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Entrepreneur Testimonials

Watch how entrepreneurs like architects and writers have gained with just 2 minutes of Yoga-practice.  

It showed me Yoga beyond the poses.


Entrepreneur - Architect, Bhaaratam (India)

It was a very holistic and wonderful experience. It showed me yoga beyond the poses, usually what we associate yoga with. What benefited me the most was the purna-shvasa breathing technique. 

Just doing it for the first time, I felt a difference in my whole body system….Every Asana was associated with an object. It is a whole new level of thinking. It changes the way you do Yoga, the feeling you get afterwards. When I practice by myself, I will remember that. 

Most Impressive 2-Minute Relaxation Technique 

Mikki Del Monico

Writer-Director, USA

Shanthi did the most impressive relaxation technique with me for 2 minutes. It was something I feel I can take into my life outside of this writers summit that I can continue to use this practice to enhance my writing further on.

Shanthi taught us some pretty cool Yoga. 


Entrepreneur, USA

Shanthi taught us some pretty cool Yoga. Not that I am a Yoga-fan. But this one is actually good. It relaxed you as we did some breathing exercise and it slowly calmed you down. Shanthi knows what she is talking about. 

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