understand why you are doing what you are doing 

  • It is NOT a Yoga video that focuses on the quantity of movements rather than the quality

  • It is NOT a Yoga video that DOES NOT care to mention safety precautions, and completely ignores mentioning the potential dangers involved in the incorrect practice of something as powerful as Yoga 

  • It is NOT just a fitness video in the name of Yoga

  • It is NOT a set of Yoga postures put together as a video

  • It is NOT a video recorded showing other students during a class or while the teacher is just focusing on her/his own personal practice showing her flexibility.

  • It is NOT a video to incite the competitive spirit in you or to make you push yourself harder for some superfluous goal of head touching the floor or hands touching the toes…

Here is What This
Is Really About...

  • This Home Study course is highly detailed and one of a kind.

  • Every possible mistake you might make while doing the poses, and how it should be correctly done has been demonstrated.

  • Subtle points that will help you go deeply into the posture have also been shown.

  • There are individual videos for the meaning of the Samskritam name of the poses, Silent Demo, Verbal Demo, and Benefits to make your learning thorough.

  • If you simply follow all the directions, you should become confident doing them with eyes closed.

  • It is a Home study course that will not only give you confidence to do the practices independently, but also safely, without being dependent on a teacher or a class, which you may NOT get even after watching many videos or going many times to a typical Yoga class.

  • The videos were shot while teaching other students new to Authentic Yoga, and hence is interactive in nature. Yet there is no visual distraction of presence of those students.

The user manual included
with this course for your safety is...

  • USER MANUAL  – DOs & DON’Ts for Yoga Practice (PDF format)

It does not matter how many poses we do, it matters how much we understand

KarthikayanThere were some eye opening sessions where I was able to get some answers.

During every posture we learned how the stretch happens, how it interacts with the internal organs, how the blood flows, and what benefits it’s going to give, which is very important when one does yoga. It is helping me to improve my confidence level.

We were able to relate the poses with real time things and get the positive qualities of them. That helps us to feel that we are part of Earth and how we are interrelated and this actually makes us to understand things in a different way. Every posture actually was very complete.

I think this is the right way to learn Yoga. It does not matter how many poses we do, it matters how much we understand and we do.

 Kartikayan, Software Engineer, Bangalore, India 

Outcome from practicing Yoga...

While the main goal of practicing Yoga is union with the higher power and with the existence, below are some side benefits...

  • Weight Loss

    You get your exercise and not even realize it’s happening.You lose weight without sweating.

  • Regulates Thyroid Glands

    The entire body begins to work well. It helps with menstrual problems.

  • A New Experience

    You experience Yoga poses through many different layers. You extract its essence to the maximum. 

  • Expanded Learning

    You’ll learn techniques and secrets that you will not learn anywhere else

  • Boosts Self-image

    It shapes the body, adds glow to the skin, and helps stay youthful. It is a practical way to feel beautiful inside-out

  • Improves Patience

    Attempting to slow down the breath in every movement develops patience 


  • Reduces Depression

    You appreciate everything around like mountains and trees. You realize your role in the world.  

  • Improves Attention

    Focusing on the incoming and outgoing breath as you move, is an easy way to improve attention. It benefits those with A.D.D

I came to know A LOT about traditional Yoga today

AmbilyNowadays we hear that Yoga is like aerobics. I came to know a lot about traditional Yoga today. I came looking for flexibility. I learned about breathing exercises and how relaxing they can be. Even though I had learned some of these poses before, I did not know how to do them with the right breathing. Now I know…

Ambily, Software Engineer, Bengaluru, India

"YogaSaaram Deeper Look - Authentic Yoga in its Simplest, Pristine & Purest Form"  is Valuable...

  • Quality

    Quality is NOT decided by how many poses you learn. It is decided by how well you learn each pose and the result that the training produces on various levels.


  • Complete food

    This mini Home Study course is a complete mini curriculum by itself bringing many benefits. It begins with a meditation and helps you bend your spine in all possible directions. It will work wonders onyour physical and mental health

  • Thorough

    You learn every Yogic practice with such thoroughness that you feel you are undertaking a journey on various levels with every pose

  • Support

    When you attend Yoga sessions elsewhere or buy Yoga DVDs, you just blindly copy what is shown. Here 1 hour of content is given as a support to have just 13 minutes of solid practice.  

Shanthi's Personal Journey ...

Shanthi & Pavitra Top 2

For the past 13 years, Shanthi Yogini, currently living in Rhode Island, USA, has been a Master Teacher for Yoga Teachers, having transitioned from her software profession.  She is the founder of “Yoga for Happiness Academy” which serves Yoga teachers, Yoga enthusiasts, thought leaders and leaders-in-the making through online, digital media and in person.

The Yoga practice and tradition have been passed down through generations to Shanthi. Yoga, Samskritam, Meditation, Dance, and Chanting have been her way of life since she was 5 years old.

Through the above practices,

  • Shanthi experiences inner peace, increased awareness and focus
  • She has developed self-confidence and public-speaking skills.
  • She has enhanced her creativity, which has resulted in unique Yoga Teacher Training.
  • As her students quote, she is able to live her entire life in a spiritual way.
  • Shanthi has passion for Samskrit language and at home she converses purely in Samskritam with her daughter. Shanthi and her daughter teach conversational Samskritam to youth and adults.
  • While working in computer software, it was the wisdom presented in this training that gave her the clarity of vision and life purpose. With this new-found clarity and focus, she was inspired to transition from her software profession to sharing this wealth of wisdom with the world, thus moving from a “Something Missing” state to a fulfilled and “Feeling Complete” state.

Before, I didn't know the reason or science behind the Yoga poses. Now I know...

Phani Krishna PictureI feel very happy I took the initiative to attend. I have taken Yoga classes earlier, some in Germany and some in India, but these classes are different. Before I was doing Yoga poses, but I didn’t know why. I didn’t know the reason or science behind them. These poses I learned before in other Yoga sessions, but I didn’t know the use or how to do it perfectly. Now I know.

Phani Krishna, Software Engineer, Bengaluru, India

Features of YogaSaaram Deeper Look ...

  • When you access "YogaSaaram Deeper Look" course, you’ll find it to be a robust multi-media wellness building experience. Your spine will be strong and secure like the foundation upon which you will build everything else that is good in your life.
  • As you build awareness to mastering your health and mind, your relationships, career, economics and emotional well-being will prosper as a direct result 
  • This course is very detailed and thorough. 
  • With this course, you are going to receive several individual videos for each aspect of the pose.  
  • You will receive a Master practice video which combines all of the individual practice videos together to enable you to have a 1 hour practice.
  • You will receive MP3s extracted from the practice videos, and training guides and user manual.

This training is unique, authentic, easy and practical…

Uniqueness: The goal is to make you independent of the teacher (E X P A N D to read more) +
  • You do the posture as Yogic exercise first before holding it

  • Every practice is taught mentioning where applicable, physical, mental, intellectual, social, as well as spiritual benefits

Authenticity: Though short and mostly with Aasanam, no compromise has been made on retaining the essence of Yoga. (E X P A N D to read more) +
  • Every movement is done synchronizing it with the in-breath or out-breath. It is completely authentic.

  • The practice is NOT just exercises. The session begins with 3 Aum sounds , and ends with guided mini relaxation-meditation. You also relax between postures and between two sides of doing a posture.

  • So the 12 minute session is a complete day’s meal with a proper breakfast, lunch, dinner, and nourishing snacks in between. In other words, a complete practice by itself. How many 12 minute Yoga practice sessions can claim this?

  • For every practice, you learn the name in the Yogic language of Samskritam, the word meaning, and why it is named so.

  • Since Yoga means “Union” with everything and everyone around, an authentic practice must provide the condition for realizing this. This training spells out those thoughts to emphasize this universal connection.

  • You are made to observe and share the effect in your body after each pose. 

  • You get the basic understanding of Yoga

  • To encourage reverence for all things around, which will ultimately lead to oneness, thoughts on what nature teaches us is shared as relevant to the context, making it totally educational.

  • The attire used is appropriate for teaching Authentic Yoga

Ease: It is not just “Copy the Instructor” kind of training. (E X P A N D to read more) +
  • You learn variations of a practice so that you can do to the extent you can

  • To make it easy for you to do the correct hand and leg position in any practice, the teacher does as a mirror reflection of you, so that you don’t have to figure out which side the teacher does, and which side you have to do.

  • Every practice is taught as an individual unit of 1, 2 or 3 minutes, so that you can practice in a short available time

  •  You are taught the fundamentals in every practice so that you never get confused

  • Clarity is given regarding the Do’s and Don’ts of right practice through a separate video for each pose, though it is being explained in the practice video.

  • To enable you to feel the presence of a teacher and to make it easy for you to do the correct hand and leg position, the whole practice is done in the video as a mirror reflection of you, so that you don’t have to figure out which side the teacher does, and which side you have to do.

Practicality (Integration into Daily Life): Since a healthy and happy life is possible through integrating Yoga into your life, the training has been designed to make it happen. (E X P A N D to read more) +
  • Learning how to do an hour long Yoga practice does not make it practical, because, in the busy life these days, it may be hard to get an hour at a stretch to invest in yourself.

  • So this Home Study course teaches you how to snatch 1 or 2 minutes to invest in yourself

  • You learn how to integrate every practice into your busy life

  • In case your body does not allow you to do physical movements on a certain day, or you have less time, you can still do the 2 minute meditation 

  • Since every posture is an independent unit, you can choose any posture and do it on your own any time.

  • You can appreciate and practice on your own only if your understanding is thorough. The Home Study course is structured to make it possible. Just by looking at the several bullet points above, you can understand the thoroughness of it.

  • You learn the general Do’s and Don’ts before and during practice for your own safety


Yoga for Empowerment, Healing and Happiness

Well, NO ONE can purchase empowerment, Healing or Happiness from outside, because, these are NOT commodities to be bought. These are things you experience from within when you provide yourself the opportunities to connect to your inner being. So, the only things you can purchase are the 3 ‘T’s namely Training, Tricks and Tools that will teach you how to provide yourself those opportunities for a deeper connection. (E X P A N D to read more...) +

In this Home Study course, you will receive the 3 “T”s based on the time-tested ancient wisdom through Shanthi, a rare Yogini, born and raised in India, the birthplace of Yoga. She has studied Vedanta(The basis for Yoga),  Samskritam(The language of Yoga), and Indian dance (A minor stream of Yoga called “Naatya Yoga”). 

In "Yoga-Saaram: First Hour", she will take you on a fun, unique and authentic journey of higher vibrations, starting from the physical body, meandering through mental, intellectual and social planes, and finally culminating in spirituality. 

This format of training is like NO OTHER and opens the door to your inner portals, the abode of TRUE EMPOWERMENT, HEALING and HAPPINESS.


Bonus 1: Yoga for Happiness Training Guide

[Valued at $40]

Yoga Training Guide 3D Cover



  • This bonus helps you remember everything learned in the training
  • It motivates you to incorporate the practices in your life
  • It stops you from giving excuses for not practicing
  • It helps you to feel confident in your practices
  • It ensures that you are doing the practices correctly


DOs & DON'Ts For Yoga Practice

[Valued at $50]

User Manual DOs-DONTs 3D Cover

  • This bonus addresses your safety
  • This is something rarely addressed in typical Posture classes
  • You learn the best time and place to do your practice
  • You learn the best food to eat before practice
  • You learn the best way to do a Yoga practice
  • In all, you learn the precautions before and during Yoga practice
  • You also learn why those precautions are necessary

I learned why we hold the posture, something not taught in other classes

Deb, Yoga Student, Rhode Island, USA



The total value of  "YogaSaaram Deeper Look"  

which includes 6 Hours of training, 1 hour practice video, corresponding MP3s, training guide and the user manual is


But your investment will be  just  



30 Day Risk Free DOUBLE Guarantee

Turn on any video, move to any point in the video and watch it just for 2 minutes; Turn on any Cd and listen to it for 2 minutes; open any workbook to any page and if in 2 minutes you are not already convinced that, you have gotten your money’s worth in what you have seen, then go ahead and return it right away.

Otherwise put the material to test for 30 days and see for yourself if you can begin to notice the difference in yourself.

If you are not happy for any reason or No reason at all, we’ll refund your money back. No questions asked. So you risk nothing at all.


The Posture Related Videos include:

  • Word Meaning of Samskritam posture name 

  • Silent Demonstration

  • Verbal Demonstration

  • Benefits

  • Subtle points

  • Practice


2 Guide Books





Most Typical Yoga classes


  • Not require you to be present in a class at a specific time and place
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Provide comprehensive understanding of Yoga
  • Have videos of poses and techniques for repeated practice
  • Have wide range of individual practices from 2 minutes to 13 minutes
  • Like-minded group support 24×7 through private forum
  • Opportunity to have accountability partners from a private forum
  • MP3 to practice anywhere
  • Training Guide for easy independent practice
  • Money back guarantee
  • Improve your confidence in practicing poses on your own
  • Save hours of class time from your life (Use it for family and hobbies)
  • Study in private and save hundreds by learning in your own time
  • Download the MP3s to take with you on your iPhone / iPAD

Shanthi's teaching style is like you are having a private class

Joan picThis program is just excellent. Shanthi explains the poses so clearly and precisely, that it is like you are having a private class. She shows the correct pose along with the common corrections, that students new to the work may need. The camera work on the videos is well done. Lots of love and care went into making this program ~ a delight to study,learn and grow. Shanthi, I am so grateful for you sharing this authentic program with us !  I love this YogaLaasyam  (yoga/dance/story) program!

Joan Novack, RN and Ayurvedic Practitioner (student), Massachusetts, USA


Some Questions & Clarifications....

  • q-iconIs it possible to ACTUALLY learn Yoga in just 6 Hours? Don't we need to learn for months and years?

    If you use a syllabus-based curriculum, even 1 Hour is sufficient to begin some independent practice in Yoga. This is edited 6 hours of video training. So, the actual class time was longer than 6 hours.
    If you watch “Copy-the-Instructor” kind of Yoga DVDs, 6 hours is definitely NOT sufficient to LEARN Yoga. All you can do is COPY the poses / exercises.

  • q-iconWhy is it important to explain so much about every Yoga practice? Can't I learn by just watching the typical DVDs?

    The more powerful a training is, the more guidance it requires to ensure that only benefits come out of the training and NOT danger. Also to get the full essence from every practice, explanation is needed. Then you get to know every pose very intimately and can get benefits at multiple levels.

  • q-iconWill I get any substantial benefit by doing just 1 hour of practice?

    If you attend “Copy-the-Instructor” kind of “Fitness” classes, you’ll not get much even in 3 hours. 

    But here quality is given more importance rather than quality. So even doing a single pose for 2 or 3 minutes following the guidance in the video will benefit you a lot. A 1 hour practice is a great practice and remember, it is authentic practice. It can be split into many mini practices

  • q-iconRather than learn Yoga through video from you, won't it be better for me to attend a regular Yoga class near my house?

    Sorry! It will NOT be better attending a regular class if your interest is to learn REAL Yoga and start a REAL practice REAL soon. The typical classes are NOT structured to “Train” you. So even if you attend for a long time,  it is hard to know how to incorporate the various tools and techniques confidently in your life.  You never get to become independent. So you keep going for years without a deep understanding.

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