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Gain a Scientific Understanding of the Purifying Rites (Rituals) Unique to  Sanatana Dharma ( Hinduism ) so as to Uplift Your Life and Inspire Your Children...

Through 2 Rare Reference Books
Written By My Late Father G.K.Kannan
And Published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Veda Book Vol 1 cover

Veda Book Vol 2



  • 95% of Vedic contents deal with the path of rituals (Karma Kanda)

  • Only 5% is on Vedanta (Vedasya Anta = End of Veda = Jnana Kanda)

  • The rituals (rightly called Samskaras) ordained in Veda are designed to purify a person throughout his life, from the womb to the tomb.



  • The two books are in simple English in Question-Answer Form
  • They are NOT to be treated as a novel to be read from start to end
  • The books are to be kept as a reference throughout one’s life just like a dictionary and used as needed
  • The sequential order of a Karma, explanation of Angas used in the Karma, the gist of Mantra meanings, and the rationale behind the performance are given, so that a person attending or performing the Samskara (like baby shower, naming of child, marriage, or funeral rites) can do so with understanding and enjoyment. 

Vol.1 Grhya Karma


The main contents are enumerated below:

Vol 1 has 4 sub-books contained within it.


Book 1 :  Questions and Answers dealing with Hinduism and  its tenets like

(1) Rebirth (2) Specialty of Hinduism (3) Are rituals superstitious? (4) What the actual name for this way of life is


Book 2 : Nitya/Naimittika Karmas (Those done on a daily or regular basis)


 Book 3 : Grhya Karmas (Those done as a social function in homes) like Simantonnayana (Baby Shower), Vivaha (marriage)


 Book 4 : Sraaddha and Antyeshti (funeral rites)


  • Most people perform these Samskaras, but without a full understanding of the significance.

  • Others do not perform due to a lack of understanding.

Click Here to Read a Sample Question-Answer from Vol 1

Vol . 2  Srauta Karma (Yaaga and Yajna)


The main contents are enumerated below:


Questions and Answers on 4 Vedas, Vedic Gods and their significance, Mantra and its relevance, Animal Sacrifice, Oblations used in a Yajna.


This is a companion volume to “Understanding Veda – Karma Kanda” Vol 1, because the rites explained in Vol 1 have evolved from those given in Vol 2. As per Bhagavad Gita, mankind is created along with Yajna, is nourished by performing Yaga and Yajna, and those who break the cycle live in vain.

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