Entrepreneur Yoga-Practice 

Are you a transformational leader like a coach, consultant, an author, or an entrepreneur?

Then it is very easy to integrate our authentic, pristine, and purest form of Yoga-Science into your busy life. 

All you need is just 2 minutes at a time. But to make that 2 minutes of the highest quality, your learning has to be on a very different level.

 Additionally, there are many simple tools in Yoga-Science that have great effect on your well-being and offer you solution for any challenge in your life.

We invite you to join our Evolutionary Movement namely "2-Yoga-Minutes to Happiness" .

Yoga-Science, Oneness and Side Benefits

No one may tell you this.  The goal of Yoga-Shaastram (Yoga-Science) is to unite with one's Aatmaa (Self) and to feel oneness with all of existence. In this divine journey, it provides many side benefits which are very relevant for transformational leaders and entrepreneurs like you.

---Physically, it builds stamina, strength and boosts your immunity system. So, it prevents you from falling sick easily. In case you do, you quickly heal back to health.

---Emotionally, it helps quiet the mind filled with any negative thoughts over uncertain future. Mind being full often results in sleepless nights which cause daytime fatigue. Yoga-Science teaches you to be courageous, strong, and smiling despite uncertainty of life.

---It helps you overcome any fear, concerns, anxiety, loneliness, boredom, or depression, and maintain equilibrium in all situations.

---Intellectually, it brings clarity and true knowledge. 

---Socially, it shifts your attitude towards people and forges cordial relationships.

All these help you to be a strong leader and entrepreneur.

By bringing instant calmness and relaxation within 2 minutes, it helps authors and writers.

It showed me Yoga beyond the poses.

It was a very holistic and wonderful experience. It showed me yoga beyond the poses, usually what we associate yoga with. What benefited me the most was the Purna-shvasa breathing technique. Just doing it for the first time, I felt a difference in my whole body system….

Every asana was associated with an object. It is a whole new level of thinking. It changes the way you do Yoga, the feeling you get afterwards. When I practice by myself, I will remember that.


Entrepreneur, Architect, Bhaaratam (India)

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