Dates & Syllabus 

Training  Dates & Location


Start Date: Aug 5 (Friday 9 AM)


End Date: Aug 24 (Sunday 6 PM)


Timing: 9 AM - 6 PM


Location: Yoga for happiness Academy, 11, Bristol Ave, Pawtucket, RI - 02861


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Online Training dates:


We are officially opening the program on August 5th. You will receive your first 30 minute video training on that day. Of course you can join any time.



Topics covered in the Authentic Yoga Training & Yoga Teacher Training

  • Yogic Loosening Exercises & Breathing Exercises (Yoga-Shitiliikarana Vyaayaamah & Shvaasa Vyaayaamah )

  • Body Mastery Postures (Kaaya-Patya Aasanam)



  • Mind Mastery Postures (Mano-Patya Aasanam)

  • Intellect Mastery Postures (Mati-Patya Aasanam)

  • Meditation Postures (Dhyaana-Aasanam)

  • Chakram-Activating Postures (Chakra-Preraka Aasanam)

  • Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskaarah:)

  • Life Force Controlling Technique (Pranaayaamah:)

  • Samskritam-Sanskrit

  • Meditation and Chanting (Dhyaanam / Naada-Yoga)

  • Yoga of Dance (Naatya Yoga)

  • Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting

  • Understanding the student learning process

  • Prioritizing & Time management

  • Sequencing, Theme Setting and Class Structure

  • Teaching styles

  • Qualities of a teacher

  • Practicum

  • Yoga History

  • Yoga Origins

  • Raaja Yoga & Hatha Yoga

  • Code of Conduct for Yoga teachers

  • Yoga Teaching as a Responsibility and a Service

  • Karma Yoga Practice

  • Study of Yoga texts

  • Nature of Universe

  • Yogic Cooking Demo & Yogic Eating

  • The Anatomy of the Body, Breath and Energy





LEVEL 1 - Creek


Fri, August 5 – Tue, August 9


Time 9 AM – 6 PM



Friday, August 5 - Day 1 

Focus Areas: Understanding REAL Yoga, Application and Purpose of Yoga Postures, Practice Guidelines, Yoga Origins, Yogic Exercises & Breathing Exercises 


Saturday, August 6 - Day 2 

Focus Areas: Yoga History & 4 Major Streams,  Yoga postures, Breath is life


Sunday, August 7 - Day 3

Focus Areas: Yoga postures, 4 Stages & Classes in Life,  Raaja Yoga, Breath is Life


Monday, August 8 - Day 4

Focus Areas: Yogic Exercises & Breathing Exercises, Mind Power & Mind Mastery, Yoga postures, Breath is Life


Tuesday, August 9 - Day 5 

Focus Areas: Recap of Yoga Exercises & Poses, Recap of Yoga Fundamentals, Recap of Breath is Life


You will leave the 5 day workshop feeling confident in the following:

  1. The fundamentals of Yoga, its origins & history
  2. The 4 major streams of Yoga, more detail on Raaja Yoga & Hatha Yoga
  3. Karma Yoga through 4 stages and 4 classes in Indian life
  4. Yoga as a science & Fundamentals of Yoga postures
  5. The working of the mind and how to master it to feel peaceful within
  6. Various breathing stages leading to full Yogic breathing, learning to expand the lungs, breathe better and to control of the life force (Prana)
  7. Practice Guidelines for Yoga
  8. Yoga practices to keep your spine , Neck, Shoulders and limbs flexible, to feel grounded, self-confident and to maintain inner and outer balance
  9. How to maintain a regular practice starting from 5 minutes to 1 hour for better health and spiritual growth




LEVEL 2 - Stream


Wed, August 10 – Sun, August 14


Time 9 AM – 6 PM


forest stream

Day 6 – Wednesday, August 10

Focus Areas:Chakram, Nadi, Chakram Activation Practices, Neck, Shoulders & Yoga,  5 airs, What is Pranah: & Pranayamah:?


Day 7 – Thursday, August 11

Focus Areas: Purpose & Role of Meditation in Yoga practice, Use of Japa Maalaa (beads) and Chanting, Meditation Basics & Guidelines, Yoga Postures for Meditation, Guided Meditations & their application to life, Role of Yogic eternal values (Yamah: & Niyamah: ) in meditation


Day  – Friday, August 12

Focus Areas: Significance of Sun, 8 Individual Yoga Postures in Sun Salutation, Definition of Yoga as given by various Yoga Texts, Sun Salutation Sequence


Day 9 – Saturday, August 13

Focus Areas: Role of food in mind-body Wellness, Impact of various food items, Cooking Demo, Digestion and Yoga


Day 10 – Sunday, August 14

Focus Areas: Evolving to Conscious Eating, Creating Individual Conscious Eating Plan, Cooking Demo, Detoxification & Yoga

You will leave the next 5 day training feeling confident in the following:


1. Deeper understanding of various definitions of the word “Yoga”
2. Significance of Sun and authentic sun salutation sequence
3. Individual Yoga Postures in Sun Salutation
4. Concept of energy centers and energy pathways

5. Yoga practices to balance and activate energy centers (Chakram) in the body

6. The science behind Prana (life force) and Praanaayaama (control of life force)

7. Deeper understanding and practice of meditation & guided meditation

8. Detailed study and application in life of 16 eternal values

9. Use of Japa Maalaa (chanting beads)

10. How food in general and specific items impact mind-body Wellness
11. Yoga practices for digestion & Detoxification
12. 7 Steps of Conscious Eating
13. Creating Individual Conscious Eating Plan
14. How to prepare at least 8 nutritious food items with recipes





LEVEL 3 - River


Mon, August 15 – Fri, August 19


Time 9 AM – 6 PM



Day 11 – Monday, August 15

Focus Areas: Why Samskritam (Sanskrit), Sounds of Samskritam (Sanskrit), Asthma & Yoga, 5 Sheaths of existence


Day 12 – Tuesday, August 16

Focus Areas: Sounds of Samskritam (Sanskrit), Posture names in Samskritam, Pain management & Yoga, Karma Yoga


Day 13 – Wednesday, August 17

Focus Areas: Yoga of Dance, Spiritual Terms in Samskritam, Focus & Yoga


Day 14 – Thursday, August 18

Focus Areas: Coping with Loss & Yoga, Science of Happiness, Breath is life


Day 15 – Friday, August 19
Focus Areas: Recap of Yoga Exercises & Poses, Recap of Yoga Fundamentals, Recap of Breath is Life, Recap of Samskritam

You will leave the next 5 day training having a deeper understanding of Sounds, posture names & terms in Samskritam, science of happiness, Karma Yoga, postures, and feeling confident in the following:

  1. The need to study Samskritam and dangers of mispronunciation
  2. How to produce correct sounds in Samskritam
  3. The 5 sheaths of human existence
  4. How to CORRECTLY pronounce the various posture names in Samskritam
  5. How to CORRECTLY pronounce the various spiritual terms in Samskritam
  6. Practice of Karma Yoga (Yoga of Action)
  7. Yoga of dance (based on Indian classical dance)
  8. Science behind that thing called happiness
  9. Breathing practices to harmonize body and mind
  10. Yoga practices to manage and get rid of Ashtma, manage pain and cope with loss



As water to the creek, stream and river comes from the sky


Sat, August 20– Tue, August 23


Time 9 AM – 6 PM


Rain from Sky

Day 16 – Saturday, August 20

Focus Areas: Understanding Student Learning process, Stress & Yoga, Negative Karma in Yoga Practice & Teaching, Yoga teaching as responsibility and Service, Teaching by Trainees


Day 17 – Sunday, August 21

Focus Areas: Depression & Yoga, Prioritization & Time management, Qualities of a Yoga Teacher / Yogi / Yogini, Code of conduct for Yoga teachers, Teaching by Trainees


Day 18 – Monday, August 22

Focus Areas: Guide, Assist & Correct, Posture practice, Q & A


Day 19 – Tuesday, August 23

Focus Areas: Exams, Feedback, Sharing, Closing circle

You will leave the last 4 days of Authentic Yoga Teacher Training program having a deeper understanding of Negative Karma, Qualities of a Yoga Teacher, guiding, assisting, and feeling confident in the following:

  1. Understanding how a student actually learns


  1. How one can incur negative Karma in Yoga Practice & Teaching


  1. How Yoga teaching is both a responsibility and Service


  1. Qualities to be associated with a Yoga Teacher


  1. How a Yoga teacher should interact with students


  1. How to teach a student any Yoga practice


In all, you will leave the Authentic Yoga Teacher Training program ready to be an authentic Yoga teacher, who has a solid understanding of this ancient science, and who knows how to impart Yoga as a science of life, NOT as exercises or postures.


Bonus 1: Private Facebook Group

[Value $50 per month. For 1 year it totals to $600. Over Lifetime, it is invaluable]

Private Facebook group

  • This bonus fulfills the principle of the 3Cs - Content, Community, and Coaching.
  • The Yoga Teacher Training gives you the transformational content.
  • Facebook is the community building place for you.
  • Here you create Sat-Sangha with other Yoga teacher training participants
  • You post your challenges, concerns and questions, not only about this training, but about your life in general. The community will share their thoughts and ideas.
  • The public cannot see your contents. Only those in this training can see it.
  • You post your successes and the community will celebrate with you.
  • Shanthi will look at the questions and answer them as appropriate.
  • DO NOT underestimate the power of this community, especially when they are in a similar path as yours.

Bonus 2:  Monthly Group Q&A Calls

[Valued at $150 a month]

 Group Coaching Call

  • Of the 3 Cs, this is where the 3rd C happens - Coaching.
  • Even though this training is as detailed as it possibly can, as you begin teaching, you will have questions based on your experience. Shanthi will answer you during the call.
  • After the training is complete, you will be notified of the call details. You can listen to the call through computer or phone.
  • If you cannot attend the call live, you can send your question ahead of time, and Shanthi will be sure to answer them on the call and send you the recording.
  • Through the 3 Cs, you are supported in every way possible for a successful teaching practice.
  • During the coaching call, the line will be opened for you to ask your questions live. You can also type in your questions during the call. The call will go on until every question is answered.