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Shanthi has worked with children as young as 3 years to elders as old as 90 years. She has offered in the past, workshops in Yoga-Science, Storytelling, Yoga-Dance, and Chanting, has offered private Coaching,  and Multi-Cultural Workshops. She has performed Traditional Dance and offered workshops as tools for self-development in schools, colleges, libraries and companies. Many have benefited through her books and digital programs. Of course, now, her focus is purely on training people to become authentic Yoga-teachers to heal the world.

Because of her various offerings, the testimonials fall under many categories. 

Below you will find a sample testimonial from 7 categories related to Yoga-Science. Please click the buttons below to read more testimonials and success stories in each category.

They've benefited from our training, now you too can...

Watch the success stories of these individuals from USA and Bhaaratam (India). They range from doctors to software engineers to architects to artists. Every section of people benefit from this ancient science.

"I got SO Much out of 2 days with Shanthi than I got out of my previous Entire Yoga-Teacher Training!"

Susan Grant, Yoga-Teacher Trainee, RI, USA

It does not matter how many poses we do, it matters how much we understand. This is the right way to learn Yoga.

I learned from Shanthi, why we hold Yoga-poses and the meaning behind them which are not taught in other classes. 

This is Living Yoga, NOT JUST Doing Yoga. Learned what Yoga really is, not what the Western misrepresentation is. 


S/ware Engineer, Bengaluru, Bhaaratam (India)

Lori Ullrich     

Prema Life Coaching,  MA, USA

It is a class with a syllabus that has reached perfection and it showed me Yoga beyond poses, a whole new level of thinking.

What I learned from Shanthi will help me while I play the flute for breath control and to relax when tensed or anxious.

Shanthi's 2-Minute techniques are detailed, clear, and easy to follow. She helped me recover from my depression after my mother’s death.

Shanthi Yogini

Shanthi is #1 international best-selling author, and a speaker who offers eye-opening presentation of Yoga-Science as a solution for ALL obstacles and aspirations.  Her vision is to "Actualize World Peace and Happiness through Authentic Yoga-Science".  She is also an “Art & Culture Educator, Dancer, Healer, Storyteller, and a Highly Sought-after TV, Podcast and Radio Show Guest.”

Her Specialty

Teaching simple 2-Minute practices that bring instant transformation...

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