Yoga-Teacher Training   The Yoga-Shaastram Way

Ancient Yoga-Shaastram in its Authentic, Pristine and Purest Form

All You Need is Just 2 Minutes of YogaH to Change Your Life Your Clients' Life Your Students' Life  

Training Dates, Syllabus, Duration & Mode

Program Logistics is Below:

Modes of Training 

DIGITAL Videos, Transformation Tracker Assignments, ONLINE training and Q&A, Community and IN-PERSON Retreat at the end 

No initial travel needed!

Start Date for Digital Training

Any day you choose. You can join anytime, but the first 10 people who join, form the "Founding Members" and get additional benefits.

Flexibility in starting...

End Date for Digital Training

NO definite end date! You can take 12 months or however long you want - 2, 3 or even 5 years. It is up to you. You can work on the modules at your own pace.

Don't feel rushed!

Delivery of  Digital Training

Many short lessons for a total of 30 Minutes are added to the course every week, with assignments to work on. They will NOT disappear after a week. 

They are available for LIFE.

Transformation Tracker 

You do Transformation Tracker Assignments before and after watching a lesson. You compare the 2 sets of answers to know the transformation in you.

You track your progress!

ONLINE Training And Q & A

ONLINE training and Q&A happens once a month. If you miss it, you can listen to the recording. You can send your question ahead of time and have it answered.

Makes you thorough...

Private Community

A place to connect with us and other trainees, ask questions, seek support, look for accountability partners, and have monthly training. 

Feel supported!

In-person Training Retreat

Will be in an exotic location and announced closer to the date. You can attend when you are ready. Not required if you just want to deepen your practice.

There is complete freedom.

9 Modules of the H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. System  

The entire Authentic Yoga-Teacher Training constitutes  9 Modules of the H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. System, where the word  H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S.  is  an acronym. 

Study of Module 1 to 8 is common whether you want to deepen your Yoga-Practice, advance in spirituality, or become an authentic Yoga-Teacher. 

While the journey is the same for most up to Module 8, Module 9 is specific to those who want to become an authentic Yoga-Teacher. 

The 9 modules of the H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. system are: 

H - Hidden Secrets of Yoga-Science  
A - Awareness of Thoughts, Feelings & Word
P - Practice of Yoga-Values for Joy
P - Physical Movement from Yoga-Science
I - Illumination by Control of PraaNaH
N - Non-Violent Eating & Cooking
E – Exact Samskrtam Sounds
S – Staying Still in the Present
S - Scientific & Authentic Yoga-Teaching

Below is the Description of the 9 Modules of the H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S. System  

Please click on the + sign on the right to read details of the Duration, focus areas and outcome of each module.

Module 1: H – Hidden Secrets of Yoga-Science 

                      (Yoga-Foundations Mastery)

Halt! It is Time to Learn the Secrets and Achieve Mastery over Yoga-Fundamentals.

First 8 Weeks of Your Training 

30 Minutes each Week (Total 4 Hours)

FOCUS AREAS: Understanding Yoga-Shaastram as a Science and how it leads to meditation, happiness and success in life, misinterpretations, misappropriation and mis-pronunciation, Yoga Origins


You develop a TRUE understanding of Yoga-Science, and its connection to happiness and life. You have a strong foundation for stopping the misappropriation of Yoga-Science and reclaiming its authenticity as a science.

Understanding the origins connects you to the very purpose of Yoga-Shaastram as lived and passed on by Yoga-Masters thousands of years ago.

This empowers you to not only live Yoga-Shaastram in your life but also preserve and pass on this ancient science in its authentic, pristine, and purest form.

You understand how any action plays out in the world with the cause-and-effect process.

Thus, you save yourself from negative Karma (negative action) of inauthentic and unscientific understanding and teaching of Yoga-Shaastram which is common these days.

Additionally, you can do good Karma (good action) of preserving Yoga-Shaastram intact for the future generation.

Module 2: A - Awareness of Thoughts, Feelings & Word 

                      (Awareness Mastery)

Analyze if Your Thoughts, Feelings & Words are Real and Achieve Mastery over Awareness in Life.

Next 3 Weeks of Your Training 

 30 Minutes each Week (Total 1.5 Hours)

FOCUS AREAS: Becoming aware of the myth and truth behind our thoughts, words & feelings. You understand - True Freedom, Our Stories About Ourselves and Others, Truth vs Story in Our Life, Two Types of Stories, Our Addiction to Our Emotions, The Power of Repetition,  how to Rewire Your Brain and Empower Yourself


The new understanding ensures that you don't suffer negative emotions like sadness, anxiety or fear because of assumed stories. With the new awareness, you start feeling less hurt and happier in life. Your relationships vastly improve because of not accusing others.


Module 3:  P- Practice of Yoga-Values for Joy

 (Attitude Mastery)

Practice Applying Yoga-Values in your Life and Achieve Mastery over Your Attitude.

Next 10 Weeks of Your Training

  30 Minutes each Week (Total 5 Hours)

FOCUS AREAS: Yogic eternal values of rules and observances (YamaH & NiyamaH ) for harmony within and without. – a total of 10 taken from various Yoga-texts, Understanding through stories from Bhaaratam-India, examples, lively discussion, Aasanam (Yoga postures pertaining to a value), introspection and publicly committing to following at least 2 values in life by you for your own joy.


These eternal values are the answers to the restlessness, hatred and violence that are gripping the modern society. Everyone talks about world peace. We can turn to these for achieving the peace first within, and then without.

People wrongly think of these values as infringement on their freedom. Here you understand the science behind following each of these for your own happiness. You’ll learn through practical examples and stories how some people have applied these in their lives. 

Through discussion you’ll learn how to apply these values in your own life. You’ll have the opportunity to commit publicly so that you can begin your own evolution journey.

Module 4: P- Physical Movement from Yoga-Science

                        (Body Mastery)

Perform Simple Yogic Physical Movement and Achieve Mastery over Your Body.

Next 30 Weeks of Your Training 

30 Minutes each Week (Total 15 Hours)

FOCUS AREAS: Loosening Exercises, Yogic Exercises, Yoga-postures in standing, sitting, and lying down positions, Application and Purpose of Yoga Postures, Significance of Sun, Significance of Salutation in Bhaaratam-India, Individual Yoga-Postures of Sun Salutation, Sun Salutation Sequence, Relaxation techniques.


There is a huge science to Yoga-postures. Unfortunately, most people learn and teach it like fitness exercises missing the whole point. People spend years trying to perfect the Yoga-postures, not understanding that they are only MEANS to an end and NOT the end themselves.

There is a misconception that you get more benefits by learning more postures and by doing complex postures. It is the lack of understanding of the ancient Yoga-Science itself that reflects in the incorrect understanding of postures.

Here, you learn a small set of postures but with the utmost quality and thoroughness.

You learn top secrets for mind mastery through the body and body mastery through the mind.

Here, you learn to go deeper into the postures through mind power. You don't need pills or a heated room to become more flexible. They are all money-making gimmicks.

The powerful practice of sun salutation is practiced incorrectly in most places. Besides this, most variations of sun salutations miss important positions in the practice and are done like fitness exercises.

Here, you learn the REAL DEAL, the significance and science behind the sun salutation.

Module 5: I – Illumination by Control of PraaNaH

(Life-Force Mastery)

Ignite the Power of Breath and Achieve Mastery over PraaNaH or Life-Force

Next 6 Weeks of Your Training 

30 Minutes each Week (Total 3 Hours)

FOCUS AREAS: Breathing System, Standing Breathing Exercises to Expand the Lungs, Understanding PranaH (Life Force) & PraaNaayaamaH (Control of Life Force), and Life Force Mastery through Various Breathing Stages, Relationship between Breath and Mind, Full Yogic breathing


Breath is life. Breath affects the body and the mind. Yet it gets the least attention from many Yoga-practitioners. Here you understand the basics of conscious breathing for health and inner peace.

You learn to increase your lung capacity through various Yogic exercises.

You become empowered to control your mind through breath.

You learn to use breath to heal your pain in the body.

You understand the force that controls the entire universe and the human body. You learn how to control it through the medium of breath.

In short, you gain access to the master controller in you.

Module 6: N- Non-Violent Eating & Cooking

                         (Personality Mastery)


Nourish Yourself in a Non-Violent Manner and Achieve Mastery over Your Personality.

Next 12 Weeks of Your Training 

 30 Minutes each Week (Total 6 Hours)

FOCUS AREAS: Role of food in mind-body Wellness, Impact of various food items on our body & mind, Cooking Demo, Digestion, Detoxification and Yoga-Science, Evolving to Conscious Eating 


 Food is usually associated with physical health and is rarely considered to be associated with mind. Most people, Yoga-teachers included, are not aware that it is part of Yoga-Shaastram, even though authentic Yoga-texts ALWAYS mention about food conducive for conscious living through Yogic Lifestyle.

Here you understand how food in general and specific items that you may be currently consuming, impact your mind-body Wellness. This may awaken you to the possibility of minimizing them or completely avoiding them. 

Even if you are NOT eating them, this knowledge will help you guide your students or life coach clients.

You learn how to cook at least 8 food items that are nutritious, tasty, and Yogic. You take with you recipes to prepare them over and over.

You learn Yogic practices that improve digestion and help in detoxification.

You get to look at what you are eating currently and lay out a step-by-step plan to evolve to conscious eating. You get the opportunity to openly commit to making at least 2 changes in your eating.

Module 7: E – Exact Samskrtam Sounds

                         (Vibration Mastery)

Ensure Exact Samskrtam Sounds for deriving benefits and Achieve Mastery over Beneficial Vibrations.  

Next 2 Weeks of Your Training 

30 Minutes each Week (Total 1 Hour)

(At the end of this module you would have completed a total of 9 months of your training)

 FOCUS AREAS: Why Samskrtam (Sanskrit), Scientific Facts behind Samskrtam, Science of Sound-Production in Samskritam,  Dangers of Mispronunciation


Most people in the chanting and Yoga-circles do NOT understand the significance and the science behind the Yogic language of Samskrtam. They also do not understand the negative Karma (negative action) taking place as a result of the abuse and misuse of this language. This is because, they do not seem to understand the science behind vibrations and what might result if unintended vibrations are produced and taught.

Here you learn the importance of Samskrtam, the necessity to know about the vibrational effects, and why we should not mispronounce Samskrtam. 

Module 8: S – Staying Still in the Present 

                         (Mind Mastery)

Stay in the Present Stilling Your Body and Mind, and Achieve Mastery over Your Mind.

Next 6 Weeks of Your Training

 30 Minutes each Week (Total 3 Hours)

FOCUS AREAS: Introduction to Mind Power & Mind Mastery, Purpose of Meditation, Preparatory Steps for Meditation, Enhancing Focus, Yoga Postures for Meditation


This is an important module dealing with the working of the mind, learning how to tap into its power and learning to master the mind.

In this module, you identify your LIFE PURPOSE and have A DIRECTION to your LIFE.

You learn practical tools to MANAGE STRESS, OR ANXIETY and have ANGER always UNDER CONTROL. You learn techniques to easily come out of DEPRESSION.

You learn the techniques to meditate and make your life CALMER, HEALTHIER and HAPPIER.

Module 9: S – Scientific & Authentic Yoga-Teaching

                        (Teaching Mastery)

Simplify your Sharing of Authentic Yoga-Shaastram and Achieve Mastery over Teaching.

Last 12 Weeks of Your Training

30 Minutes each Week (Total 6 Hours)

FOCUS AREAS: Understanding Student Learning process, How negative Karma happens in Yoga Practice and teaching, Yoga teaching as responsibility and Service, Adopting CONSCIOUS practice of Yogic lifestyle by teachers, Mini teaching sessions by Trainees, Learning to Guide, Assist and Correct

The myth behind Yoga levels such as beginner, intermediate, or advanced, Setting up classes, In-authenticity of drop-in system, Structuring classes for empowering students, Authentic Yoga teaching checklist, Posture practice, Q & A


Here you understand how to create your personal practice for a conscious & empowered living using all that has been learned in the past modules. You learn to live Yoga-Shaastram every moment of your life, and it becomes your way of life. You learn the proven methodology to share it with others in the community through conscious & empowered leadership.

This is VERY DIFFERENT from typical Yoga-teacher training programs where much emphasis is given to Yoga-postures ONLY. Even if other topics are touched upon, they are NOT addressed in detail in terms of application in daily life but are studied simply as topics to be covered.

You become part of our movement to make Yogic lifestyle accessible to all with simple 2-Minute practices.  In all, this module of the training program gives you a solid understanding of this ancient science. You now know how to impart Yoga-Shaastram as a science of life, and NOT as exercises.


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